The affiliated Chicago therapists at 2nd Story Counseling are firm believers in holistic wellness. The clinical research shows that engaging in wellness activities, such as meditation, can have a positive therapeutic benefit.
What follows are five great options for meditation Chicago seekers that we would like to suggest. If you are looking for a meditation Chicago resource that is downtown, we encourage you to check out Shambala. This is a wonderful Mediation Chicago resource offering meditation courses, morning meditations and retreats.
If you are looking for a meditation classes or morning type meditations, you might want to try Vajrayana Kadampa Buddhist Center. If you can’t make it to any of these great Meditation Chicago locations because of your work schedule, you can always head over to our virtual Zen meditation room. If you are new to meditation or would like to learn more about the positive benefits of mindfulness, we encourage you to consider picking up the book: Meditation for Dummies.
The Introduction to Mantra Meditation class is given in 16 branches of the public libraries in Chicago, Evanston, Wilmette and Winnetka - once every three months in each location. Experience compels us to point out that, although we always welcome questions, our class is not a discussion group. Since Sri Chinmoy’s passing, his students around the world continue to express his philosophy in numerous ways.

Pradhan Balter is a computer consultant, chiropractor, owner of the Chicago breakfast house Victory's Banner and student of Sri Chinmoy since 1973.
The truth is that many people in our metropolitan area are looking for places to meditate in Chicago. When you combine meditation with things like personal therapy, deep breathing and exercise, you create a supercharged wellness dynamic. These suggestions come to us as recommendations from our clients – plus the experiences our own therapists have had as part of their own wellness journey.
They have a Wicker Park Center on Pierce Street and offer a variety of offerings, including mindful mediations involving breathing.
We’ve made a few videos available for you to watch, including guided journeys that are designed to calm, relax and center.
What we like about this resource is how it walks the reader through the entire world of meditation and highlights its many benefits. Learn a relaxing and enjoyable practice that you can easily apply, which will give you peace of heart and mind, answers to your troubling questions, and spiritual awakening.
Occasionally, someone tries to take over our class and "enlighten" our students by promoting their own path.
Primarily, we offer free meditation classes and weekend intensives for the public where we guide people through the art of breathing, concentration, mental focus, japa, meditation and contemplation. But we still have time for an active lifestyle and offer meditation workshops, classes and races.

This makes sense when you consider Chicago is currently the third largest city in the United States. This is disrespectful, especially to our students who have come to learn Mantra Meditation, not some other process. Our instructors show how meditation can be integrated into everyday life and how it can be used to overcome problems and stress. Each evening builds on the previous session so your participation in all 4 classes is encouraged. He has lectured across the United States, and in over 30 countries on the full spectrum of meditation and the importance of meditation in daily life. This a method wherein we calm the mind using proven meditation techniques  in order to enter the spiritual heart. Is it any wonder why so many residents suffer from issues ranging from anxiety to depression?

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