Too bad I had to wait so long to learn exactly how dangerous “playing it safe” can be! Now, at age 60, I agree much more with Katherine Hepburn: So many rules, so little time to break them! Now, eleven years later, I am living a marvelous life in a solar home in southern Colorado with a prince of a partner, one who would not think of criticizing me. Decide that you will somehow find your best kind of love, and then go out and find it TODAY! If you feel you need some help in this difficult transition from negative to positive, please check out my book! Counseling helped me to stop defending against those who truly love me, and give back wholeheartedly. First you must be able to actually receive love, take it into your heart and believe this person truly cares about you. Now I, of all people, know this is no easy process to switch from fear to love in your approach to life, but please trust me, it is so worth the effort. That is my Valentine’s Day present to you, the knowledge that love will be worth it, if you are willing to open to its power. One issue that came up big-time for me in mid-midlife crisis was the realization that I didn’t belong anywhere.  Not in any one particular place or in any relationship. I had gone about my life up until then, moving where the jobs were and changing relationships as I needed to, with little continuity. I find our culture doesn’t particularly encourage connectedness or belonging, especially when we’re young. When I lost my job at age 49 I realized I didn’t even know if I wanted to continue to live in the same part of the country, although that would require pulling up roots once again. I slowly realized I needed to find a new way of approaching love, or else I would end up alone forever. These changes in me led to my finally finding a relationship with a future, which has recently led to finding the physical place where I belong.

When I think back over the passions I have pursued in my sixty years on this planet, I know for certain that they chose me.
After losing my job, I searched my soul for months and found that my next passion was to understand love. By focusing all of my energy on starting my own dating service and interviewing hundreds of new members, I learned so much about the barriers to finding love later in life, the major one being a lost faith in love. After a few years of marital bliss, I decided to write  How To Believe In Love Again: Opening to Forgiveness, Trust And Your Own Inner Wisdom to share what I had learned about believing in love after so many life disappointments. The Zen Timepiece's acoustic 6 inch brass bowl-gong fills your environment with beautifully complex tones providing an exquisite waking experience or practice timer. The world's most aesthetically sophisticated doorbell -- its acoustic brass bowl-gong fills your environment with beautifully complex tones whenever it strikes. This product's acoustic bowl-gong replaces the noise of your telephone's ringer and also serves as an easy-to-use meditation timer.
Now & Zen offers beautifully packaged gift cards that allow your friends and family to choose the exact product and style they want. I stopped focusing on the negative experiences in my past, and moved on to the kind of love I had always been looking for, and it worked! And for some more excellent reading on this topic, check out this article by one of my favorite writers! I hope you live a life you are proud of, and if you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to START OVER. I remember one particular workshop I attended where we were told to simply sit silently and receive love from another human being. This has always been a challenge to me, believing that this wonderful person in my life finds me wonderful. There are excellent counselors everywhere who would love to help you trust and believe in love again. The closest I came to belonging was my marriage in my late thirties, and that ended badly seven years later.

The digital interface can be programmed as an alarm clock, countdown or interval timer, and hour chime.
I have a number of difficult memories of times when I have fought this battle within myself. Try that sometime if you think it’s easy! The trick is in convincing yourself that the love, support, affection, attention you will receive in love, will be worth the pain of its natural impermanence.
You just have to decide to be open to a different way of seeing and experiencing your life. That is when I went through the process described in my book: How To Believe In Love Again. I pursued that passion through my undergrad degree and one graduate degree, but chose not to pursue the level of specialization required for a PhD.
I completed a graduate degree in counseling psychology in 1995 and when I was forced out of my reference job in 2004, I moved on to professional writer and psychotherapist. I came to realize that the greatest barrier to finding love later in life was simply believing that love was possible and perhaps even inevitable with a renewed belief in its power. We both knew very quickly that we had met our match, and yes, love is lovelier the second time around!
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