Regular meditation helps clean the windows to the soul, and keeps us in touch with our best selves. I offer meditation classes to help with stress reduction, relief from obsessions and personal spiritual growth; both basic meditation groups as well as more individualized instruction are available. Enjoy a video by the late Eastern Philosopher Alan Watts' from his 1971 special "A Conversation With Myself" combined with visuals from the great art film "Baraka". Contact me today for a brief consultation or to learn more about meditation and my meditation groups.
Weekly group practice of Buddhist calm abiding meditation that leads to tranquility, stillness and being aware and grounded in the present moment.
The class is hosted by Paul who has over twenty years of experience in Buddhist meditation practice. We are a friendly group of people interested in Buddhist meditation and teachings that have been meeting since 2010 to practice together.

Our meditation groups give an introduction to the meditation called Calm Abiding, a technique to develop a clear and peaceful state of mind.The practice is simple and very good for both beginners and those with some previous experience of meditation. In addition to meditation classes we also host seminars and teachings from highly qualified Buddhist masters, to give more extensive and traditional classes on how to develop compassion and wisdom in our daily lives.
RE-ENERGIZE THE SPIRIT In a world of increasing chaos and noise, there is a growing need for spaces where individuals can go to quiet the mind. Not only can it help reduce tension and stress but it can also help us learn to relax and to direct our attention in useful ways.
We learn an authentic Buddhist training in meditation from the Sakya School of Tibetan Buddhism.
Through this practice we develop awareness of our thoughts, develop a calmness and concentration, creating a relaxed and aware state of mind. These groups explore and cultivate our personal relationship with the Divine through various teachings, meditations, contemplations and receiving of blessings.

Hollywood Meditation Groups offer classes and courses on different meditation topics such as inner peace, clarity of mind, and positive thinking.
We explore the inner world within our own heart-space, where the connection to the Divine resides and work to release obstacles and wounds that can hinder a stronger relationship with whatever the Divine means to you.
Their mission is to help all of humanity awaken into universal oneness with the Divine and free humanity of suffering. These teachings are universal in nature and the Oneness Blessing is simply a transference of Divine energies to help a biological shift in the brain take place, to move the receiver into higher states of consciousness.
For more information on the Oneness University and the Oneness Blessing, see the link below.

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