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One of the main causes of insomnia is the inability to let go of thoughts in order to let your mind switch off. Shallow breathing promotes stress where deep and proper breathing promotes inner calm and relaxation. Created by a mom at her wit’s end at bedtime, this delightful, expertly produced guided sleep meditation for children, in CD or MP3 audio download format, unlocks the mystery of how to get kids to fall asleep naturally and easily. The clever Sleep Fairy helps all kinds of kids - stalling kids, scared kids, whiny kids, bamboozling kids, night terror kids - with natural, effective, calming mind-body guided exercises, such as progressive relaxation, remembering positive events of the day, soothing guided imagery, happy dream suggestions and positive affirmations. Read the rave reviews and listen to a sample and you’ll see why this wonderful audio generates so much gratitude from bright-eyed kids and their relieved parents.
After two nights with the Sleep Fairy in the CD player by her bed (which she can easily turn on herself), everyone is sleeping better! Simonette is the founder of the Wild at Heart facilitator for life courses, an empowerment and creative expression group conducted regularly in the community and is an international presenter and facilitator on the topics of spirituality, meditation, creativity and group-play. After the brief introduction, the second track features 17 minutes of relaxing music by Ian Cameron Smith, a well respected Australian composer.
I'm glad I found holistic shop, their service is excellent even though I had a bit of trouble with the delivery, they dealt with it without any judgement or blame.
I bought the eagle necklace for myself (I'm a 39 year old male) even after a review said to check the dimensions as it is quite small.
Our Guided Imagery products have been clinically proven to help adults and children manage stress, anxiety, pain and insomnia.

But they can also be used throughout the day to help relax so you’re in a mood more conducive to sleep once the time comes.
To use mindfulness for sleep, first get into bed, give yourself a few minutes to begin to relax, then focus on your breath. One of the best ways to get to sleep, therefore, is to make sure you are breathing correctly at all times.
What is relaxing for one person might be horrid to another, so make sure to pick your own scene. Guided meditation for children has been shown to encourage the deep and timely snoozing of countless toddlers and kids, not to mention their relieved, formerly sleep-deprived parents. Either way, Lisa Malkiewicz’s tried and tested guided meditation for children is a sure-fire recipe to help nine out of ten kids fall asleep at bedtime and stay asleep. Today at dinner pretty much out of the blue she thanked me for getting her The Sleep Fairy CD because she was able to go back to sleep all by herself. The Sleep Fairy is like a wonderful friend that the kids talk about among themselves while getting ready for bed. It's only been 2 nights, but you don't understand what I have gone through for the last 5 years!!! Simonette Vaja's entrancing voice and gentle music by Ian Cameron Smith, combines to call you into a beautiful and tranquil sleep. Simonette has produced numerous meditation CDs & books all designed to enhance personal awareness & wellbeing. This track incorporates flutes, some keyboards, gentle guitar and strings to form a piece that helps clear your mind ready to listen to the guided meditation, although if you prefer you can go straight into the meditation.

Thereafter the very faint background music stays, hardly audible, allowing you to drift off to sleep. Really happy with the products as they are sensitive items, you have to be happy with where you buy from - all part of the spiritual process!
When you have ten minutes, focus your attention on your breath and imagine air entering deep into your lungs and filling your entire body.
If you are one of them, then when you get into bed imagine the sights, sounds and feelings associated with a relaxing beach.
This will make you breathe better, promoting better general health and helping to cure insomnia.
All that matters is that a short while before bed you spend so time doing some very basic relaxing yoga moves while focussing on your breath. Simonette is a highly qualified, broadly experienced and respected in her field as a psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist; a member of the Australian Psychological Society and lecturer at Nature Care College of Sydney Australia. But as her voice slowed and I found myself drawn into a peaceful place and I didn't notice anymore. This will connect mind and body and calm both for complete relaxation that is perfect just before bed. Simonette Vaja is a well respected teacher and she guides you through relaxing your body and encourages peaceful and calm thoughts and uses some visualisation.

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