Think of your meditation project as though you were writing a bestseller.You start with a big vision, and then you chip away at it one session at a time. Note: The Times Union is not responsible for posts and comments written by non-staff members.
According to research conducted by Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania, people who meditated daily for at least four years had longer elomeres, the protective caps on the ends of chromosomes, than people who do not meditate. Other studies found that meditators had thicker prefrontal cortexes, an area of the brain associated with attention and planning that grows thinner as we age.
Stress management consultant Barbara Stevens says Giering’s story is common among her clients, who are often diagnosed with ADD or ADHD due to their short attention span. Stevens is not surprised by recent studies citing the established work of Jon Kabat-Zinn, a pioneer of scientific research on meditation since the ‘70s. With regular practice any form of meditation can have a wonderful effect on the body, mind, emotions and spirit, says Charlene Robbins, an ordained minister and meditation teacher. Tobin believes new research involving meditation’s anti-aging effects is quite promising but still in its infancy. If you can’t imagine yourself sitting still for more than a minute or two, England suggests starting with yoga. A Mandala is a transcending symbol of active meditation, a diagram considered magical by Buddhism and enabling you to distance yourself from the worries of the world.
This is an important lesson to learn in our contemporary societies, which become more stressful and aggressive with every passing day.
My meditation goes like this: Breathe 3 slow breaths as you focus on one chakra at a time, then end with 3 breaths for your whole self. Music, guided meditations, chimes, and accessories chosen to encourage longer, meaningful meditations.

The original, # 1 all-time best selling chakra healing album tunes up and heals the chakras with sound, leaving you relaxed, energetically balanced, and at peace.
Goodbye Worries is a program that trains your mind, through the power of hypnosis and meditation, to effectively control worrisome thoughts. Clean lines highlight comfortable ergonomics to provide better spine alignment and proper height for a more comfortable, longer lastings and deeper meditation. Ask any writer, song writer, meditator, or anyone engaged in a worthwhile endeavor aimed at self improvement.
It is painful to watch the struggle of the delicate creature as it forces its way out into the world, and one is tempted to help by breaking open the hard shell of the chrysalis. A thicker prefrontal cortex means greater brain blood flow, a sign of vigorous brain activity that improves memory and focus. The 40-something IT support specialist just started meditating several months ago and says she already feels more like her “young” self. Ann Tobin’s own experience with colleagues and patients, while not scientific, suggests a strong connection between the stress reducing benefits of meditation and a “graceful aging” process. While research continues on whether or not mediation can reverse the aging process, the experts agree meditation will put more life in our years even if it doesn’t actually turn back the clock. Chopra transforms the way the world views physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellness. Three polished aluminum rods of different lengths, cherry-finished hardwood base, small enough to keep on a desk or by the bed. Obstacles and resistance sometimes come from outside of ourselves, but most are from within. Like the shell of the Chrysalis, they give us something to push against so that we can cast off from the shore of the mundane, and journey into the great mystery.

Recent studies suggest this ancient practice of quieting the mind can also slow down or even reverse the aging process. We’re beginning to understand that it affects all organ systems within the body, including the immune system and how the brain activity functions under stress and under difficult situations,” says Stevens. Known as a prolific author of over sixty-five books with twenty New York Times best sellers in both the fiction and non fiction categories. If you only meditate when you are ‘in the mood’, you’re forgetting the fact that meditation can create the mood.
The effort we make to overcome these obstacles helps us to develop mental strength, as though the obstacles concealed within themselves the key to our victory.
The effort it makes to escape its shining prison forces fluid through the veins in its new wings so that they can spread and stiffen and bear the little creature into the air in its glorious new form. I was less likely to emotionally react … quicker to hit the pause button and find a calming breath.” By stepping back before we react, England says we can reduce the aging stress hormones such as cortisol that flood into our systems, which over time can wear us out. It describes our lifelong effort to complete ourselves, to fully express our human potential, to awaken our true Self. The path to disappointment and misery is strewn with the carcasses of good intentions and New Year’s resolutions.

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