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Sacral chakra meditation: audio frequency stimulation, His track is designed to stimulate the sacral chakra.
Let yourself be touched and discover the ancient world of East Indian vibrations.“Padma Previ’s unique fusion of progressive beats and traditional Indian chants evokes the lustrous spirit of the East.
Once immersed in the sound of her sonorous voice and music you are transported into a state of union with the divine.
This allows that all the body can be healed working the reflex zones.In Acupuncture, with origin in China, needles are used to eliminate obstructions in the energetic paths (meridians) that break the body harmony and origin the disease.
An essential addition to any Eastern music or chanting collection.” ~Honey Harris, KBAC RadioSold in United States, Canada, and Mexico.
In it's turn, in Shiatsu, originated in Japan, finger (specially thumbs) pressure is used on Acupuncture points to produce similar results. Reflexologists also work with Acupuncture and Acupressure points, but only those in the feet.Reflexology is a gentle art, a fascinate science and an extreme effective form of therapeutic massage, with the application of specific pressure in reflex points specially in the feet although could be also applied in the hands, which as conquest a distinct place in complementary natural medicine.
Never straying too far into either the earthly or purely spiritual realm, she offers a hand on either side of the veil, mixing down-to-earth vibrancy with crystalline beauty, the music of a true dweller on the threshold, a trickster dancer in the flame who brings earth to sky and sky to earth. It's a science because it's based in physiologic and neuralgic studies, but also an art because it depends strongly in the skill of the therapist applying is knowledge and of the dynamic between the therapist and the patient.
Goddess Chants functions as a heart-soothing backdrop to one’s earthbound life, organically steering its listeners to their inner centers of calm, while still (sort of) rocking out on occasion. Reflexology in an holistic healing technique - the expression "holistic" derive from the greek word "holos" that means "the all" - so, it seeks to treat the person as an entity with body, mind and spirit. Deep bass, psychedelic sitars, crashing cymbals, and fading echoes of Gobi desert winds provide the Bolero-style backdrop for the sexy and mystical vocalizations, which are Previ’s unique gift to the world.
It's a specific technique of pressure that acts in exact  reflex points of the feet, with base in the premise that reflex zones of feet match with to all body parts.As feet represent a microcosm of the body, all organs, glands and other parts of the body are organized in a similar way in feet.

The microcosm representation of body parts in different areas of the body are also shown in the eye iris, ear and hands. However, the reflex zones in feet are easier to localize because they cover a bigger area and are more specific, and so, are easier to work with.Pressure is applied on reflex zones with hand fingers and using specific techniques, provoking physiologic changes in the body, in the way that the healing potential of the body of the patient is stimulated.
The reflexive treatment technique is simple, not requiring years of training for an effective use.
Gradually, layers of Previ’s vocals slide in as glittering shadows in the dark, and the gongs and cymbals keep crashing, keep breaking up the inertialike accrual of ego and obsession. In this therapy, useful for treating diseases and effective in maintaining health and in prevention of sickness, the relation between therapist and patient is very important for the healing process. What Padma Previ has on Goddess Chants is one anklet-adorned foot in the genuine mystic, the raw archetypal energy that precedes symbols and language?and one without.
The therapist act as a mediator to activate the healing potential of the patient.As in other holistic therapies, in Reflexology is emphasized the need of the patient to assume the responsibility of it's own state of health, that means that, for better results, it's necessary the participation of the patient. With the help of some friends, she opens the doorway into our own possibility and hangs there, waiting for us to cross over or back when we would like, comforting like a mother, beguiling like a lover, and yearning like a seeker of the truth beyond all these illusory differences.
There are eight tracks on this release, starting with “Om Sri Rama” which oscillates with plenty of effects and sweeping keyboard patches. The mind is extraordinarily powerful and affects all the body cells, provoking chemical changes. The rhythm accompaniment is primarily tabla samples with some punctuation from gongs, shakers and bells. In this way, negative emotions like anxiety, regret, fear and worry, largely spread in modern society, will have negative repercussions in health.Negative attitudes will never facilitate the heal, but an positive posture is very useful to conquest and maintain an healthy body, mind and spirit.
So, it's primary to the patient the disposal to get free from the disease and to adopt an active role in the treatment.It's not the reflexologist by it's own that heals since only the body could heal itself. But Reflexology helps to equilibrate all body systems, stimulating less active zones and calming hyperactive areas.
Padma Previ is a skilled singer who regularly performs this genre of music in spiritual communities. Being all body systems closely related, any thing that affects one part will affect the all.

I am personally not a big fan of this kind of treatment of the mantras and find that the shakti (spiritual juice) may lose out to too many tech-filled samples which keeps the compositions from flowing organically. It is however not a massage at all but one could call it a manipulation technique that is performed on the feet.
The aim of this manipulation is to trigger reflexpoints (on the feet or hands) that correspond to bodily parts or organs that will then react to the trigger.Reflexology is not new, but existed already in ancient Egypt.
It was re-discovered in the beginning of the 20th century by Dr William Fitzgerald in the USA and it spread rapidly all over the world. One of the reasons of its popularity lies it the fact that it is non-invasive, all you need to do for the treatment is taking off your shoes and socks.
Reflexology can be done on the hands but it appears to be more effective and easier to work on the feet.Reflexology is not only a great general toning tool but also an excellent diagnostic tool. It is amazing (almost scary) what the therapist can find out about your health from just a general treatment. Everybody seems to enjoy the treatment but I believe that most men's scepticism often inhibits a positive result from the treatment.Some people claim that reflexology gets them in a complete relaxed state. Thus, this tomb is referred to as the Physician's Tomb.Found on a wall painting in hieroglyphics is an encrypted translation of "Don't hurt me.
The practitioners reply, "I shall act so your praise me".In China, Foot Reflexology Therapy originated around 5,000 years ago. This system lasted throughout the Han Dynasty and continued to Japan during the Tang Dynasty.During the Yuan Dynasty, two authors wrote on the subject. The other book was by Hua Bo Ren, "Shi Si Jing Fa Hui (The Fourteen Meridians) which elaborated on the Theory of massage Therapy. Eunice Ingham worked as a physical therapist in the office and started to develop her own theories and had documented patient cases where upon she presented them to Dr. Riley and with his encouragement, published her first book, "Stories The Feet Can Tell".The bottom of each foot is a mirror of the entire physical body, mapped out to encompass every bone, muscle and organ.

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