Come & Celebrate with us the Anniversary of 5 years of Sahaja Yoga meditation presence in the Halton region. Enjoy this free download from the Sounds True archive, featuring selections from artists who set out to create an environment of contemplation, where you can enter to explore a dimension of consciousness beyond the thinking mind.
The music of Nawang Khechog is intended to help us find peace, calm, compassion, and wisdom in our hearts and minds.
Offered to inspire the activation of your inner guide and healer, use these sounds to facilitate relaxation, inspiration, and meditation.

Award-winning multi-percussionist and composer River Guerguerian draws on his years of experience to create a powerfully meditative and deeply tranquil soundspace.
Shamans Dream blends the traditional art forms of Kerala, India, with the sounds of contemporary Western music. It surrounds each breath and each knock of out hearts.You laugh happily when hearing birds and wind in leaves. Features:No spyware, no viruses Timeless Meditation Vivid Colors Flowing Environment Glowing screen MAGic Features Amazing Trance!

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