Scorpioz CollaborationSleeping Music MeditationThis audio is a great accompaniment to yoga nidra meditation.
Get regular access to valuable information on meditation that you can use to improve the quality of your health and life. The list is refreshed regularly, so subscribe to my RSS feed to stay updated on all changes. His remarkable gift lies in weaving his deep insights from meditation into his music creations.

Credits should be given to producer Sandeep Khurana if any of our royalty free music is used in any kind of audio or video production. Music can be a great aid to meditation for people who are either auditory by nature or already posses a well-trained mind. While certain types of music are indeed extremely soothing, certainly those that have a preponderance of 'nature' sounds, I believe music is a distraction to serious meditation.While music can surely help in entering a meditative state by relaxing and quieting the mind, its usefulness ends there. At any given moment, it can either actively listen to the music or focus on what's going on inside us.

If there is a particular kind of music or a favorite album or an artist that puts you in the 'zone,' work with it and see whether it helps in your meditation as well.

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