Music brings about certain changes in the personality, which is inevitable, says Sumedha and shares everything associated to us changes-the type of clothes we wear, the company we keep, the choices in literature and lifestyle.
With music each one experiences a different effect on themselves, which is positive, motivating and confident.
It is that medium that calms you from inside and allows that thought to process, which would have otherwise been suppressed. It is there in our nerves, on our finger tips and feet tapping to enjoy the sound and always playing on our minds.
Music is always there with us in all situations and time be it joy, sorrow, happiness, etc.

So much so that the classical vocalist, Sumedha Desai expresses, “Music is in two ways extension of our personality. So, music therefore immediately settles you down, distresses you, brings you together and promotes love,” says Hema. But when it comes to music there is high degree of concentration and without, which participating in any kind of music is impossible.” Ustad adds further, “Music is like meditation, if detached oneself from everything around.
Similar is the case of Elvina Fernandes though she was into music learning violin as a hobby, she was never serious to take it as a profession. It has enhanced my observation power and I am feeling a bit confident,” says a piano student, Leah Martins.

It was only until, she came across the Symphony Orchestra of India that opened up opportunities to train and teach Elvina decided to remain forever attached to music.

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