All of our retreat programs at The Beach House Goa have been designed with careful precision by highly experienced Nutritional Therapists, Dieticians, Doctors, Alternative Therapists, Psychotherapists, Life Coaches, Neuro-Linguistic Practitioners and Life and Wellness Consultants from across the globe.
After only a few days you will notice the truly magical effects of the retreat, as many have already experienced!
Each villa is beautifully adorned with vibrant colors and aesthetic mood lighting, with two spacious bathrooms. The Beach House Goa is located 5 km from the commercial capital of Margao and 27km from Dambolin airport - conveniently connected to tourist centres in both north and south Goa. Tailored program after initial medical analysis empowering you to transform to positive lifestyles. The Beach House Goa’s most highly acclaimed retreat program provides a full medical check-up, specifically designed for your needs and full use of massage, diet, yoga, wellbeing mentoring and goal setting to help you rebalance, rejuvenate and replenish to leave you fresh and ready to take on the world!
To visit The Beach House Goa website click the link at the top of the advert or for more details enquire using the form below quoting the WORLD15 code.
May the long time sun Shine upon you, All love surround you, and the pure light within you, Guide your way home. Imogen O’Rorke participated in a meditation retreat at the Adhisthana buddhist centre in Herefordshire. Mindfulness has become a buzzword but it’s on retreat that you really start to benefit from the transformational effects of intensive meditation.
Adhisthana is equipped to cater for up to 130 people at a time which makes it less intimate than the order’s smaller retreat centres; but despite the large number of guests, it never felt impersonal. On the first night there’s always a temptation to stay up chatting but it’s a good idea to get to bed early, otherwise the 6.30am bell is a truly rude awakening. After breakfast at 8.15am, there is an hour’s work period when you are expected to participate in jobs like food preparation, cleaning and shrine decoration. Despite the rigorous schedule, there are periods (for example a couple of hours after lunch) where you can disappear to explore the beautiful countryside, read or sleep.

Groups are followed by a third meditation session and supper at around 6.30pm (it’s surprising how ravenous sitting still can make you). On the last day everyone was buzzing and faces looked wide open and relaxed (in sharp contrast to the expressions in the minibus en route to the centre five days earlier). Queen of Retreats is the leading independent travel website that helps you sift through the healthy holiday hype, set up by Times journalist and retreat expert Caroline Sylger Jones.
All the material you find on this site has been meticulously researched and written by a hand-picked team of professional journalists with a passion for retreating.
The London Buddhist Centre runs an annual Winter retreat in Sibford, Oxfordshire – you can go for the full ten days, the first five days (Dec 22- Dec 27) or the second five days (Dec 27- Jan 1). The 7-14 day program utilises NLP, wellbeing coaching, a specialist diet, counselling, daily yoga and nutrutional advise to help ensure weight management is actioned permanently. Let go of the past, physically and mentally, release negative emotions and rid the body of potentially harmful toxins accumulated from our fast-paced living.
I’d been on Triratna retreats before but this was the first one at their new centre Adhisthana, in the glorious Malvern Hills of Herefordshire, which also happens to be the home of the Buddhist order’s founder Sangharakshita. As I’d opted to do just the second half of the ten day retreat, I was anticipating an obvious division between the retreatants who’d been there over Christmas and the new influx, but this simply wasn’t the case. Some people even prefer larger retreats precisely because you’re more anonymous and there’s “less pressure to socialize,” as one woman put it. All the rooms are twins and therefore earplugs and eye visors are advisable in case, like me, you prefer sleeping in until the last minute. The absolute beginners are taken off into a smaller shrine room to be taught good posture and the two fundamental meditation practices of the Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana (cultivation of loving kindness). Triratna emphasise the importance of the spiritual community (the Sangha) and mucking-in is an essential part of it. You are encouraged not to use tablets and mobile phones during these periods, which tend to break the spell of being fully present.

The day winds up early with a Dharma (Buddhist philosophy) talk at 8pm, followed by a short puja or ceremony. 12 week consultant follow-up via telephone and email also help you develop long term positive lifestyle improvements. Another major advantage of the Newcomer’s winter escape is that it is always led by the LBC’s most senior and inspiring teachers: this year it was Maitreyabandu, Jnanavaca and Subadramati. The rest of us practised in the main hall around a shrine which got a thematic make-over every day. This year the talks were around the White Lotus Sutra, which is about finding yourself after wandering in the wilderness. Many retreatants have reposted weight loss of 4kg with long term transformative improvements. Each retreat is tailored tom your needs to help you gain maximum benefit from your stay in our luxury suits.
By the second half of the retreat, guests are asked to stay in silence until after breakfast the next day.
Astrology- Nature Therapy-Spiritual healing is provided..LETS JOIN HANDS FOR RESTORING PEACE AND HARMONY ! From Pokhara tourist bus-park take a taxi costs just 10 USD to World Peace Stupa- we are 355 away from the Stupa's parking. Please leave the questions you see in the square brackets (do NOT delete anything in square brackets) You can delete anything else, including these instructions and make your listing look nice!

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