Children: will allow children under 12yrs old under the strict supervision of parents but there is also a little kids club there and the lawns are large with lots of spots to discover.
If you’re looking for Yoga Retreat away from it all, in the heart of rural Asia then MesaStila is the perfect hideaway.
Yoga Retreat programs take place in a semi open Yoga Shala with a local Indonesian teacher. The rich Javanese plantation history and expansive grassy lawns with lush bamboo thickets provoke an atmosphere of a long forgotten colonial era, where time seems to slow down. If you're doing an individual Yoga holiday, expect a wellness appraisal and a daily choice of activities. The resort cuisine is all inclusive and they focus on calorie efficient meals incorporating organic home grown produce. If you're joining a regular Yoga program at MesaStila, you'll be the type of person who wants to get away from it all and experience a bit of colonial elegance, healthy food and yoga with other forms of fitness outdoors too. After almost twenty years in retreat, in 1977 at the behest of his own Spiritual Guide, Kyabje Trijang Dorjechang, Geshe Kelsang graciously accepted an invitation from Manjushri Centre to travel to the West and become the Resident Teacher at what was then a fledgling Buddhist centre that had recently acquired Conishead Priory as its base. Since that time Manjushri Centre has been Geshe Kelsang’s spiritual home, where he has given thousands of teachings. Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso is a fully accomplished meditation master and internationally renowned teacher of Buddhism. Geshe-la, as he is affectionately called by his students, is primarily responsible for the worldwide revival of Kadampa Buddhism in our time. Geshe Kelsang is a great believer in the universal applicability of Buddha’s teachings and presents them in such a way that everyone, regardless of nationality, age or gender, can put them into practice in their daily lives and begin to experience true inner peace. He understands the problems faced by modern people and shows how we can solve them through simple scientific methods taught by Buddha. From the age of eight Geshe-la studied extensively in the great monastic universities of Tibet and earned the title Geshe, which literally means spiritual friend. In 1977 he accepted an invitation to teach at Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre in England, where he lived for many years giving teachings and guidance to an ever-growing group of disciples. Geshe-la has continued to teach on Kadampa Buddhism in many countries around the world, and published a series of remarkable books on Buddhist thought and meditation.

He has established three unique study programmes and over 1,100 meditation centres around the world, trained qualified teachers and a flourishing ordained community, and created a project to build Buddhist temples in every major city in the world. In his teachings Geshe Kelsang emphasizes the importance of meditation and how to apply it in daily life, the need to be truly happy, and how to cultivate a good heart to help others and he demonstrates these qualities perfectly in his own life. This remarkable teacher inspires so many people from so many different countries because he teaches from example. He is a humble Buddhist monk dedicated to helping people throughout the world find true happiness in their hearts. Asimismo es necesario seguir todas las reglas del retiro: silencio, puntualidad, y completar todo el retiro. Nestled in the heart of Central Java, this retreat oozes  ‘Colonial Coffee Plantation’ chic. He has a solid Hatha Yoga practice and we enjoyed a morning meditation in the privacy of our own villa followed by yoga and a light breakfast.
There are several local airports which connect with the resort, depending on where you’re arriving from. Organic tasty cuisine, decent basic Hatha yoga classes and an enticing spa menu, qualify MesaStila as a wellness sanctuary. You can practice Yoga with your teacher in the Yoga Shala, learn traditional martial arts or take a hike and bike trail. Flavored in the traditional Javanese manner, we found the meals really satisfying as well as healthy. If you want to focus your entire break on yoga and meditation then maybe one of our own Soul Retreats is in order. Many of these teachings have been published in 22 highly acclaimed books on Buddhism and meditation, including his latest title, The Oral Instructions of Mahamudra. But though his teachings are extraordinarily clear and easy to understand they contain the entire profound lineage of ancient wisdom he holds.
Under the guidance of Trijang Rinpoche, his Spiritual Guide, he then spent the next eighteen years in meditation retreats in the Himalayas. They do provide daily cotton yoga wear for those who want to use it (but we didn’t see anyone doing so at the time).

The coffee plantation dates back to 1828 when a Dutch plantation owner lived in what now is a reception area.
You must get out and see the outstanding nature surrounding the resort with a biking and hiking trip. Yogyakarta International airport is 65km (approx 90mins) away and local airports Semarang and Solo are 60km away.
But it’s the surrounding coffee plantation tours and the Turkish Hammam treatments that set this apart as a luxury escape. This regular program is more for those who want to incorporate a little yoga into their holiday. Geshe-la’s oft-repeated phrase, ‘simple, but very profound’ perfectly encapsulates his uncommon presentation of modern Buddhism. Original resort owner, Gabriella Teggia, found the plantation and spent a decade of her life passionately sourcing antique Javanese nobleman’s houses and interiors to create Losari Coffee Plantation.
Private car transfer to the resort is available (air conditioned with refreshments and snacks for the journey). The restaurant Java Red is an old Javanese nobleman's house overlooking the jungle and its surrounding volcanoes. Set on 22 hectares of thick bamboo jungle, each of the 22 Joglo style villas is unique.  The five bedroom complex Bellavista evens boast an original Sultan’s palace! Organic meals, healthy juices, morning yoga and outdoor fitness activities all provide a relaxing escape from daily life.
MesaStila offers an opportunity for personal growth, together with cultural and historical encounters to remember.

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