If you practice yoga or meditation you will know the importance of a place to relax and just be yourself.
Ideally the meditation space is isolated from the rest of the house and can be in a separate room (a closet) or even on a covered outdoor balcony or patio.
However, you can use a corner in your living room or bedroom to turn it into a beautiful meditation spot. If your meditation space is a visible corner in a room, pick decorations that fit the interior and supplement it. Respect this area of your home and treat it with as a special, dedicated spot for yoga, relaxation, meditation and practice. In our homes we have a place to eat, to read, to watch TV, but not many homes feature a place to just be yourself and enjoy concentration, silence and full relaxation.

Because it will be easier to quit our minds when we have made the effort to create a special spot for this, just like the desk for working and the stove for cooking. The living room is a perfect space for such a corner, as it is the place where we usually relax.
Some meditation spots also feature a small altar (a table with a cloth on) to place the statue or a central image and create a focal point which helps you concentrate. Home offices, kitchens and dining rooms are not suitable for a meditation corner, because they are the busiest spaces in our home.
This is a space to concentrate, so do not overcrowd it with decorations to avoid distraction. There we work, cook and gather with the rest of the family, so it will be difficult to find stillness in areas associated with high activity.

The traditional accessories for a meditation spot are statues and images of the Buddha, candles, bowls with water and flowers, lamps for essential oils.
Her dream is to own a micro, rooftop apartment in a city with distinct charm and atmosphere.

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