It originated in China and works on the vital principle of balancing and maintaining the bio-energetic flow in a person to help and promote optimum health.
The ancient Chinese masters of acupuncture noted that an imbalance of energy either precedes or follows any kind of disease condition or disharmony in the body.
During the initial consultation a medical history will be taken to understand your unique physical profile and lifestyle and then a treatment.

The acupuncturist, by stimulating needles in certain ways, can help get the qi moving again and promote a healthy environment within the body. It views symptoms as a manifestation of an imbalance in the whole body’s system rather than attributing it to a malfunction of one of its parts. You will also be given a personalised treatment plan which will include lifestyle and dietary advice.

Should you wish to cancel your rental please be advised that evolve requires 2 weeks written notice in advance of the event, and you will lose 50% of your payment.

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