My intent was to climb over the fallen boulders and away from the sight of the other 6 million inhabitants. But on this hot day as I approached the boulders I looked over my shoulder to check if I would be disturbed while in meditation. It actually made my head spin – so I headed for the only shade I could see against the cliff face.
Have I popped out from under a blanket at midnight at my local cemetery hoping to see another one?
With degrees in Communications and Massage, Nigel Coates found it a natural progression to share his passion for healing and wellness through his Explore Meditation website. We all have situations in our lives where we must interact with people without our choosing.
Our spiritual-self interacts with our physical-self via electrical impulses travelling through our nervous system, with the state of our spirit directly affecting the state of our body. A week ago I experienced smoke (looking as though smoking a cigarette) coming from the floor in front of my TV.
Anyway, my bedroom had a big picture window facing the front yard, and had a ledge big enough to sit on, which I’d do from time to time.
But, I can still vividly remember one day sitting there and watching a battle take place in my front yard between what looked like vikings and native Americans. Well, fast forward about 10 years, and a land developer was building a new subdivision nearby when the workers came across some native artifacts. They found the usual signs of settlement, pottery and such, but also came across a lot of arrowheads spread over a wide area.
I had a strange experience this morning and wanted to know if anyone here can give me some additional insight. For you, meditation may just create an environment where you can better connect with your abilities. Researching the actual events of the bank would be a great way to confirm your experience also. Hi Nigel, I love this site and I love getting the emails, you’re doing a wonderful thing with this site.
In response to Tonya’s story, I must say it is quite uncanny to me to see another person with the same name as myself with the same experience that I had at the age of 5.
Hi Kim, it makes me laugh… many people born with natural psychic sight fight it, while the rest of us strive to achieve it! Hi Nigel, I just came across this part of your site and thought I would leave you a message about ghosts in my old house. I have 3 daughters and the youngest slept in the small room which was in part of a tower bit of the house. She was about 5 years old and my husband had left me and kids when she was 12 months old, he used to have them odd weekends so I was left alone in the house. This particular night I was alone and went up the stairs and just inside the door to her bedroom was a really old dressing table with the winged mirrors which showed her little bed. A little while later my daughter became ill she was coughing and was generally unwell I took her to docs.
I remember seeing many ghost’s in my house, but the most memorable one was when i was sitting on my bed (daytime) i saw this man wearing a black leather jacket, jeans and had curly dark brown hair walk from my mums room into my brothers room, (walked straight past my room) i thought it was just me untill i decided to take a look in my bro’s room and then i saw him just standing with his back to me!!!
This happened shortly after my brother died, to this day i still dont no who this man was but maybe he had something to do with my brother!?
It would be a good idea to protect yourself at first and be in good mind, calm, love & peace. Brilliant Selina, I love to be reminded that; you just to need ask for that which you want. In the 70’s as a serving Police Officer one night I was chasing two suspects who ran into an old graveyard next to a very historical church (consecrated in AD 1247) I lost sight of them for a short period and as I was looking round an old man came walking towards me on the gravel path he started pointing quite forcfully in a particular direction I asked him if that was where they had gone and he just nodded, I followed his directions and caught them hiding in a bush. And like you I do believe that the connection with the spiritual world is reliant upon being able to attune your energy to the frequency of the spiritual world.
If you stop to worry, to be fearful, to protest, to be angry about the pain, then you magnify the pain ten times or more.
This article was legit, and helpful as I am working through the things I needed to learn in terms of quick progress and patience. I created Freedom & Fulfilment to share ideas about self improvement and how we can build the best lives for ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time.

Sure, most are simply made up to enliven the imaginations of eager minds, but there are many grown adults who swear by their previous experiences that make them true believers. Once a week I would jog about 10 minutes down a perfect stretch of golden sand with the waves crashing to my right.
I sat back to think about what I had just witnessed and the back of my head pressed against something smooth. His quest for integrated well-being and spiritual insight has explored many modalities and principles, even taking him around the world to study with masters. Some people make us feel great and uplifted, while others drain our energy and leave us flat.
The lake got this name after early French fur traders in the region and the native tribe fought a battle there. Shortly after that, they found some metal blades, cups, and other stuff that they couldn’t explain, since the estimated date of the find was well before the area was settled by the French.
I recently saw a show on history channel that said that a group of Vikings did come to America and some settled in the Midwest way before any other groups came here. Here is a free script for Psychic Protection, and here is another great post about assisting spirits move into the light. After this I often saw her running up and down the stairs the front door used to open and slam and I often heard her coughing. He said ‘my god she has pneumonia!’ He said he didnt know how she was still standing! As I was taking them back a couple of colleagues caught up with me to assist and asked me how I knew which way to go. When I was about ten, my dad had turned out the light in my room and I was just kind of staring into the darkness. Something just came to mind though, if you now wish to see spirit and you can’t, get yourself into a safe meditative state and clarify your intent. I also was told my 28 year old son is a very old soul and has been on this earth many times.
When you practice meditation, you practice becoming the observer of your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations.
Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections.
Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising. Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased. Great ?? But for some reason I looked again and was surprised to see a fisherman carrying several fishing rods and a bucket. It was a memorial plaque for a fisherman who had been washed from the rocks in bad weather 44 years previous… to the day. As a natural communicator, he loves to share his findings with this community of truth seekers. Next time, call in your personal guides or guardians and ask them to keep an eye on you while you explore.
Eventually, they dated the artifacts, and found that they matched known Viking artifacts from thousands of miles away, in Europe. They found artifacts from Vikings all over the place and they are pretty sure that they were here and that they were killed off by a combination of Indians, weather, and food shortage.
I remember that every night when I would be sleeping I would wake up for no reason at all and see a man all in black with a skeleton face standing in the door way stairing at me. Find a group with a teacher who can provide insight into psychic elements, and don’t be scared to share your experiences. They say that You usually see them out of the corner of your eye but, the one I seen was right in front of me.
I do believe that there is a great variety of entities in this wonderful world, all with a reason and a purpose. She had ringlets in her blonde hair and a pinafore over her dress – she was just sat there! Either it was a particularly drafty room, or the little ghost girl was trying to make contact using the energy with which she was most familiar. I told them an old man had shown me, I said you must have passed him he was heading your way. For me this ancient depiction is that your mind can connect with these energies and open spiritual doors.

This may seem like normal child fears but if you knew my son you would understand it to be different. If a second arrow comes and strikes you in the same spot, the pain will be ten times worse. You should protect yourself and not allow the second arrow to come, because the second arrow comes from you. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. I could sit with my back pressed hard against a rock with nothing but the Pacific Ocean in front of me. Stand strongly in your power, and ask politely but firmly that the smoke take a form that is more recognisable or tangible to you. It’s all quite facsinating but not surprising since the Vikings were and still are incredible ship builders. Others will learn from you, and you will find that others will then better share what they have experienced. While I didn’t notice any facial features just a black mass with human form, we seemed to have locked gazes for a moment.
It stopped in the doorway of the bedroom and just stood there and we just stared at each other.
We have the choice before our soul enters another human body to return to learn the life lessons we are to learn to be closer to God in heaven or we may choose to stay in heaven and our life lessons are accomplished slower. The Buddha advised that when you have some pain in your body or your mind, breathe in and out and recognize the significance of that pain but don’t exaggerate its importance. Regardless of the result, ask for a name or a reason for the visit and take the time to listen to the stillness in your mind.
Im sure some of the people who believed the world was flat, would have sailed in a strait line till their food ran out, hoping to fall off the edge of the world to prove they were right ?? Australia was first discovered by Captain Cook in 1788… even though there are grave-stones that pre-date it left by the Dutch I think. I was young like around the age of 8 and seeing it scared me so after that moment I tore off up the stairs to my left and woke up my older sister.
I was scared and tried to wake my mother which I was unable to do as long as the figure was there.
A few months ago I got in touch with a psychic and she told me that I have a gift, and that i need to let go off the fear.
Then I saw these round lights that glowed bright green – like neon green in the darkness.
I didn’t get the feeling that it was going to harm me or that it was there for any negative reasons, it was just the fact that I was so shocked from seeing it that I got scared. I kept shaking her and looking over my shoulder thinking it would continue to come toward me but it did not.
Very recently he suffered a serious concussion and started talking about an old man sitting on the edge of his bed smiling at him and rubbing his feet. The only thing that I feel is important for your son, you mentioned he is shy and sensitive which certain spirits feed from, so I think it is very important for him each day to surround himself with Gods bright loving protective light and pray that only his highest good comes to him, also ground himself. We are blessed to have people such as your son in our lives, especially at such a young age. When we moved from that place into a house my parents bought, I never had that experience again.
I told my mother about it and she smile and told me that it was ok it was only my great grandmother would had passed a month before I was born and haf told her before her death she would return to see what I was like. I have been doing good so far, and i am no longer afraid of the spirits that are in my house. Now I am all grown up with 2 kids of my own and once in a while I dream that I am in that apartment, but the scary ghost is not there, only my family members. If anything makes you uncomfortable, pull back and put yourself into a protective ball of white light. Is it possible this concussion caused my son to see spirits or was it always a part of him?
One book of Sylvia Browns I can’t remember which, explains the soul cycle we make before our soul enters body form.

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