To begin with the actual meditation now, this can be done anywhere, at work, at home, out in public. Mindfulness meditation programs can effectively improve anxiety, pain and depression in some people, according to a new review of studies from Johns Hopkins University researchers. The review, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, included 47 different randomized trials that involved 3,515 people. However, the review did not show a marked benefit of mindfulness meditation programs on substance use, sleep or weight. In addition, mantra meditation programs -- such as transcendental meditation, which involves "use of a mantra in such a way that it transcends one to an effortless state where focused attention is absent" -- did not seem to show any particular health benefits, though researchers noted that very few studies on mantra meditation met their criteria to be included in the review.
Overall, the review showed researchers that more studies on meditation are needed, especially to see how greater meditation training, trainer expertise and amount of time spent practicing mindfulness meditation could potentially improve health even more. Goroll noted that the benefits of mindfulness meditation found in the review are modest, with some studies finding no benefit.

The main reason people get stressed is anxiety and frustration, so remove the reason you will remove the problem.
The review showed that mindfulness meditation had small, positive effects in these three areas, with the improvements for depression in particular being similar to that of an anti-depressant. When we combined each component of negative affect, we saw a small and consistent signal that any domain of negative affect is improved in mindfulness programs when compared with a nonspecific active control," the researchers wrote in the study.
While few studies examined potential harms of mindfulness meditation (nine of the trials), none of them reported harm. This is considering mindfulness meditation is a skill that does require time and practice, and that presumably the more and longer you do it, the greater benefits it may have. He postures that trendiness, the desire to establish control and potentially even capitalizing on common anxieties are all reasons for why mindfulness meditation has become increasingly popular today.
A calm mind will use less energy, will be able to think clearly, and will be able to function better than a stressed mind.

When you’ve found your quiet spot, close your eyes and breathe deeply, inhale, and exhale.
All meditations can be used to calm yourself and to allow your body to relax, which is one of the goals of meditation. While doing this feel all of the stress evaporate away, and feel a deep calm come over you. After doing this for about 5 or 10 minutes you will find that your stress level has been greatly lowered and if you happen to check your blood pressure if you’re at home or at a store you will see that it has been lowered as well.

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