Let all the tension, aches and pains, and other distractions both positive and negative coalesce into a ball of energy.
Feel the energy reaching out, sending tendrils, roots, into the floor, down through the structure of the house. Pull the energy up into the base of your spine, and join it with any lingering distractions left in your body. Send it up to the navel chakra, changing its color as you move up from deep red to orange, the color of fire, of anger and of creativity. Continue upward to the solar plexus chakra, changing the color of the energy to yellow, and dissolving all your doubts, fears, anxiety, guilt, and shame in the pure light of courage.
Let your consciousness rise yet again to the third eye chakra, changing the energy's color to indigo. As you do this, sense that Kore is sending the energy up to Hestia, she who represents the voice of the gods as you envision them. Finally, ask Hestia to send the energy up and out to the Star Goddess, the Lady of the Three Roads and the Spaces Between, the Circumference which is the Center of all, the unknowable, illimitable Ground of Being. Energy sent upward along the Ladder of Hestia in order to evoke the positive qualities of the Goddess and chakras may also be used in a downward direction to dispel blockages and bindings. To work the Ladder downways, first work upward and become energized with a short KA-BA-ZA and HA Prayer. Then take the things you have released and send them into the fire of Hestia at the center of the earth. Then bring the purified energy back up into your body and do the Ladder as described previously, make kala, or both. The schematic above is complicated, but a careful scan of it will help make sense of some interconnected concept. Please refer to my article on The Pentacles and the Tree and my diagrams of Blocks and Shadows for more on thse subjects. Coffee and couture, finance and fitness, literature and life: One gal's struggle to follow her own advice. Hi, I'm Adrienne, a 20-something gal with zero kids, one loving ski-bum husband and two cats, trying to live life to the fullest, each and every day. I would like to know your idea of chakras and if you’ve ever tried clearing them or opening them.
Thoat – simply sing, whether you belive you are good or bad, sing and have fun doing it.
Solar Plexus – Try to not let your emotions get the better of you, try to control and let go of past hurt and frustration.
Sacrel – hmmm well the act of love making (or sex as so many put it) and feeling sexy with in yourself, Exersise. To quickly and easily open, clear and strengthen your chakras, the most important thing is good exercise. And last but definitely not least, do the tibetan morning rites (the first 5 ones.) This stuff works wonders for your chakras and your health in general. If you follow the directions I gave you, you will see FAST results, unlike those conventional methods where you’ll have to meditate for years and do a bunch of pointless shit. Just stay awake and aware in the present moment; the mind is the receiver of all knowledge and wisdom encoded in the universe around us. I’ve always believed that this sort of thing should come as a byproduct of being consciously aware, rather then the sole focus. Concentrating on the chakras and thinking about them is counterproductive because once you start thinking about clearing your chakras it becomes about the ego. You shouldn’t seek to strengthen your other chakras before you’ve got a strong root chakra.

For this particular exercise, if you will attempt to place your hands in the appropriate mudras shown in the illustration below, it will help your body remember what you are doing; repeated performances of this meditation will help it become a dance, even while you sit. Breathe deeply from the solar plexus, filling and emptying your lungs completely at least three times.
Locate that ball of energy a little below your navel, at the point called in tai chi the dan tien. Feel the energy roots tunnel into the earth, go down past the layer of earth and into the rocks beneath.
Let it become one with the fire at the heart of the earth, let it become purified by that fire. Bring the energy back up the roots you put down, pulling the roots after you as you let the energy rise up through the cooled rocks, up through the layers of rock, earth, floor, and back into your body again. Bring it into the root chakra, envisioning it as deep red, the color of blood, of the interior of your body. Spiral the energy front, right, back, left, up, chanting with each direction: ANAT ("ah-naht"). Spiral the energy front, right, back, left, up, chanting with each direction: TANIT ("tah-neet"). Spiral the energy front, right, back, left, up, chanting with each direction: ISIS ("ee-sees").
Spiral the energy front, right, back, left, up, chanting with each direction: NEITH ("neeth"), and feel the power of Neith, the Goddess of the unseen and limitless sky, to bring you clarity and freedom in telling your own Truth, whether in speech or writing or whatever medium She inspires you to use, and banishing misunderstanding and confusion. Spiral the energy front, right, back, left, up, chanting with each direction: PSYCHE ("sigh-key"), and feel the clean clear power of the concentrated mind which lets you know your own Truth. Spiral the energy front, right, back, left, up, chanting with each direction: KORE ("kor-ay"), letting the violet light spiral around your head and up out the top. Chant: HECATE ("heck-ah-tay"), and feel your offering raining back down through you as divine grace. The image I like to use is the descent of Inanna into the underworld, where she has to give something up at each stage: her crown, her robes, her jewels, and so on, and enter into the Underworld naked and suppliant. Each Ladder goddess is equated with one of the Feri Gods of the Lemniscate; simultaneously, the Ladder is mapped to the Qabalistic Tree of Life, with the traps on the paths between each two sephiroth representing the attitudes which keep us from progressing from one rung of the Ladder to the next. What i want to talk about here is the relationship of each of the Ladder goddesses to the Lemniscate gods.
I’m asking this because yesterday I took an online chakra test (just out of curiosity) and the result was that most of my chakras except for the root chakra were closed or weak.
It can get complex and involves everything from physical postures to diet to certain meditation techniques.
What better way to heal the body than by directing the mind to specific points on the body that correlate to well know patterns of symbolic belief. The chakras are really a bunch of glands, and their surrounding muscles and nerve clusters, as well as aspects of your mind. Forget that weird chakra meditation that the marketers and gurus hype, just do plain old meditation for relaxation, focus and balance. Look at the descriptions of a weak chakra, looks a lot like a personality disruption or a set of bad habits or something like that, don’t you think? Focusing your attention on a particular body part via conscious awareness is nearly identical to trying to open your chakras independently.
Almost like the difference between staring at a book intending to read, and just opening it and reading the pages, whatever they may say.
Just like yoga and other such ancient yogic practices meditation too requires focus, a peaceful environment and diligent practice or study of its techniques. Relax yourself with deep breaths and then imagine energy rushing up from your first chakra which is open, to this one.

Feel the energy in your body, and pull it in from your extremities into the center of your body. Bring in as much of your energy into this ball as you can, and then send the ball down your spine, dividing at the base of the spine and sending the energy down each of your legs to the floor. Send the energy down through the rocks, deep into the center of the planet, deep into the place where the rocks are molten, where the hearth-fire of Hestia plays at the center. Spiral the energy around your spine from front to right, back, left, then center and up to the next chakra, chanting with each direction: GULA (pronounced "goo-lah"). Feel the power of the Warrior Queen Anat to take your anger and turn it into creative force, innocent sexuality, and pleasurable fruitfulness. Feel the power of Tanit, Serpent of Wisdom, to give you courage: courage to be who you are, and courage to take the leap to the next stage. Feel the power of Isis, Queen of Heaven, to melt your heart and take away mental blockages which get in the way of your ability to give and receive love. Banish ignorance and welcome knowledge, and welcome, also, the mental courage to take the leap from being human to being part of the divine. Let the goddess Kore, the Nameless Maiden, serve as the link between that which is below and that which is above. There’s no one thing to do to clear them, its a continuous process of raising your awareness. Chakras are just a different way of understanding our bodies, and we can gain plenty from it, but I’ve always found matching food colours to be the most noticeable way to affect them. Keep your back straight and breathe deeply and slowly, keep your tongue in the roof of your mouth.
There are various methods of meditating too, though all of them involve clearing your mind of all thought and simply concentrating on repeating a mantra or prayer word continuously. Chakra meditation uses different ‘mudras’ or folding of your hands to open and strengthen these chakras one by one.
Sit cross legged with your back straight and take deep breaths and concentrate on this chakra, imagining all the power from the earth flowing into it. Place both your hands on top of each other, palms facing upwards and place them on your lap.
Feel the power of Gula, the Queen of Physicians, to heal you of physical blockages and help you to survive and meet your bodily needs.
Let her breathe the violet energy up to the gods in devotion and receive it back from them, circulating it throughout your body. The green heart is the center of your body, and i’ve heard it has more effect on your body than your brain does. Because all of these chakras are linked to your mind, and the cause-and-effect-chain works both ways.
If you don’t follow your dreams and goals your chakras will never be strong, because this is about the mind. You need this clarity to be able to pay attention to your body, which is needed for manually operating the chakras. I use it when i’m mediating as points to focus on, instead of just thinking and trying to clear the mind I focus on one single thing.

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