Read these simple guidelines – to put these fallowing steps into practice and they will become quite comfortable and as a habit to you. In your meditative space (area), do light up a candle and your favored and pleasant incense. Then, before all other things, put in center of your mind a meditation for the next 10 to 15 minutes. Sit comfortably with spine straight, to preserve alertness and keep your eyes half-opened, not wide opened, but half open, half closed.
If this is too hard for you, you could also close your eyes, but try firstly this method, since it has many advantages. Music has this advantage that could easily take our mind from thinking, and could easily take us into meditation mood. In this exercise we will learn how to calm our mind with meditation, and by concentration on the breath.
To not lose courage, when your mind will be as washed away or when there will be an infinite number of thoughts running around in your mind. Breath and mind are closely connected, and when you direct all your attention on breathing, your mind will slowly gather and focus. Let all the other thing go, – the only thing that exist is a breath, the river of life energy, which in constantly flowing. Observed a current pause, at the end of your inhale breath, just before you exhale, at the end of your exhale breath, just before you inhale again, and try to extend this moment of calmness between each inhale and exhale breath. In this way, the breath becomes a little deeper, slower and peaceful and prepares us for deeper breathing. The first is peace – when you breathe in, feel and imagine as you are inhaling peace in all parts of your being. When you exhale, imagine that you are exhaling all the opposite from the peace – restlessness, stress, negative thoughts or feelings.
If it will help you, you can imagine that you are inhaling a clean, white light purity and peace.
I would suggest, making it easier for you, that you focused on breath and quality of peace.
The best is the simplicity – the less thoughts and ideas we have in our mind, the better it is. After a few minutes you will feel as you are breathing in a cosmic energy from the space, which purifies and feel with energy all your beings. With each inhale, through your body is flowing a river, the river of life force and cosmic energy, which is replacing the fatigue, stress, negative thoughts.
Feel how it expands inside you, flowing through you – imagine that even your face is smiling.
Each of us goes through many stories in our life, looking for happiness and personal fulfillment. In many ways we are looking for ways and limitless possibilities of life to find satisfaction- in the people that we meet, in the cities which we visit, in careers that can provide some meaning and direction to us, – a inner happiness and inner freedom, by which we strive so they could shine in our eyes and our hearts, but although seems somehow out of reach. Life then encourages us to look inwards to find joy in life, which exists independently from all external things that come and go – and that’s how or personal and spiritual journey could begin. Finding happiness takes a new, unknown direction, inward journey leads us to seek deeper meaning in our lives and aspirations of the mighty happiness of being free inside you (figurative). One of the most beautiful things about meditation is that we don’t need to know very much about it, to do it.
Furthermore, there isn’t any need for dogma or special believing (or any believing except the one of your own).
This is the feeling, that you could develop (blossom) into something more, higher, and that your own positive qualities in your nature or peaceful moments in your life, both could exceptionally strengthen (become strong) or multiply and increase. Meditation is the transition to reinforcing the silence, inner peace and happiness of the soul. However, in order to reach this inner level, you have the external life to create the conditions that will support this revelation. The first secret is sincerity – no matter how difficult and busy your daily life is, you have to add the date and time for your own training and organize some special place at home, where you will practice.
The same as plant grows, when there is enough sun, also your special place will reserved time will be as sun which will worm up your soul. Then, put a low table in that place, decorate table with a white cloth, and put on the table a candle in candle holder or on the salver and add a flower or two in the vase.
If you which, you could also add a thing or two from your personal belongings or some object which have some special value for your or feels close to you. It could also be a picture of your spiritual or mental guide, meditation statue, anything that connects you with the feeling of the spirit.
Scents could also be very useful, therefore, if you prefer any scent of joss-stick, do use them; anything that will help you relax.
The scent will create special feeling and will add a little ceremony and devotion your practice. Simplicity, Meditation Music – bamboo flute, singing with one voice, slow, quiet songs – could also embrace us in an atmosphere of serenity, which silence the mind and open heart.
It’s consist from the light and body pleasant movements and its practiced today the same way as it was in Chine 1300 years ago. The single thing, that have changed from then was, that Hsin Tao was spread outside the walls of the known Saolin monastery.
There are only two Saolin masters outside of the Monastery, which teaches simple and at the same time effective regeneration technique.
Ratziel Bander comes from Australia and is one of two Saolin masters who teaches and practice this art outside of Monastery. From his 20 years he began to work with actors and dancers, he taught them various physical exercises, motor skills and breathing techniques.
In 1999 he began with an intensive practice of Hsin Tao art, because of serious health problems. These exercises also helped him to eliminate all the problems and pain from suffering for a severe form of muscle disease (Post-Polio Syndrome).
This carefully protected art has been primarily designed for adults to obtain a refund of health and vitality. Hsin Tao art of practice consists of trainable physical gestures, breathing and meditation. Apply effective combination of circular movements and breathing which focus and regulate life energy in vital organs, improving internal awakening and metabolism and facilitates the achievement of internal balance and strong health. This type of exercise is carried out standing and takes training person in real relaxed state, while works deeply within the body.
Leads in the vital energy centers, »grease under ‘decisions, strengthens internal organs, and revitalizes the entire metabolism. This is type of exercises which are carried out while you are sitting on a chair or cushion. It connects the breath with gestures, and it takes the practitioner to a very deep meditative state, and it takes mind into a state of deep calm and peace. This type of exercise consists of simple breathing exercises, which recovered the ability to preserve energy in the center of the body while increasing interaction with the spirit of body and mind. These exercises enable you to achieve a magnificent emotional balance, while you are improving your body stamina, vitality and mental clarity in a relatively short time.
Ratziel Bandera is an experienced teacher of Hsin Tao, who will be presenting you this art in a effortless manner, playful humor and with knowledge of the skill. To participate in the workshop you don’t have to be with a background or physical strength and flexibility.
Have an open heart and sincere desire, to do something for you is the most important characteristic. Therefore, if you will find out or notice, that Ratziel Bandera is having introducing of Hsin Tao art around your area, do go and explore with him. In general there are four different types of yoga (for different types of human characters).
In the West, the most popular is »Hatha yoga«, which for different types of human characters can be defined by five fundamental principles. Later on, especially in modern world, some yoga masters have combine different ways of yoga, and remodel and transformed it with a Western world. But today I will write a bit more about general facts about yoga practice, good positive effect on our body and health.
But we should forget that each “way of practice” suits certain individuals, their temperament and personal attitude to life. That’s way we could sometime here people explaining that in certain yoga practice they just find themselves and can’t imagine going to some other practice. Although, me, as a yoga practitioner for numerous year now, would recommend to expand you thinking and being with trying out also other practice, maybe one day, at the right moment. It’s always good that we explore all our possibilities, try new thing, and see if they suits us or not.
As for me, I am dedicated to Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga practice for some years now and I love it. All four ways of practicing yoga leads to the same goal; spiritual development, to deep spiritual knowledge and spiritual truth of life (the internal experience of growing awareness, wisdom and contact with us) and various forms of exercise. RAJA Yoga (Royal Yoga) is a method which monitors the waves of thought, thereby changing their mental and physical energy into spiritual.
In Raja yoga is also included most well-known yoga in the West countries, named Hatha Yoga. The things that we could achieve if we are able to observe what is happening in ourselves are; cognition of our mind, nature of human being and minds. It teaches us, Not to believe in anything, which we haven’t discovered for ourselves or haven’t been our own experience.
For most people, the spirit has a great influence on the body, with other words, means it is not developed enough. Raja yoga approach comes from the inner world, to study internal nature, and then manage the whole, both internal and external nature.

This is also a general path or technique which leads us to physical health, mental clarity and spiritual enlightenment. Practicing Hatha Yoga combines Asan (postures), Kriya (purification of body art), PRANAYAMO (breathing exercises), concentration and meditation.
The essential is the retained phase position, which we extend with regular exercise and afterward it’s performed more and more relaxed. Learning to be aware of breathing and the fact that the body, mind and breathing are inextricably connected.
Any anxiety or tension in the mind cause the breathing alters its natural rhythm and depth. Practicing yoga breathing helps to restore physical strength and control our mental state, because it’s energetically and mentally calming down and balances. 3. CORRECT methodically relaxation (consciousness relaxing) correct exercises can relax the whole body and restore energy supplies. Again it’s very important awareness and the fact that only we could consciously and thoroughly relaxed our self, with our mind.
The body of such human remains light and flexible, with calm spirit and resistance to disease is strengthened. 5. Positive thinking and Meditation, helps to get rid of negative thoughts and calm down the spirit.
Contrary to the belief of many, meditation is hard work, which takes a lot of perseverance, discipline and will. Only with proper and regular exercise, we could achieve the desired effects; inner peace, developing compassion, kindness and love. With proper deep meditation we can cleanse the mind of negative samples, blind reactions and finally achieved a state of mind, which no longer depends on external influences, as it stays and remains balanced in every situation. Meditation is an often talked about, yet underutilized tool in recovery from addiction to addiction and alcoholism. Many areas of life are positively impacted by the act of meditation, including mindfulness, stress management, physical health, creativity, anxiety reduction, focus, relationship management, problem solving ability and overall outlook on life.
Related specifically to the disease of addiction and alcoholism, meditation is important in recovery because it aids in a number of areas imperative to support recovery, including consistency of action, discipline, promotion of mental clarity, physical health and overall meditation works to slow down the incessant chatter of the mind. It will become a refuge of exquisite peace, stillness, and inner silence that you trust and rely on. As you spend longer periods of time meditating, you’ll find that there isn’t anything you can’t lot go of. But eating well, exercising, having healthy friendships, maintaining a work-life balance—these are also key aspects of a rich life. Yes, it can be a game-changer, but you can amplify the power of your meditation if it’s one part of a conscious whole. I find that my efforts to go slow and be mindful always support and build momentum in my meditation practice as well. You don’t want to sit on the cushion, get blissed out, and then forget about it when you enter the fray of life.
Reading books from authentic spiritual masters, studying different meditation paths, following blogs like this one—these are all important parts of deepening your practice.
If you were going to learn a new language or start playing tennis for the first time, you’d want a coach, right? During retreats, you abandon the surface of things and live in a deeper zone of self and awareness.
One way to think about it is that retreats allow you to live in an unbroken state of meditation and mindfulness.
Ok, so we just covered 11 different actions you can take that are pretty much guaranteed to help you advance your meditation practice.
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There are, however, many individuals who think wonders of meditation but don’t actually carve out the time to do it themselves.
There is such a powerful presence of spirit that can be accessed when the conscious mind has been quieted, and you can hear the divine voice within that can truly feel love in its purest form. Bathing and connecting with this essence brings a level of peace and tranquility to immerse your physical, emotional and mental human self in a spiritual sea of peace.
If you’re confused on where to start, read this article for step by step directions on how to go within! When it comes to learning meditation, or learning anything new for that matter, it helps to bring in some visual representations. Mindful celebrates mindfulness, awareness, and compassion in all aspects of life—through Mindful magazine,, events, and collaborations.
The overwhelming majority of tai chi in China, as in roughly ninety-nine percent, was never considered meditation within its parent system, Taoism. Tai chi done as meditation has a range of possible goals much like sitting meditation from simply relieving life’s stresses, to clearing out all of the nonsense that’s inside if you, to deeper goals like finding out what is unchanging inside of you and eventually joining with the universe or the Tao. Originally tai chi was not done primarily as a health exercise as it is now often promoted (and for good reasons). The other positive side effect of learning tai chi was its meditative nature but again this is not necessarily meditation as defined previously as a practice that goes for enlightenment. Drawing directly from the history of the internal arts, we find that tai chi was practiced primarily as a martial art.
In the advanced stages of a tai chi practice, everything is taught from the perspective of the Tai Chi Classics, which come from the principles of Taoist meditation. By learning tai chi as a martial art, many people also find that they can remember the entire form better. When we change our point of reference to tai chi as meditation the primary goal is not about fighting better. In contrast, a person who does tai chi as meditation may not even particularly care about his or her martial abilities.
Some of the same techniques that meditators practice to attain spiritual clarity will also make the person very psychically powerful.
Obviously, the first step to practice tai chi as a meditation for a beginner is to learn the basic tai chi form, because that’s the overall container.
Next you will have to gain a certain amount of energetic awareness that tai chi is capable of giving you.
Bruce is passionate about teaching the wisdom from Taoism including qigong, tai chi, healing, martial arts and mediation. Great article, I know a few instructors of Tai Chi that still have there demons chasing them because they have never focused on the clearing. Now this is exactly why I gave up the internal arts, after many hours of practice, back in the eighties. Thanks for highlighting the energetic awareness stage, on the continuum between physical alignment and the real work of meditation. Imagine that every moment, in which you practice mediation, is your golden chance, that you make a progress in your spiritual journey.
If you imagine, than on tip of your nose is a strip, your breath is so calm down, that strip in hardly moving. It has a capacity of regeneration of the whole organism, by renewing the natural healing ability of the body. Beneficent impact on the problems with the spine, corrected posture, strengthen internal organs.
Increased resistance of the body and the final overall effect: welfare, robust health, physical vitality, and gaining more energy-vitality. But for some time now, I notice, that I can do yoga practice while I am working in the garden, vineyard, go for a long walk, cycling… in all these things. This is not possible to achieve without merging breathing and meditation with physical postures. Asana work systematically on all parts of the body; increases flexibility and muscle strength, increase and maintains flexibility of joints and spine, stimulates functioning of the heart and circulatory, modulates the function of glands and other internal organs, improves the awareness and ability to concentrate and regulates the functioning of the nervous system. For years, religious and spiritual communities have praised meditation for its many benefits, and more recently scientists have studied and found that there are in fact many benefits to the act of meditation, especially when taking consistent action in daily meditation. Maryland Addiction Recovery Center offers the most comprehensive addiction treatment in the Baltimore City, Baltimore County and entire Maryland and Washington, D.C. And getting better at meditation is one of the best ways you can improve your quality of life. Then, you get familiar with the mechanical nature of your mind, which spins out endless cycles of thoughts like a psychedelic production line on steroids.
Reconnecting to that intention is always a powerful way to strengthen your practice and re-double your efforts.
Often, when you slow down and think about meditation, it’s kind of like making yourself vulnerable to meditative awareness.
Meditating with trusted friends who have a strong intention creates a powerful meditative field. For me, it was reading the Gospels of Sri Ramakrishna and the Pali Canon about Gautama Buddha.
Start meditating today and release the source of your stress with these proven meditation techniques. There are scientific reasons, physical benefits, spiritual insights, and emotional and mental outcomes as well. They find themselves so caught up in life’s daily distractions that they have yet to ever fully embrace the wonderful art of settling into a peaceful space to go within – meditation.
Can there be no greater feeling than to feel the purest essence of unconditional love for yourself, for your fellow man, for your surroundings and that extends out into the world and universe beyond? It’s the kind of peacefulness that transcends the human struggle and reaches out far beyond itself to cradle mankind in its arms as we all take this human journey. Won’t you find a quiet lovely place to close your eyes, focus in on your breathing, and explore the magical places and messages that are waiting for you to unfold them?

Learn more about our nonprofit mission, the people behind Mindful, and our growing community here.
Or is it that one part of tai chi is not a meditation tradition, but one part of tai chi is a meditation tradition?
I think there are a lot of misconceptions in general about this both in the West and even in China. Casual meditation helps people release their stress and, if practiced enough, helps the practitioner develop inner peace. There was a small group who focused on using tai chi within the Taoist meditation tradition, but that’s an extremely small minority.
Well, once again, you have to make two very clear distinctions, that of tai chi for health vs tai chi for martial arts. An interesting way of looking at tai chi is this: it is an incredible system of martial arts that contains, as a side effect of its martial aspects, a movement form that just happens to make the practitioner very healthy, the nervous system very strong and can cultivate incredible mental abilities in the practitioner.
Each move has a specific martial component and different forms were developed around martial tactics. This keeps the practitioner’s mind focused on the many phrases contained within the Classics.
A person could be a tai chi martial art master, do his or her tai chi push hands very well and excel at fighting. They are more concerned with getting rid of the emotional, mental, psychic and karmic demons that they have inside of themselves. Again, this is going to be the same path regardless of whether you are learning tai chi with the eventual aim of using it as a martial art or as a moving meditation practice. You are no longer a bystander.  The question now becomes what are you going to do with the chi that you have been generating in your practice, or what is it going to do to you? These methods usually need to be taught by a master because even if you get the method, it’s really the mind that’s behind the techniques that needs to be transferred.
One issue that I have been pondering since reading one of your earlier articles on Meditation is – Is the process of Sung necessary for good martial art? When I first started to practise martial arts including tai chi and chi gung, I was more concerned with trying to build up tremendous martial power, but the more I practised, the more my inner demons began to arise within me resulting in me giving those around me a hard time. I have been aware of this myself, not just as a martial arts practitioner ( not a very good one ), but also, as a acupuncturist ( perhaps just a bit better than my tai chi ). This is such a useful paradigm and when you get a sense for where you are on that continuum, the quality of your practice really improves! If you are striving for balance, inner peace, greater focus, less stress, then meditation alone can’t do it.
Bringing that quiet calm focus into the rest of your life is what mindfulness is all about.
Sometimes, just thinking about meditation can trigger a memory or connection to a powerful meditative experience.
And I participated in many 10-day silent retreats where we did practice 19 out of 24 hours each day. And second, you will most likely have a mind-expanding experience that will build your confidence. Frequently meditating with others in this field of awareness can accelerate your development and help you become a better meditator. Whether it’s a particular person or writer who captures your imagination, it’s important to feed your soul and your intellect. Getting a coach, guide, or teacher who is further along in his or her own practice of meditation can be an enormous help. Before you know it, you’ll look up and realize that you have a meditation practice that you love and can’t live without! Whether you want to relax, stimulate creativity, gain enlightenment, or cultivate compassion and mindfulness, we help you learn how to let go. At this point, I haven’t found many people (if any) who believe meditation isn’t a good practice! It will become a wonderful guide for you as you begin or return to this gift that has been given to help you move through this lifetime.
Bagua was originally a meditation tradition as it was taught in Taoist monasteries, predating tai chi by a few thousand years.
But make no mistake that meditation for the sake of spirituality, or even enlightenment, is of another order altogether. The other two internal arts of bagua and hsing-i also make practitioners strong but in other ways. But tai chi chuan ‘s purpose was about making the mind still not for the goals of meditation, but for the goals of obtaining worldly and martial power. For example, the wide stances within the Chen style were developed for moving in battle while wearing heavy armor. But these phrases and applications of using the mind were always in the service of improving martial capacity, being able to have an incredibly well-developed mind and spirit that could fight well and get an edge to be successful in the world. By learning each martial application as you go along, most find it both more interesting and the moves seed into the body easier because they have a direct application. Most people who are very good at meditating can usually also be successful in the world if they simply choose to have their attention, instead of turning inward, turn outward, which is what virtually everybody does to begin with. For martial arts, if you want to be successful in the world, if you want to beat people in the world, being psychically powerful is an incredible edge.
Not as a hobby of the week, but as something you dedicate yourself to with discipline and passion. Energetic awareness starts to build chi, and at this point, you are revamping and educating your nervous system. If you can recognize that meditation is the royal path that all masters and sages throughout time have taken, then go forward knowing that you have a divine opportunity that can change the nature of your soul or Being.
It goes without saying that you want to build the best container possible because it is the foundation for everything that comes later. Without working with a skilled teacher, the martial art mind will generally, in the overwhelming majority of people, take them toward worldly power or at least guide them into thinking they have gained worldly or spiritual power when this may not be the case. If so, won’t a person’s inner demons be eradicated in the process of becoming Sung?
Eventually the penny dropped and I began to learn how to deal with these issues safely and these days, although I still train diligently I never give a thought to being strong and powerful martially.
Its true to say that Daosim and Oriental medicine share the same source, and actually, as far as I can see, the principles are the same.
If we aren’t the best fit for you or your loved one, we will take the necessary time to work with you to find a treatment center or provider that better fits your needs. But let me tell you, if you stick with it, there will come a time when you love to practice meditation.
When you do that consciously, you’ll find that meditative awareness buoys to the surface of your being. Was it an experience of your mind going quiet and the beauty that opened on the other side of that? The next thing you know, you’re sinking into the ground of being and falling into a state of meditation.
It’s easy to get doey-eyed with a teacher who helps you navigate this subtle inner terrain. Its guiding spiritual force can be in your life to help direct you to a most centered and beautiful space. So although tai chi makes people healthy, again classically the ninety-nine percent of people learned and practiced it primarily as a martial art. In the days before guns, being a better martial artist was not a hobby but rather in many cases a matter of life and death.
In modern times, it seems as though a large number of people use tai chi as a container primarily for health.
You are becoming more aware of the subtle nature of energy fields in your body, and through partner practices like tai chi push hands, of the subtle energy fields in your practice partners as well.
It does of course depend on how it is presented to the student, and of course, how the student responds to the knowledge.
However, even though tai chi comes from Taoism it would be false to say that it was primarily a meditation tradition. If they have actually had to hurt others or kill in a fight, they may not be able to handle the emotional, psychic and karmic load that comes with that (much like many of our returning veterans). You are increasing your inner chi storage and also increasing the speed with which that chi can move around your body. I am aware of a lot of practitioners that are successful, but sadly, they lack the awareness of their own personal dilemma. And even if their inner demons are relatively calm after engaging in a real battle, they still don’t have the clarity to know who they are, and they don’t have the clarity to start reaching out to understand what the universe is. Similarly, you need to learn the entire form correctly and you need to know all of the precise alignments, so that you don’t have a leaky container. You learn all the subtle energetic techniques, or neigong, that get put inside the container of tai chi. Then you can continue to develop more chi and specifically apply the chi that is developed through meditation methods to unbind the blockages within.
Keep in mind, once the container is there, you can pour any kind of wine into it that you choose. Its not necessarily a nice place to be but it takes a certain kind of person to do this and as far as I can see, not a lot are up to scratch.

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