Get Email NewsletterTo receive our monthly e-newsletter with our upcoming courses, please input your email and hit the sign up button. A number of years ago, during an incredibly difficult time in my life, what kept me going was learning the practice of Insight Meditation.
The Oaks, which has been named one of the Best Destination Spas by Travel + Leisure Magazine, offers an inclusive program: spacious rooms and cottages, three spa-designed meals, plus midmorning broth breaks and midafternoon smoothies, all part of a 1,300 calorie a day plan, plus a full and varying daily and evening schedule of physical activities.
Out the front door is beautiful Ojai, the small shops and galleries that line the main drag, and the backdrop, accessible by bike and walking, are the hills themselves.
Prices at The Oaks at Ojai vary according to accommodations and range from $250-515 (all inclusive).
Be guided through simple meditations that relax the mind and body, leading to a deep experience of inner peace and contentment.
There are plenty of opportunities to relax and unwind in our beautiful gardens and natural rainforest.
This beautiful Temple functions as a place of refuge and peace in our busy modern world, and is open for everyone to enjoy.
For one, I’m fidgety and two, I prefer that those who lay their hands on my body be people I’ve had a long and intimate relationship with.

When the difficult time ended, however, so did my meditation practice, but I remembered how calm and energized it made me feel.
You can go to the spa and not come out for days, just basking in the luxury of doing nothing or everything or you can take advantage of the glories of the Ojai Valley, on guided walks or bike rides.
Like most Type A’s, I have what is called a Monkey Mind: it prefers to be romping over the jungle gym of past and future thoughts rather than sitting still and focusing on the here and now. She had plied her craft in just about every situation that calls for putting words on paper or screen She has earned her living as a magazine feature writer, a documentary producer, a creative writing teacher, a scholarly writer, a business writer, a print editor, a radio reporter, and a non-fiction book writer. This retreat is suitable for everyone, and provides an excellent introduction to meditation.
The retreat is catered with delicious vegetarian food, and there is a range of accommodation options. Located an hour out of Melbourne in the Dandenong Ranges, the Temple is set amongst lush forests and boasts spectacular mountain views. But I just came back from a spa weekend that has me raving: I went to The Oaks at Ojai for their Meditation Weekend. I decided I needed some solid guidance on getting back to it and The Oaks at Ojai, which couldn’t be more conveniently located for those of us in LA, seemed the perfect place to do it.

The gentleness of the meditation guides, the calm and quiet of the large room we were in, the tinkling of the meditation bells, the flickering of the candles–all helped bring me back time and again to my breath at that moment in that time.
They also offer Fourth Night Free, share a room for 3 consecutive nights and the fourth night is free for both of you (this is occasional).
Taught by a qualified Kadampa Buddhist teacher, this retreat offers a unique opportunity to experience stillness within in the tranquil setting of a mountainside temple in the lush Dandenong Ranges.
Situated 90 miles north in Ventura County, Ojai is a small, quaint, artsy, perfect weekend getaway, not to mention home to any number of celebrities who commute to LA. Not the Oaks at Ojai: there’s a sense there that you’re in a protected space, where who you are and what you need is the only thing that matters.
That’s the essence of meditation, and that weekend Oaks at Ojai certainly helped me re-enter that realm.

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