Inside Agama- a monthly journal that goes deeper into various topics that regularly surface while individuals are on Yoga retreat in and around our Koh Phangan, Thailand campus.
Agama has teachers and centers around the world - find an Agama center or teacher near you.
In this workshop we explore the significance of the four primary points in an astrological chart: the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven and the Nadir.
Join one of our unique teacher training programs and begin sharing the wisdom of yoga with the world!
We offer a 200 hour, introductory program as well as an intensive, 500 hour, 12-week program.
Our Healing Center is devoted to providing our students and community with Yogic and naturopathic therapies, from homeopathy to hypnotherapy, Tibetan healing massage to Taoist abdominal massage, sound therapy to acupuncture, and more.
Join us every morning Monday to Saturday at 7am for guided meditations in the main hall on the Agama campus. Agama cooperates with resorts on Koh Phangan to offer those wishing to join our First Level Intensive Course special package deals. Enjoy these inspiring lectures by Swami Vivekananda from our First Level Intensive, especially featuring the morals and ethics of Yoga (the yama and niyama of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras).
Visit our new transcribed lectures section where you can read many of our most popular lectures. What better way to start the day than by greeting the life-giving sun and shimmering Andaman Sea… One of the simplest yet most treasured treats during my stay at Koh Yao Noi, Thailand’s last unspoiled Paradise.
Yoga is a set of physical and mental practices (sometimes, but not necessarily, incorporating a spiritual element) which serve a diverse variety of goals, depending on the practitioner and specific techniques in usage.
Though yoga is a form of meditation, meditation is actually a much broader body of techniques which can be practiced completely separately, or in combination with yoga. As there are many goals of meditation, so to there are many practices – yoga being one among them.
With the popularity of these ancient techniques finding new life in the modern world, science has turned quite a bit of attention to the topic of unraveling the exact benefits. Both yoga and meditation have been shown to have many cognitive benefits, including better mood, reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety, and in some cases improved mental acuity.
Both yoga and meditation have demonstrated positive effects on the cardiovascular system, including reducing blood pressure and improving cardiac function.
Both yoga and meditation are widely utilized to help with pain management, assisting patients in coping with chronic pain.
Meditation can be highly effective for improving or regulating mood, improving cognitive function, promoting a sense of well being and encouraging spiritual growth. Given that the techniques employed in yoga usually only require your body and mind, in theory yoga can be practiced anywhere at any time. For busy individuals, businessmen, and for most working professionals who do not have time to practice yoga & meditation during normal days, taking an off or holiday for retreats purposes is very common.
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Vous pouvez consulter directement leur site de retraite vipassana pour les dates des prochaines sessions et toutes informations complémentaires. Our programs are comprehensive and unparalled - empowering teachers in the genuine spirit of the yogic tradition. Yoga at Vikasa is taught by experienced international teachers in a variety of styles, including our unique Vikasa style. The origins of yoga are not entirely clear, but what is for certain is the practice is probably quite an ancient one – slowly evolved until gaining the form we recognize today, practices largely discovered and utilized in India. The body is moved into a variety of positions, designed to stretch the body and engage different muscle groups. Meditation seeks to induce various states of mind, like different moods or modes of consciousness. While some of the claims expounded by proponents of yoga and meditation have yet to be scientifically verified, there is already a host of benefits which are definitely quite real. Yoga is used to enhance cardiac rehabilitation after issues or surgery; it has been shown to reduce cardiovascular risk factors across the board and often helps treat symptoms of heat failure. Yoga promotes flexibility, blood flow, engaging virtually every muscle group, promotes the health of the lungs and heart via breathing and stretching exercises.
He loves to travel and is often traveling between the islands of Phuket, Koh Samui, and Bali.

Great article you have, I would also want to share my thoughts that Yoga indeed has positive effects not only in the body but also in the mind, a total holistic wellness that brings us to know our inner-self better. Our graduates are supported throughout the programs and beyond, as they become great teachers.
Vikasa is a certified yoga school where hundreds of students successfully pass intensive teacher training courses each year to receive a globally recognized 200-hour Yoga Alliance certificate.
Combined with breathing exercises and meditative practices, these techniques are used to improve the health of the body as well as achieving a meditative state of mind. The goals of meditation are quite varied: many use meditation as an end in itself to induce relaxed or happy states of mind, others use meditation as a spiritual practice, some utilize techniques to gear the mind towards self-examination, or to build desirable characteristics or remove undesirable ones from a persons mental state or outlook. Some of the many benefits include improved musculoskeletal function, improved cardiovascular function (better blood flow,) reduction of asthma symptoms and more. It is also available and offered in many luxury hotels and private luxury villas around the world.
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The course combines Agama’s 5 week 200 hour TTC, plus an additional 7 week, 300-hour intensive. While traditionally yoga is entirely a form of meditation, modern adaptations (especially in western countries) remove much of the focus on meditation and present yoga as primarily a form of physical exercise. My personal recommendation for a yoga & meditation destination would be Bali and Koh Samui.
A 2 hour complete class which includes all elements of practice, such as Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation.
A location with a serene atmosphere and a beautiful view is ideal, but any comfortable setting will do in a pinch. The instructor spends more time exploring asana technique with detailed instructions for safe and progressive practice. Expect less explanations on how to do the techniques and more time to focus on the actual techniques.
Moderate intensity with variations for more experienced practitioners.* due to  a physical loss of voice the teacher is not able to speak loud enough, and uses a microphone to conduct the class. Allows connective tissue in the body to realign for improved body awareness, relieves physical exhaustion, tension or soreness. It is an excellent method for developing a stable, strong core and overall fitness and health. A large gong instrument plays varying levels of powerful sound waves, enabling peaceful rise in one’s personal vibrations and manifestation of their current state of mind. The teacher may bring the singing bowl closer to you to allow special  different experiences of vibration. This group sharing class will explain methods of how to control, transform and best use your sexual energy alone or with a partner, for optimized health, happiness, and the path towards self-realization.
There are 2 classes each week, first one will be mixed group introduction for men and women together, following one is separate and specific for men and for women. It’s a great way to socialize with your peers, meet new people and enjoy the proper nutrition needed for your yoga practice to thrive. Classes at Viaksa Yoga Retreat Koh Samui Class levels Yoga Environments Our approach Yoga for All WHAT TO BRING WHAT TO WEARClasses are either mixed level or intermediate level including suitable for beginners. Vikasa offers an innovative, open minded and healthy approach to yoga that challenges you in a unique way.
Our teaching methodology helps the student to break through and enjoy an experience that will leave you feeling awake, aware and energized. You don’t need to have any fancy yoga gear, just wear something comfortable that you can move around easily in. Our Yoga Teachers resident teachers global teachers guest teachers BECOME A VIKASA YOGA TEACHEROur resident Vikasa yoga teachers teach most of the classes given at Vikasa Yoga Retreat, Koh Samui. Most of the resident teachers have successfully completed our Vikasa Yoga Teacher Training program. Our world class team is made of men and women with very diverse backgrounds and styles.They each give their own flavor to their classes based on their individual expertise. Classes are usually held in the big yoga sala overlooking the beautiful ocean water, offering fresh salt air and the sound of crashing waves as you practice. The Global Vikasa Teachers network consists of Vikasa Yoga teacher training graduates around the world. After completing their intensive training, they bring all they have learned back to their home towns, often times creating Vikasa yoga studios of their own.
Yoga teachers and yoga organizers can host a retreat at Vikasa and enjoy all the amazing facilities Vikasa has to offer.
Our training is inspiring and run by a group of outstanding leading professional yoga instructors, satisfying even the most demanding and inquisitive minds.

Teacher training allows the student to become immersed in anatomical demonstrations and philosophical lessons. You’ll also be getting lots of hands on experience teaching and assisting your fellow classmates as we compassionately guide you to be the best you can be. The concept of “evolution of yoga” is based on the notion that everything in the world evolves constantly, including human beings.
Our primary goal as a human race and that of any living organism is evolution, and yoga can be seen as a tool to facilitate such evolution in any given individual. However, as the practice of yoga itself changes with time and place, as new techniques are being introduced, as the approach is becoming more technical, precise and scientific – any definition of it as a system or style seems to be a limitation in itself.
Therefore, the “Evolution of Yoga” approach has to be seen as an ever evolving process, which anyone can be a part of, rather than a complete static system. Surround yourself with boundless, courageous human beings who help inspire your own evolution.
Imagine a transformational wave of energy encompassing all of humanity like a ripple effect with each individual it graces.
We believe a healthy world starts with healthy people and every evolution starts with just one person. Change comes within, as Ghandi put it best, “You must be the change you want to see in the world“.The “Evolution of Yoga” approach has to be seen as an ever evolving process, which anyone can be a part of, rather than a complete static system.
Vikasa teachers offer private yoga classes and you can also ask our guest teachers for lessons. The aim is to strengthen, condition and transform any body type and to make the practitioner stronger mentally, reduce stress and increase the well being. The practice will stimulate your nervous and immune systems, making you a stronger, calmer, healthier and happier person.
It’s purpose is to create joy, community, fun, healing, and deep connection between people and awaken to our own inner potentials and powers to unite.
The mission statement of AcroYoga is “We create community through divine play!” It teaches us to work with our bodies in new ways, communicate through touch, breath, and honesty, and to realize that we all share a mutual ability to heal, include, and enlighten one another towards a more open minded and open hearted approach to life and friendship. It may come as a surprise that the first in-depth writings on Hatha yoga and related explanations of asana practice are just a few hundred years old, not thousands as is often claimed in the popular yoga media and literature. Another meaning is the popular approach to yoga taught by Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India and practiced worldwide. The complete name is Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, recognising Jois’s method of yoga practice, which for Jois is firmly rooted in the Yoga Sutras. It moved away from the traditional yoga philosophy in exchange for an emphasis on yoga as a vigorous workout drawn primarily from the Ashtanga Vinyasa method. The power yoga pioneers saw that this vigorous practice could appeal to fitness buffs given a familiar language and presented in a less formal way.
It is a major tool for expanding our usually small reserve of prana by lengthening, directing and regulating the movement of the breath and then limiting or restraining the increased pranic energy in the body and mind.
Using the breath as a tool for cultivating prana, and with it self awareness and self transformation is found as early as the ancient Vedas, particularly in the Rig Veda from more than four thousand years ago. Godfrey Devereux in 1998 offers two definitions, lowercase vinyasa meaning progression and continuity and the upper case Vinyasa meaning a continuous sequence of breath-linked postures. Vinyasa Flow teacher Shiva Rea describes it as one that awakens and sustains consciousness. It draws upon the doctrine of the five elements and the principles of yin and yang in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Yin and yang being the polarities of a whole, the complimentary opposites of dark and light, cold and hot, soft and hard, female and male that allow all things to come into being. You’re in control of your vacation schedule with free time to explore the beautiful island of Koh Samui. Our enchanting facilities and friendly staff will have you feeling fresh and recharged during your stay, a feeling that is sure to continue even after you depart our island paradise.Yoga at Vikasa is taught by experienced international teachers in a variety of styles, including our unique Vikasa style, Our beautiful open-air and ocean front yoga salas offer a serene setting with the soothing sound of the ocean in the background.
Vikasa is not a convenient resort for children, elderly or handicapped people as we are located on a cliff which requires walking stairs daily. All you can yoga and all you can eat healthy are provided for all Vikasa Yoga Vacation guests. Spend your morning meditating and practicing yoga in our beautiful yoga salas followed by a healthy buffet brunch.
In the evening you can attend another unique yoga class, or if you prefer you can always access the Sky Gym, just across the street.
Minus the cost of the first night Vikasa will hold the remaining credit that can be used against any future stay within the next 12 months.

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