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DLS Solutions joins CURE, The Bioscience Network of CT was the previous entry in this blog. 21 CFR Part 11 for Analytical and Biotech Instrumentation Software is the next entry in this blog. After the web meeting, I reflected on how I might create my own maps to organize, build and maintain my professional online network.
The purpose of posing the questions (blue boxes) is that the questions will help me review my current and future network contacts so I can make sense of my network.
Harold’s blog provides background resources that I used to develop my personal network map.
Click on the Maximize Map to work see how it works and also see the notes and web addresses. Now I have a template (structure) to filter, refine, discern, imagine and nurture my personal network map.
My InterestsI'm focused on addressing the challenges of working in the 21st century workplace. A mind map is a graphical technique of taking notes and visualizing thoughts, objectives using a radiant structure.
On this page, we will introduce you the ability of JUDE to output Mind Map into documentations and vice versa.

Saving as PNG format is recommended if you want to use it as an image since PNG compresses the image better. Saving as EMF format is recommended if you want to use the image on office tools as EMF format can stay clear without losses when being resized.
Also by ungrouping the image, it will be taken apart in each object so you are able to modify topic branches and texts individually.
There are two ways to paste image, either pasting wherever you want to paste in Mind Map or inside of particular topic. You can create a new Mind Map or add topics to existing Mind Map by importing a tree structure from other tools.
4.A new branch is created under the selected topic and all copied texts appear as Mind Map topics.
It is the most powerful and convenience way to create Mind Map by pasting texts that are outlined hierarchically in Text Editor such as Notepad. Also you can generate Mind Map by importing Matrix data that you created in Excel in proper format.
These sessions are part of a series of web meetings on the Connected Knowledge Lab organized by Jane Hart and Harold.
The core concepts (mind set) to start creating your professional network map can be further examined in these posts from Harold’s blog. The Doer personality type is added because without someone that can take great ideas and actually do something with those ideas, your good ideas will never get off the ground.

For me, this meant that the richest discoveries where to be found in my examination of the map and seeing connections, possibilities, gaps, overlaps etc.
I believe that the best way to be prepared for the network economy is to strengthen your skills as a learning worker or organization. Personal Knowledge Management ,  Network Learning:Working Smarter and As the World Keeps Churning, Work Today is All About Learning. Most importantly I’ll ponder my map and see if I can discover new ways to grow and guide my professional development and learning. My primary frameworks are: the Seek-Sense-Share (PKM) framework developed by Harold Jarche and the Modern Workplace Learning Framework (MWL) developed by Jane Hart. I like the online map because you can easily add contacts to your network, enter website URL’s, notes etc. For example in the Brand You Networks I added this note to explain what Brand You meant to me.

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