Email us to get an instant 20% discount on highly effective K-12 Math & English kwizNET Programs! Directions: Use the following mind map template to organize your thoughts and write a story. One of my fellow teachers recently created a  wonderful mind map about the English past tenses and shared it on the British Council’s Teaching English Facebook page. Most of my clients know how to use the past simple tense correctly, that is, to describe finished actions and states. The past perfect is often used with verbs of thinking, like know, realize, remember, be sure, think. The time expressions that are often used with past perfect are just, after, once, by, already, never and meanwhile. Would + infinitive  is used in the same way as used to, but it only describes repeated actions in the past, NOT states. Even though the present perfect is categorised under the past tenses, it is in effect a present tense that connects to the past.
To really get a better understanding of how to use these tenses correctly you need to see them in context. I think for now, though, I have given you plenty to think about so will end this post here. My thanks to Gordana Popovic for creating the wonderful mind map and giving me the inspiration to write this post.
The trick in these exercises is that you have to maintain balance on the ball as not to swing side to side and eventually fall down. The possibilities of cab-crunch movements are the same as on the floor crunches; you can crunch form left to right in order to trigger the side abs muscles.

A PNF stretch alternates between contracting and relaxing an antagonistic an agonist, muscles.
When I speak with native speakers of English they often tell me that the concept of countability in English is absolutely natural.
I will show you an example sentence for each of the uses that Gordana has outlined (with the exception of the present perfect – more of that later). The past simple suggests a separate, complete action while the past continuous emphasises the duration of the action. It is used when you have two past, finished events and you want to show clearly that one past event happened before the other past event.
This is the wonderful tense that drives all my clients crazy as the tense does not exist in languages like Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese and yet is widely used in the English Language.
I, therefore, want to specially dedicate a post to it and show how it works with the past simple.
Reading in English is one of the best ways for you to really get a feel of how the tenses are used and in what context. On the floor abs crunch the legs often are used to swing a little bit to make the proper crunch; on the exercise ball almost the entire crunch process lies on the abs. The crunches themselves will cause the feet to rise from the floor a bit and push you of balance. Many of times when people get in the gym they are impatient of grabbing the barbell and get right to it. Once you reach the final stretching point, remain in that position for 30 seconds and breathe deeply. It prepares them for the upcoming exercise and increases the blood and oxygen flow in the muscles which decreases the changes of an injury.

You play the Tetris games and after 4 pieces you have to write whether the noun is Countable (C), Uncountable (U) or Both (B).
Now place your hands behind your neck and start making a classic abs crunch with your upper body moving towards the stomach. So not only do they make crunches, but also help you maintain the flow of the exercise in the right direction. Without pre-stretch activity it is highly likely that they’ll start felling pin in the joints and elbows during their first set. The breathing provides oxygen to the blood in the muscles which helps them recover from previous exercise and improves their elasticity. This is a good post-workout stretch which relaxes the muscles and recovers them for the next workout session.
Based on my experience I have created the following mind map where I try to set some rules to help the learners of English. It is not wrong to use them, but once you get into the spine of the exercise, remove them so that the abs will be more challenged during the crunches.
Here are four types of stretching: Static, PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation), Dynamic and Passive, which will prepare the muscles and joints the right way for weight lifting.
This type of stretch is great for improving the movement of a muscle and it is important to do this type of stretch after an exercise.

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