I read and found out that this imbalance in us is created by the play of center of gravity. An adult human’s center of gravity is located roughly at the center of their torso at about the height of the belly button (at about 55% of the total height)The exact location of a character’s center of gravity will shift depending on the pose. When we raise one leg, suppose right leg as in a quad stretch or say in vrikshasana then 2 things happen. Other thing, you must have noticed that when you raise your hands while doing  vriksaasana then the imbalance increases. Second reason is we cannot do balancing poses while chewing a gum as they need a lot of attention. This is the reason in the second pic, the girl holding a heavy bottle has to hold it close to her body to keep the CG and base thing in check. This entry was posted in fitness, Workout, yoga and tagged in balance, exercise, How to Improve your Balance Exercises, poses, Yoga.
Deal is that even if two girls might come from entirely different cultures or backgrounds then also they can make an awesome conversation. Yesterday when I was doing a simple standing leg raise, I was finding it difficult to balance myself.

It is required of us that we let the line of gravity pass through our new base i.e through our left feet. We will have to literally think of grounding our foot firmly and adjusting our weight properly on one foot so that the Line of CG passes through the base of the foot.
In the first pic, the ball is light so the CG of the girl plus the ball passes through her toes and she is able to balance herself while lifting the ball whereas if the ball was heavy and she has tried to lift it so far from her arms then the CG Line had not passed through her toe. I meet a lot of girls, from different parts of the world, in my yoga classes or in library or on roads etc. Although I have been doing a this leg raise from so many years but it was only yesterday that I asked myself that why the hell do we grapple  for balance when we shift to some other position from our normal standing position . The center of gravity can even be at a point outside the body, such as when bent over in an inverted-U pose. This is the reason when we stand in vrikshanas we have a tendency to shift our weight towards our left hip and turn our torso to the left. So she has to pay a lot of attention on how to adjust her weight to let the CG line pass through the toes. In that case, howsoever strong she may be, she will not be able to balance herself with the ball.

Lifting close to the body is the key Just that in the image the girl is using her legs too. Why do we need to do something called ‘balance’ ourselves when we are standing just on one foot?
This action helps in shifting CG to the left to let the line of gravity pass through the sole of our left foot. Hence if you are a beginner then instead of starting a balancing pose with a straight knee, start with a bent knee. And we should not mind practicing them with the support of a wall before trying to do them as it is.
Now any object, which is kept on any surface has a plane of contact with that surface, which is called base. Rotate side to side maintaining neutral spine, relaxing your shoulders and breathing naturally.

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