As human beings we are incredibly responsive to the power of suggestion which is an extremely important part of our existence. Billions of dollars are spent every year by companies to sell us ideas and products that we could very likely live as well without.
Suggestions become effective and acceptable because they are expressed simply, in a confident tone and repeated often. Every day, everywhere we look we are exposed to advertising whether we are in our cars or watching TV at home. It’s not just the advertising media that use the power of suggestion to persuade you to take action on their message.
The first is the story placement – stories at the start of the newscast are given more urgency and impact. For example in this news report where something has taken place, notice how the choice of words would affect the audience’s perception. The way someone is dressed is an important factor in creating a suggestion about their character and appropriateness for their given role.
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The Shugyo (pronounced shoo-giyo) Training Center is Fort Collins first martial and healing arts cooperative.
All of the programs at the Shugyo Training Center use martial arts as a method of mind and body integration, thus evoking each arts innate healing nature.
A  All of the programs at the Shugyo Training Center use martial arts as a method of mind and body integration, thus evoking each arts innate healing nature.A  At the Shugyo Training Center we believe that traditional martial arts training has the power to dissolve the internal aggression of itsa€™ participants while at the same time developing empathy and compassion forA  others. From a psychological standpoint, suggestibility is the tendency of human nature to believe any statement that is repeated a great number of times. Advertising using the power of suggestion to implant habitual patterns of thinking and behaving among its audiences.
That is stories that are perceive as exciting, sensational or interesting are chosen ahead of less exciting but ones that are actually more newsworthy.

Learning Hypnosis, learning about how the power of suggestion actually operates, means that you can critically evaluate the information that you receive as a listener or an observer, so you can objectively make a decision about how to proceed.
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Plus if there’s a guest on the program who is discussing different sides of the issue, the audience tend to feel more acquainted and therefore more likely to be influenced by the message. An authority figure, someone to be listened to and again this forms part of creating the circumstances where the audience will accept the message uncritically. Just like clients do in hypnotherapy – act upon the suggestions that are given to them by the hypnotherapist or hypnotist. Of course advertisers know this all too well and use it to their benefit with product placement in movies and sponsorship of ad breaks for your favourite TV shows.

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