In addition to our wide range of Meditation Machines and Biofeedback Systems we also supply additional products that are highly popular.
These products are AudioStrobe CDs, which are musical CDs that take the experience with your Meditation Machine to a new dimension, and RESPeRATE, which is a portable, electronic device that is clinically proven to lower blood pressure.
Our dogs brains need exercising too and Mind Games for Dogs by Sarah Whitehead is a book full of fun, fast and effective games to stimulate their minds. Having someone to listen to my ideas and actions and bring appropriate focus on why they have been successful or why they need to be more successful.

We use cookies, but ours aren't naughty and won't identify you in any way and so we assume you're ok with this. Without enough to keep them occupied, dogs of all types will go self-employed: raiding the bin, digging holes in the garden, barking for attention - or 101 other behaviors we wish they wouldn't do. Our dogs have all of this provided: they get their food in a dish, their water is always available and their cozy basket sits in the corner. Dogs need to use their brains to keep occupied, happy and well balanced.The ideas in this booklet are perfect for dogs that can't have as much exercise as they would like and as a foundation for those that are hyperactive or have behavioral problems.Most of all, these mind games are designed to be fun, fast and effective for all dogs to enjoy!

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