The first seven verses of the Eight Verses for Training the Mind deal with the practices associated with cultivating the method aspect of the path such as compassion, altruism, aspiration to attain buddhahood, and so on. The first three verses from the Eight Verses of Training the Mind along with the commentary by His Holiness the Dalai Lama were given on 8 November 1998 in Washington D.C.
1)  Sit in a dignified meditation posture, loosen your jaw and relax other body muscles, and begin to breathe gently in slower, calmer, deeper fashion. 4) Each time you become aware of your brain’s autopilot taking over your mind, simply bring attention back to the breath and counting. 5) Continue this basic practice for as long as you can, but do not do it beyond your kind heartedness. 6) You may note some small gratification that you were able to use your mind to counteract auto processes of the brain, heart and body. Meditation Process in Chan Buddhism Chan Master Changlu’s The Deportmant for Sitting Meditation  (12th century China) is a clear and helpful set of instruction. How We Make Habits – An Understanding Twenty-five hundred years ago the Buddha reportedly taught how humans make habits. Pursuit of Happiness – Mindful Happiness Gilbert, a professor of Psychology at Harvard University and the author of Stumbling on Happiness, implies that we make mind-errors in our search for happiness.
Mindful Happiness Explores – The Miracle of Mirror Neurons Between 1996 and 2000 researchers (Gallese and Rizzolatti) at the University of Parme in Italy discovered what are now called mirror neurons. Using Meditation, Yoga and Breathing… You can Anchor your Choice Making A key outcome of serious practice is  that you now reduce auto-pilot reactivity to people, places, things, emotions, sensations, craving, and memories and at the same time notice your mind CAN BE in charge of your brain-body reactions. What is Mindfulness  – The Nature of Mindfulness This is an expanded second post on the nature of mindfulness. A Primary Source of Unhappiness Self-medication to reduce or avoid pain and suffering is a major unhelpful habit in the United States. Anahata – Heart Chakra Meditation Practice Rumi noted that to reach the sky we must use our hearts. Reminders for Your Psychological and Physical Health If you desire to be more compassionate with others and with yourself, remember the following.
I Have Questions Our spiritual traditions have many sources of powerful spiritual origination: Shiva, Buddha, Jesus, Saint Francis to note just a few. Train your brain and fight the effects of aging with this comprehensive pack of logic games.

Mind Games is an extensive collection of small logic games that will help you improve brain functioning and fight against the effects of aging.
Each of these games will stimulate specific areas of your brain while providing a comprehensive score history and progress graph to keep track of your improvements. Other challenges, like Memory Racer, will help you improve your immediate recall, mental focus, and speed by having to decide if the picture displayed matches the one showed before. This small game suite is ideal for those of you who look upon improving their brain capabilities or keeping their attention, anticipation, and memory at an optimum level at all times. Our dogs brains need exercising too and Mind Games for Dogs by Sarah Whitehead is a book full of fun, fast and effective games to stimulate their minds.
The eighth verse deals with the practices that are directed toward cultivating the wisdom aspect of the path. The remaining five verses are extracted from the book Transforming the Mind by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Mind training leads to liberation from brain-mind-heart-body automatic processes and reactions.
These important skills allow you to have improved personal control over cognition, affect, behavior as well as sensory processing (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory) in the present moment.
Do not force your breath; simply allow your intention to focus on a relaxed breath to guide you. If continuing this practice makes you upset or aggressive with yourself, stop and begin again at another time. A true, in depth understanding about what human consciousness is and how it works has eluded mind and brain scientists for many years.
Author Anthony Quintiliani, a licensed psychologist with more than 35 years professional clinical experience, casts a wide net into the personal, clinical, and societal causes of prolonged human suffering and unhappiness in his book Mindful Happiness. Neuroscientists speculate that mirror neurons (reportedly in the Broca’s area of the prefrontal cortex) activate perceptual responses for internal motor-emotional responses. It is a desperate human effort to reduce pain and suffering in physical and psychological experiences.
Many people new to meditation often confuse the differences between mindfulness or accepted bare attention to whatever arises in the moment and concentration or strong penetrating awareness on one thing without distraction. The game packs 23 brain training mini games that include various types of challenges based on the principles of cognitive psychology.

All these brain features are slowly degrading as time passes, but, with Mind Games, you can keep them all fresh on a daily basis. A well-trained mind allows you to utilize executive functions (attention and concentration) to alter auto-reactions of the brain, body and heart. Prolonged mind training enables you to better deal with such CABS-VAKGO experiences in your past and in your future. This will reduce the possibility of other thoughts distracting you from attending to your breath.
Simply note and let go of your thoughts and allow your MIND to focus attention on your breath and counting.
From memory related mini-games to word, vocabulary, attention, abstraction, and anticipation games, Mind Games has it all. Without enough to keep them occupied, dogs of all types will go self-employed: raiding the bin, digging holes in the garden, barking for attention - or 101 other behaviors we wish they wouldn't do. Our dogs have all of this provided: they get their food in a dish, their water is always available and their cozy basket sits in the corner. A trained mind liberates you from unhelpful thoughts, emotions and behaviors via reduced attachment, craving and clinging. Becoming aware that you DO have some control over what you think may be an important discovery for some. Dogs need to use their brains to keep occupied, happy and well balanced.The ideas in this booklet are perfect for dogs that can't have as much exercise as they would like and as a foundation for those that are hyperactive or have behavioral problems.Most of all, these mind games are designed to be fun, fast and effective for all dogs to enjoy! A very basic way to begin mind training is to practice breath meditation (or meditation on a selected object of mind).
Often this liberation appears as both the dearth of cognition and the expansion of experiential awareness.

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