The Bible is a formidable library of sixty-six writings which originated in languages and cultures very different from our own. This post is all about bringing those resources I’ve created over the past year and a half together in an effort to better help you learn meditation, live with mindfulness, as well as to help you develop both practices in countless different ways depending on both your preferences and lifestyle. Mindfulness is something very dear to my heart, because it single-handedly transformed my life in so many ways.
The Little Book of Mindfulness is all about breaking mindfulness down to make it simple, straightforward, and crystal clear to understand and begin practicing. To date, thousands of people have downloaded the book and I still receive emails each week in appreciation for the book. It’s made me really happy that people have been able to make such great use of the book. The Mindfulness Survival Guide is something that people have REALLY loved since the first time I posted about it.
It’s all about showing you how you can use mindfulness to help navigate and even overcome the various challenges we face in everyday life and live with greater mindfulness. I’ve since improved the guide (which may later be developed into a book, so look out for that), which you can download for free by clicking here. This guide is all about the 5 practices I use most often each day to live more fully, freely, and peacefully in the present moment. This is a blog post I did dedicated to showing how one can overcome the typical attachments we get held up on in everyday life and develop the ability to let go all with various meditation practices. If you’d like any further elaboration on the meditations mentioned in the article, feel free to contact me here. This article is a powerful yet super simple one, because it combines the tips I’ve discovered in my own meditation practice (and in instructing others) to create a full-proof plan to making meditation into a daily habit. Making meditation a daily habit, as well as learning to live with mindfulness, is difficult in itself.
But what happens when you combine that with a very busy, very fast-paced, and super plugged in modern world? But alas, there’s much you can do to combat the difficulties of establishing a daily meditation practice and living with mindfulness in the modern world, and this post is all about showing you how to do just that. This is another super useful post for beginning your own personal meditation practice because it’s all about the 5 tools you can use to best and most reliably start a home meditation practice. These tools are all things I’ve used personally to develop a strong and consistent daily meditation practice. I also made a free downloadable guide version of this post with detailed meditation instructions, which you can download directly here.
This post breaks down 5 simple practices you can use to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner a deeper, more fulfilling, and more peaceful practice.
As you might imagine, 50 tips makes for a pretty large post, but if you think this sounds a bit outrageous- don’t. This post is filled with tips I wish I knew about when beginning my own meditation practice.
If it seems a little overwhelming at first, I’d suggest just reading through it and picking out the ones that are most immediately helpful to you at your stage of practice and in your lifestyle. This guide covers a short history of tea and how it came into the hands of Zen monks, a little about the significance of tea ceremonies in Zen Buddhism, and how you can practice a simple tea meditation easily in your own home to de-stress and find greater peace in everyday life.
In this post, I take that idea and create it into a simple meditation for helping you instantly gain perspective and reduce stress. I have some pretty big guides on Buddhaimonia, but I know sometimes people just want to get to the point.
My average posts on Buddhaimonia are really large (3,000 words?), so this is a pretty unique one. This is a post which eventually became a chapter in The Little Book of Mindfulness, but which stands on its own as a valuable resource for anyone beginning to establish their own mindfulness practice. This post includes 10 of my best tips for those just beginning to live with greater mindfulness while navigating the challenges of everyday life in the process. How to Create a Zen Space is actually a preview chapter of Zen for Everyday Life, my 2nd book, which takes the principle of creating a dedicated meditation space that I talk about from time to time on the blog and expands on it. For those just beginning in their mindfulness practice, or who simply began practicing to de-stress and feel a little less mental racket, this post will show you just how powerful learning to live your life with mindfulness can be and open you up to the significance in true mindfulness practice. This guide covers many powerful life lessons I’ve learned throughout my personal mindfulness practice. This post breaks down the basic principles of meditation simply and clearly, gives basic instruction in multiple forms of meditation, and provides a list of resources to help move your practice along. This is a pretty big guide, but you can download a PDF version of it if you want to take it with you on the go. Love, compassion, and kindness are important principles which I’ve talked about several times before, but never isolated and discussed by itself.
This recent article seeks to change that and show you how, as always simply, clearly, and in a straightforward way, the way of love can be used as a singular spiritual path and way to greater well-being all in itself.
This article includes what I believe is one of the most powerful forms of meditation, so it’s absolutely worth checking out. Journey to the Present Moment is my official online course, and it’s all about showing you how to live more fully, freely, and peacefully through, you guessed it, developing a daily meditation practice and learning to live with mindfulness.
The course is currently closed for enrollment, but you can sign up to be notified when it comes back up by clicking here. If so, join over 10,000 people who receive weekly insights, inspiration, and wisdom for a more mindful life, plus get a free copy of my 130-page eBook, The Little Book of Mindfulness. Buddhaimonia remains a valuable free resource for all and takes me hundreds of hours, as well as dollars, each month to sustain. Over 10,000 incredible people receive the Buddhaimonia newsletter filled with weekly insights, inspiration, and wisdom for a more mindful life. I remember being a little girl and when you would walk out of the grocery store there were these little small books about everything from dieting and recipes to different kinds of exercise. Now I didn’t understand the concept behind it but I really enjoyed doing it, practicing those poses in that little book. Even though I’ve been taking a variety of types of yoga classes throughout probably the past 30 years, I felt that at this stage in my life I wanted to know yoga far better than I already did. I wanted to be able to immerse myself in a program that I really believed in, not just to perhaps help others especially my massage therapy clients, but to be able to have a yoga foundation that would last me for the rest of my life especially as I am now approaching 60 years old. Knowing that Yoga encompasses so many facets other than just asana, the ability to practice breathing techniques and meditation and calming the monkey mind, are all so beneficial to anyone at any stage but I felt such a need to just understand it all deeper and to know the background and the heritage. Finding Viniyoga, and this was the first school I had even gone to inquire about the teacher training, and I was not familiar with this type of yoga, and yet it certainly spoke to me and I knew that it’s therapeutic nature would benefit me the rest of my own life much less the people that I would be teaching it to. I am happy teaching any age group from children all the way on up through seniors, but I would say that given my own age that being able to work with seniors and helping them to have a basic practice is one of the most helpful things anyone can do to aid the aging process and keep it as graceful as possible. I’m also very interesting it in designing a program for doing yoga outdoors, and also incorporating yoga with hiking. I am extremely passionate about animals, all animals but dogs in particular because that is what I am able to fill my home with!
It is therapeutic, it can be very gentle or you can also make it pretty kick butt if you want to!
Thanks for coming to chat with us today, Laura.  Having you on the blog was almost as great as having you in class.  Make me proud!
I’m all about hope and connection, which is why I so love the idea that “Love Wins Love.” How did you come up with this idea, and why prayer flags?
Tell me your stories.  Have you ever been unsheltered, and how did your situation change, if it has? There are so many systems falling apart right now- lack of affordable housing, millions of people who still don’t have health care and, like Susan, are one accident away from homelessness…, fewer family-wage jobs, rising student debt… We are both very concerned about the climate crises and extreme weather events and the connection of that to the rise in the number of people around the world who are being displaced. Through this project, we hope to create opportunities for people to experience our shared humanity. We set up a blackboard whenever we have our art stations: one side says “What Do You Value?
We are planning to hang future strings in places that are more stable, like shelters, but we also know that as beautiful as the flags are, it’s the conversations that take place in the process of making them together that are the most valuable— and those experiences never go away.
I’m moved by the plight of those without housing, but I’m never sure how I can best help.  What would you suggest?

On May 13-15, we will be at Break Free in Anacortes, making prayer flags with people there.
The best way to stay in touch with us is through our FaceBook page: Love Wins Love (three separate words). Come make prayer flags with us!  We always have a donation jar at our booth to help pay for supplies.  At our booth, we also sell strings of prayer flags that we make to reimburse some of our time. And we are always looking for people to be part of our team to help us facilitate art-making and conversations, social media support, fundraising, … build transitional villages!
Ultimately, this project is just a small manifestation of a bigger vision- To create a more connected and compassionate human family. Thank you, ladies.  I hope to come to one of your painting events soon.  Thank you so much for joining me here today! Susan Russell is Real Change vendor and housing advocate who has been to the depths of hell and back when living on the streets of Seattle.  She believes that if her work helps one person from experiencing what she went through, she will be successful. Denise Henrikson is an artist and community activist who believes people can change the world.  We do it every day. This entry was posted in Gratitude, Guest Writers and tagged love wins love, real change on May 2, 2016 by Whole Life Yoga. Wrong!  My husband was a ways down the hill and I thought, “I’ll catch up to him!”  For 30 seconds I was having a blast,  zooming down but I turned too sharply onto my toe side,  did an airborne cartwheel and BAM!
Did I mention that during this six weeks I am recording in Nashville, moving, and opening a yoga studio?
Thankfully I was trained in the yogic lineage of Viniyoga that not only values adaptations but also trains teachers to teach with our voices rather than demonstrating every move.
Greater observation.  Instead of being glued to my mat,  I walk around and watch what is going on in the room, making sure everybody is on the same page, trying to connect with each student with eye contact and a smile.
Well designed sequencing.  I tend to create classes in the moment depending on what my students want, but I’ll also have some peak postures which I’ll research, share the anatomy and benefits, and get a little off the grid from my habitual teaching routines.
Mary Bue is an indie musician, yoga instructor and brand new studio owner of Imbue Yoga in Minneapolis, MN – grand opening June 11th 2016! This entry was posted in Guest Writers, Teacher Training Graduate Stories, Teaching Yoga, Viniyoga and tagged Mary Bue on April 25, 2016 by Whole Life Yoga.
Hey all!  This week I’m blogging at Inkspot (the blog for the writers of Midnight Ink). Please share the sale links below with your mystery, yoga, or dog loving friends!  Sale purchase links are below. This entry was posted in dog books, Downward Dog Mysteries, writing, Yoga Books and tagged A Killer Retreat, Cozy, cozy mysteries, cozy mystery, dog, dog mystery, dogs, downward dog mysteries, downward dog mystery, inkspot, midnight ink, yoga mystery on April 18, 2016 by Whole Life Yoga. It wasn’t until more than a decade after that first class that I had the good fortune to find Tracy Weber and my introduction to Viniyoga.
The yoga myth I would most like to debunk is the idea that if you are a yoga teacher you must be some kind of human pretzel. When I first graduated from teacher training I promised myself I would say “Yes!” to the first person who asked me to teach. It turned out though, after a few bumpy classes, teaching kids with their parents was a good fit for me.
Now that you’ve graduated from yoga teacher training, how are you sharing what you learned?
It has been said that if you are given the yoga teachings and don’t share them, you are a thief. My favorite book about yoga is The Essence of Yoga , Reflections on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Bernard Bouanchaud. Regardless of your food choices, I hope you’ll come see me this weekend at Veg Fest at Seattle Center. This entry was posted in Yoga Philosophy and tagged vegetarianism, VegFest on April 4, 2016 by Whole Life Yoga.
This entry was posted in Downward Dog Mysteries, writing and tagged inkspot, midnight ink on March 28, 2016 by Whole Life Yoga.
This entry was posted in Gratitude, Yoga Philosophy and tagged fundraiser, Greenwood, greenwood relief fund, natural gas explosion, whole Life yoga on March 21, 2016 by Whole Life Yoga.
Authenticity, humility, kindness, and one who is doing the inner work and has a spiritual practice (not just asana). No preregistration accepted, so please arrive early, chat with Tracy and the Whole Life Yoga crew, and help yourself to some tasty treats!
Yet these writings form the authority base recognized by all branches of the Christian Church. But what if I tell you that the process which you are doing daily 5 to 6 times since your childhood, you are doing it wrong.
In creating Buddhaimonia, I wanted to simplify things and create a single resource that people could use to learn meditation and mindfulness practices in simple and straightforward language, with clear instruction, and highly applicable to everyday life. I wanted to help others transform their life in the same way that mindfulness was able to do for me.
The book is a moment-to-moment mindfulness guide made to help you discover peace and happiness in your everyday life using more than 40 meditations and exercises.
So, by learning how to bring the energy of mindfulness into this frequent daily activity, you can turn meal time into an amazing opportunity to deepen your daily practice and find greater peace and enjoyment. Yoga still was not something that I knew much about really until I was a teenager but in grade school I sure enjoyed paging through that cute little book and practicing the yoga positions.
To have a yoga practice starting early in life, the health benefits alone would be tremendous.
We volunteer for a local dog rescue organization, that takes in blind dogs and any with medical issues.
There is a lot of work to be done in the area of animal rescue and I’m happy that were able to do our small part. I think for movement whether it’s yoga or other forms of exercise, they are about the best thing out there for working out.
But I would say the best thing is that we’re seeing it more and more often, at health clubs and park and rec centers, yoga studios are popping up all over the place. But I guess really mountain pose or savasana also jump out at me because they are more difficult to keep the monkey mind and focus in check. And the reasons why, she’s not only able to take and articulate the vastness of this lineage to her students, she also walks the walk and talks the talk. The day I received the grant award, I attended a Stand for Compassion event in Occidental Square and heard Susan speak.
I was a union cement mason, helped build Safeco Field, the Exhibition Center, the West Seattle Bridge… then, one night, on my way home from work, I got rear-ended by an uninsured motorist. To experience new perspectives and create safe, beautiful spaces to step out of our comfort zones. And the other, “What Do You Need to Thrive?” We’ve noticed so far, that no one has written anything that costs money. We attended a memorial gathering to honor people who had died there, as part of the Homeless Remembrance Project.
We believe there is a connection between rising temperatures, resource extraction and exploitation, rising economic inequity, and the rising number of people who are homeless in Seattle, the nation and the world. The flags we make to sell are ones we make on our own; the community-made ones go to shelters and encampments and are not for sale.
Any action you take that requires you to step out of your comfort zone with love serves this shared vision. My husband and I were gifted free lift tickets to snowboard at a ski resort because we performed a rock show the night before.
She spends her time touring the country, recording (7th album in the works), teaching and practicing Viniyoga amongst the lakes, trees and nice Minnesotans.
Please welcome Cynthia Heckman to the Whole Life Blog today!  Cynthia is a talented yoga teacher as well as one of my favorite graduates of Whole Life Yoga’s 200 hour and 500 hour yoga teacher trainings.  Cynthia is a much braver woman than I for teaching yoga to families. After so many years of gym class yoga and Iyengar yoga, it took me awhile to fully integrate Viniyoga into my practice. I learn so much from the kids with their open hearts and playfulness and try to help the parents find a few moments to relax in the midst of yoga chaos.
As a teacher who only finds time to teach an occasional class or series of classes, I’ve thought about this a lot.

From great teachers who spend their lives sharing the yoga tradition, to the regular practitioner, who, despite all of life’s obstacles, returns to the mat again and again.
I rarely try to influence other people’s food choices, but this weekend I’ll be hanging out at Veg Fest at Seattle Center.  So how can I not give a few reasons to go veg? All of you paleo dieters out there might argue that a meat-based diet has some health benefits of its own.
When I go home to Montana, I can’t even order green beans without finding bacon bits scattered within. From prepared mock meats to fresh vegetables, to canned food, to frozen vegetarian entrees. Today is the first of what I hope will be monthly interviews with some of my favorite yogis!  Roy Holman is a fabulous yoga teacher as well as a graduate of Whole Life Yoga’s 200 hour and 500 hour yoga teacher trainings.  I understand his retreats are to die for!  Please join me in welcoming him, and ask him any questions you have in the comments!
He’s my hero, too.  I often wonder what he would think about yoga as we practice it in America today.
I’m thrilled that 36 million Americans are now doing yoga, including 10 million men, according to a recent study. Roy is a 500 hour certified Yoga, Meditation, and Healing Instructor, a Oneness Blessing giver and trainer, and leads retreats to Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Hawaii, Bali, Sedona, and in his home state of Washington. They are therefore of the utmost significance for Christians both communally and individually.
It’s a universal path to peace and joy made to complement your life as it is through the use of mindfulness. I certainly wish for myself to have had a foundation like this, and I would love to see yoga integrated into schools and into more park and rec programs for children.
We have fostered and also adopted some of our foster dogs, and being an advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves is extremely important to me. Now I’ve seen some amazing styles and colors, but I’m kind of a neutral black yoga pants kind of gal! At least it gets more exposure for yoga and then hopefully people will find what type of yoga works best for them. She lives her life, from my perspective, in a way that touches others in such a positive manner, through the teachings of the yoga sutras and because that’s just her personality, she is someone to aspire to in all of our teaching experiences. Function over form, the use of movement and stay, linking your movement with your breath, sequencing, and adaptation. Along with my partner Patrick, we have 6 adorable dogs, one feisty cockatiel, and a very mellow bearded dragon. I’d included a small stipend in the budget and in that moment, I decided to reach out to Susan, rather than hire someone familiar. It was while I was ringing the gong to honor each person that it came to me: we need to make 4,505 prayer flags. This has gotten us thinking about the double meaning of “Transitional Housing.” There’s “transitional housing” like where Susan lives in SandPoint. A friend told us she saw what sounds like a remnant of it as part of an altar in Pioneer Square.
We also believe that love and compassion need to be at the heart of how we respond and relate to ourselves, each other, and our Mother Earth. This brings a totally new awareness of the body and encourages more focus during practice, as well as other physiological benefits.
The first person to ask me was a friend of mine, a mom who wanted a family yoga class at a local community center. She occasionally teaches kids’ and family yoga at Loyal Heights Community Center in Seattle and tries to live by and share the yoga teachings every day. Eating a plant-based diet helps prevent health issues ranging from obesity, to diabetes, to arthritis, to Multiple Sclerosis, to heart disease, to osteoporosis, to cancer.
The vegetarian options at PCC, Whole Foods Market, even my favorite corner grocer, Ken’s Market, are nothing short of amazing! I mean REALLY think about it.  Eating a plant-based diet doesn’t guarantee that you won’t act out in violence. It has to start somewhere, but again, I wish there was more breath connected, gentle, slow, traditional yoga aimed less at developing six pack abs and more on ahimsa, satya and isvara pranidhana. Panorama of the Bible supplies the essential background information to this collection of writings as a whole. And then that reaches out to the far end of the age spectrum as we become seniors, to include more yoga classes in senior centers and nursing homes, to help bring some peace and calm and gentle movement as we age. Being able to calm the mind and focus on one thing is probably one of the most rewarding things about yoga to me, in my own personal practice.
To be able to eventually instruct a yoga class even half as well as Tracy does, then I will have felt like I accomplished the highest goal I have for my teaching ability. Even when I was really, really broke, like in my mid-20’s when I broke up with a boyfriend and he fired me (he was also my boss) and that same week there was a second arson in my building and I needed to move, I was down to my last $20… I had friends who took me in.
When it comes down to it, we can choose to respond to this extraordinary time with either fear or love- and model that for our children who will be facing even more challenges as weather patterns continue to shift.
Over and over again, in the simple act of talking to each other with brushes in hand, we’ve seen people have “aha” moments around the painting table. And then there’s the whole “transition movement” of people and communities who are shifting towards living more lightly on the Earth.
I figured it would be a challenge – but I’m a yoga instructor who has good core strength, balance and mindful breathing.  I’ve got this! From vegan Thai restaurants like Arayas to entrees like my favorite black bean pita burger at the 74th Street Alehouse, I can almost always find abundant, delicious entrees at every Seattle restaurant.
But can you honestly say you live in ahimsa if an animal died for your mid-afternoon snack?  I know I can’t. In addition, for each of the sixty-six writings or 'Scriptures,' it provides a synopsis summarizing the contents of that Scripture and an introduction pointing to its main features.
We are curious and excited by the connections between these ideas and are continuing to explore them. No more trying to force my body into an ideal pose, but, instead, I get to choose the poses that my body needs.
These include the major issues raised by the intensive scholarly research that has been applied to these writings over the past two hundred and fifty years or so. With regular practice, this has resulted in new love and appreciation for the body I was born with. Studies show that chickens may be smarter than cats and dogs (though Tasha would strongly disagree with that assertion.) Cows are down-right sweet. The Appendices contain a glossary, descriptive and chronological charts, maps, recommended reading, and a four-year Daily Bible Reading Plan. We had supplies left over, so we kept setting up heart-making stations in community settings. I spiraled down into depression and, eventually, addiction.  I went through SeaDruNar, got off drugs (hardest thing, ever)… Now, I sell Real Change and live in transitional housing- and make art and build community and advocate for shelter. Livestock generates 40% more greenhouse gasses than all of the cars, trucks, and airplanes in the world—combined!
Panorama of the Bible is for all who desire a sound guide to the Bible, with a view to reading it on a regular basis and owning a ready reference to each of the sixty-six writings it contains. We loved the process… “You wear a heart someone else makes and somebody else wears your heart” are the words that Susan uses to describe our process and we noticed that extraordinary conversations would take place around the painting table.
So while you’re riding your bike and lamenting the evil petroleum-based cars on the road next to you, know that putting pedal to pavement is only the start. Over the past 2 years, we’ve facilitated making over 2000 hearts, witnessed many “aha’s!” and seen new friendships take root and blossom.
That roast beef sandwich you’re eating creates way more greenhouse gasses than your evil neighbor’s SUV. It takes up to 15 times more water to produce an ounce of animal protein than it does to produce the same amount of plant protein. Honestly, I don’t understand how anyone can claim to be an environmentalist and still eat meat.

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