According to Professor Mark Williams (2011), Oxford University "Mindfulness is a translation of a word that simply means awareness.
Mindfulnet is an independent, not for profit website dedicated to providing easily accessible information on mindfulness. You’re on autopilot, for instance, when you back out of your driveway and head to work on a Saturday when you meant to go to the park.
You can focus on the present anytime, anywhere: in your car, standing in a line, or at work.
Learning to be in the present moment can help you take a step back and better manage stress or cope with serious illness.
If the exercise targets a certain body part, how does that part feel while you’re doing it? Paid advertising on The Open Mind may not represent the views and opinions of this website and its contributors.
All the pictures and information shown on this blog are the property of their respective owners. The brain loves to chunk information in order to remember things and there are so many great acronyms that help us remember to bring mindfulness into our lives. This acronym created by Michelle McDonald and popularized and adapted by Tara Brach, is incredible for  helping us gain perspective, self-compassion and confidence with our difficult feelings. This is a practice from The Now Effect that was adapted from Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for the purpose of helping us pop out of auto-pilot, steady our minds and deepen into the present moment. This is a newer acronym from Uncovering Happiness that helps  us find strength and confidence through vulnerability. Here is the latest acronym that I think gets to the essence of mindfulness and because there is no prior  reference to this, I’ll spell it out here.
Truth – As we settle into this natural awareness we come to recognize the truth that fundamentally this is our refuge and is who we are beneath the ever-changing flux of daily experiences. And at the same time, underneath it all, there’s even a bigger picture, to begin experiencing the reality of our common humanity (or even our common being-ness in the universe). Join the Mindful Living CommunityRegister to receive daily short now moments, weekly or monthly newsletter, notifications of upcoming events, and free access to a monthly live online interactive call with Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D.

Mindfulness practice, inherited from the Buddhist tradition, is being employed in Western psychology  to alleviate a variety of mental and physical conditions, including obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety, and in the prevention of relapse in depression and drug addiction. Mindfulness is a beneficial practice for everyone.  Over time, mindfulness brings mental fitness, just as exercise brings physical fitness. You can live life in a more fulfilling way when you are engaged with the reality of your present experience, setting aside habits such as being judgemental or critical of yourself or others and letting life be just as it is.
Releasing yourself from the constant conflict inherent in wanting things to be other than how they actually are frees you up to make the most of what life offers. Our attention is hijacked by our thoughts and emotions, by our concerns, by our worries for the future, and our regrets and memories of the past. Mindfulnet provides information on mindfulness, MBCT (Mindfulness based cognitive therapy) and MBSR (Mindfulness based stress reduction).
That lets you change what you’re doing in the moment, rather than regretting it later. Being mindful can help you break free from the autopilot trance and take a moment to make a different choice. Many people who practice it say they relax more easily, have a greater enthusiasm for life, and feel more self-confident. This site is intended for educational and commentary purposes only, both of which are strictly protected by Free Speech.
I’m going to list a few really key ones and then link you to respective guided practices or posts as a reference to play with them and bring them into your life.
It  incorporates all the elements of self-compassion, including the  experience behind our common humanity. There is certainly overlap with this and other practices (RAIN in  particular), but I think this acronym is really fitting.
We start to see that everyone has this same natural awareness beneath the masks they wear.Most importantly, we start to sense to truth that we are all connected in this way. Just being able to concentrate and focus better brings rewards.  People report more zest for life and feeling calmer and happier with regular practice. It's knowing what's going on inside your mind and body, and what's going on in the outside world as well.

Mindful awareness is about learning to pay attention, in the present moment, and without judgement. We describe what mindfulness is, and its uses including mindfulness in schools, mindfulness in prisons, mindfulness in courts, mindfulness in universities, mindfulness in the workplace, mindfulness for executives, mindfulness for medical practitioners and therapists. You could trade the chips for carrots, or decide to skip TV and take a walk around the block instead. Finally, I’m going to introduce you to a new powerful acronym that gets to the point of mindfulness. The awareness is not wrapped up in the experience, the sensations, emotions and thoughts are arising within a wider awareness.
We also list research into mindfulness, such as mindfulness for stress, sleep disorders, cancer and much more. The information on this website is not intended to replace your relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. These pictures have been collected from different public sources including different websites, blogs considering to be in public domain. All trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned here are the property of their respective owners and are not used here for commercial purposes. If any one has any objection to displaying of any picture and news, it may be brought to our notice by sending message through 'contact us' page & the same will be removed immediately, after verification of the claim. We have a UK and USA bookshop dedicated to mindfulness books, and recommend the best books to read about mindfulness. As we do this and just allow it to be we might also notice if it stays the same or shifts around.

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