Information on meditation courses, classes, workshops and retreats being held in Guelph and surrounding area. Part 1 — 15 mins on the breath, developing concentration and allowing our mind to settle by counting our exhalations (to 3 sets of 21 exhalations) and then simply sitting without counting for a little longer, deeply experiencing the breath. There is also a final 2014 sit in December with Ken Hood, over at Living Yoga & Health, 105 Wyndham St N, 2nd Floor.
Local bookseller and long-time meditation teacher Ken Hood is offering a series of monthly Sunday morning sessions, suitable for everyone. Renowned meditation teacher and best-selling author Sharon Salzberg will be giving a talk in Guelph. This series of six 1-hour classes on mindfulness meditation is appropriate for new or experienced meditators. Venerable You Min, a monk of the Linji School of Chinese Chan (Zen) Buddhism will be visiting Guelph soon and has accepted our invitation to lead a meditation and give a teaching on mindfulness. I spent the first 3 years in my monastery in Malaysia receiving training from my master, Venerable Zhen Fu.
The scope of Buddhist studies is quite comprehensive, which includes the history and sutra learning of the early Buddhism, as well as Chinese Buddhism. Regarding the practice, we do meditation and sutra chanting twice daily (we call that morning and evening service).
The reason I choose to further my study in Buddhism is so that I can be properly trained in my tradition in order to have dialogue with other religious representatives, buddhist scholars, as well as the highly literate public.

We turn our focus from the experiences, the thoughts, feelings, sensations and pay attention instead in each moment to the space in which the experiences are arising.
Heather is an independent (or is that interdependent?) graphic designer based in downtown Guelph.
In order to encourage regular attendance and a commitment to practice, pre-registration is required and payment for course is due in full at the first class. In order to encourage regular attendance and a commitment to practice, pre-registration is required and payment for course is due in full at or before the first class. The event will be Sunday, June 2 from 7-9pm at Sukha Yoga Centre, 42 Wyndham St (the same door as IF Footwear facing into St George’s Square).
You Min’s original connection to Guelph is through having lived here as an exchange student more than 10 years ago. There are 5 schools under this lineage, and the one I belong to is called the Linji School. I am especially interested in Yogacara teachings (which is also sometimes called the Buddhist psychology), which is one of the three important philosophical schools developed in Mahayana tradition during 4th Century CE (the other two are the Madhyamika and the Tathagatabhadra). I believe that practice and knowledge should be balanced for our generation of practitioners. It is also home to The Lovingkindness Project — a challenge to bring a simple practice of lovingkindness into your life.
I’m looking forward to meeting new people and seeing new faces amongst the regular meditators.

Meditating with the group once a week and sitting even just a few minutes a day at home is plenty to get you feeling the benefits of mindfulness. Come along if you’ve started a regular meditation practice and need the weekly encouragement. In addition to his studies at the University of Guelph, he attended classes and a formal study program with a local Buddhist Sangha, which is where I first met him.
While meditation is the main practice, I also do the Buddha’s name recitation practice. Making offerings is a Buddhist custom known as Dana, the practice of cultivating generosity, which leads to the perfection of giving and letting go. Sitting with the group gives you the experience, confidence and encouragement to practice at home and the at-home practice gives you the experience, confidence and enthusiasm to bring back to the group. Currently I am doing a 9-month student exchange program at Institute of Buddhist Studies at Berkeley, CA. In particular, it is considered powerful karma to practice giving alms to monks or spiritual teachers.
Sessions will resume in the new year, dates TBA (to be announced — check back here in the next few weeks).

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