With all our Wellness Retreats we offer a free phone consultation with one of our retreat hosts to get a better idea of how to customise your retreat experience to enable the best outcome for you. Mindfulness Coaching helps bring more clarity, focus and balance into your life and the lives of others. I've taken Kim LaRue's Mindfulness course twice before, and I plan to take this course again in June. When I started practicing mindfulness I'll be honest to say that I went in with the mindset that this will somehow "take all my problems away." What I've learned though is this, The practice of mindfulness isn't about "getting rid of your problems". Often people who have completed our eight week course decide they would like to teach mindfulness within their profession. Through the science of neuro-plasticity we can refine our mind’s habitual patterns to achieve improved functioning through conscious deliberate practice.
Everybody is different so essentially every retreat program we create has a unique signature approach to each persons reasons for retreating, life situation and circumstances.
My testimonial is as follows: Kim LaRue is an extraordinary mindfulness meditation instructor. We put emphasis on Mindfulness, which simply means paying attention in a non-judgmental way to each moment, fosters a practical way to apply these methods in everyday life.

Learn how to incorporate several different mindful practices into daily life and become more joyful.
It's about learning to live with our emotions, both the pleasant and unpleasant without judgment. This means we’re not out to make profit for ourselves, we look to give something back to the community and to help improve people’s lives. Together, we will practice ways to cultivate a more compassionate classroom and school environment.Facilitated by monks and nuns, the retreat offers the opportunity to practice with and learn from internationally respected peace activist and teacher Thich Nh?t H?nh.
Enjoy a retreat of guided mindful meditation practice and instruction, physical therapies such as massage, reiki and shiatsu, yoga to help focus your mind, eco-therapy guided walks and consultation to promote relaxation. Connect with your thoughts, feelings and body sensations rather than being at the effect  or suppressing them. Thus, we reinvest in mindfulness based initiatives and projects that will further benefit the community.
During the retreat, we will explore the workings of our bodies and minds and learn how to use the power of silence and self-care to increase clear thinking and action.As a participant, you will gain specific experience and increased knowledge of practical tools and mindful methods specifically relevant to teachers and others who work with children and young people, and will learn how to form and sustain mindful communities in schools, universities, and at home. Mindfulness Meditation Retreats can extend from just a weekend to beyond and are designed to help you recharge, relax and reconnect with your body, mind, heart and spirit – all within the intimacy of our exclusive retreat and the peaceful surrounds of Maslin Reserve, and with the assistance of our committed wellness professionals.

Kim has studied and practiced for a very long time and has credentials that allow her to walk us in the steps of masters. Your day includes skillfully guided Body Scan, Gentle Yoga, Energy Medicine, Sitting Meditation, Walking Meditation, Self-Compassion, Loving-Kindness and other practices to help you become more mindful and in turn more joyful. She shares her immense knowledge with her student as she walks with you hand in hand to gain the knowledge that you are learning. We can structure a 3 – 7 day experience for you or can customize a retreat for you over the phone according to your individual needs. This research combined with her experience brings you along the path to enlightenment with a truly devoted and experienced teacher. KalyaaNa’s Mindfulness Meditation Retreats makes it easy for the average busy mind to experience the benefits and results of mindfulness & meditation plus time to relax, have healing treatments and take walks.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to understand the higher meanings of life and who wish to bring their own life to a level which would not otherwise be available to you without this life changing course, brought to us by the highest scientific research available today.

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