Access Amazing Stories from Sydney Corporate Yoga For great workplace yoga content delivered straight to your inbox, it's just a click away, Sign Up Now. Researchers measured psychological and biological markers of stress, such as the amount of cortisol in the saliva, one week before and one week after the intervention.
Klatt notes we often talk about stress and burnout, but little is really known about managing and coping with it. Meditation has been shown, time and time again, to hold the key to stress reduction; simply find a quiet spot at work or outside your office where you can take a peaceful walk and meditate.
Access Amazing Stories from Sydney Corporate Yoga For great workplace yoga content delivered straight to your inbox, it's just a click away, Sign Up Now.
Gentle yoga postures, breathing techniques and relaxation to help you sail through your pregnancy. Yoga helps to prevent and overcome the ailments of pregnancy, and to prepare for the birth of the baby. But it is also a time of emotional ups and downs; of readjustment as your body starts to change, and, the excitement may be tinged with fear.
Gentle yoga helps take care of your body while guided visualisations and breathing techniques help to bring a sense of calm and ease anxiety. Gathering with others can build a useful support network now and for when the baby is born. Techniques are learnt to aid you through the early contractions and for some these may be enough to carry you through established labour to delivery. I always believed that pregnancy and childbirth would be one of lifea€™s most life affirming and enriching experiences.
The Birthlight Trust is an educational charity that promotes an integrated, holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and babyhood.
The most important warning we can receive in life: Protect yourself from your own thoughts. The habit of ignoring our present moments in favor of others yet to come leads directly to a pervasive lack of awareness of the web of life in which we are embedded.
The mind spends most of the time lost in fantasies and illusions, reliving pleasant or unpleasant experiences and anticipating the future with eagerness or fear. Religion has traditionally been the domain of such fundamental inquiries within a spiritual framework, but mindfulness has little to do with religion, except in the most fundamental meaning of the word, as an attempt to appreciate the deep mystery of being alive and to acknowledge being vitally connected to all that exists. By degrees, little by little, from moment to moment a wise man removes his mental impurities, as a smith removes the dross of gold. Information provided in this website is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
Elliot’s father died three months later, and Elliot sat through the funeral dry-eyed, still waiting for his heart to open. At that moment, like a small trickle from a dammed-up stream, he felt a stir of tenderness in his heart. I realized that behind Elliot’s question was an even deeper set of questions, ones that plague us all. Some teachers tell us that our essence is love; others say love is a passion, an emotion that leads to addiction and clinging. In spiritual life alone, the word love is used in at least three ways, and our experience and understanding of love will differ according to which aspect of it we are thinking about. As ananda, the Great Love is woven into the fabric of the universe, which of course also puts it at the center of our own being.
This experience inspired a burning desire to get back to it and ultimately became the motive for my spiritual practice. All of us, throughout our lives, constantly do what I did—project onto other people and things the feelings of love that actually come from within.
Our senses, mind, and ego, hardwired to give us the experience of separateness and distinction, set us up to think that love is outside us, that some people and places and things are lovable and others are not, and furthermore that love has different flavors: mother love, romantic love, love of movies, love of nature, compassionate love, sexual love, love of the cozy feeling of being under the covers at the end of a long day. In short, if the Great Love is naturally unifying, our individual, human experience of love is subject to change and loss, moods and tides, attachments and aversions.
To say that our individual experience of love can be unsatisfying or changeable or incomplete is not to say it is less real than the Great Love. The third kind of love—love as a practice—is the medicine for the terrible discrepancy we sometimes feel between our sense of what love can be and the actuality of our ordinary experience of it. This isn’t meant as an argument for pasted-on smiles, or for the common game of hiding anger and judgment behind a mask of false sweetness.
If you pose this query to yourself—or, better yet, ask yourself (as Elliot did), How would I act if I were feeling love?—you will eventually discover the practice that helps melt your frozen heart, so the love that always hides behind our emotional barricades can show its face. The first is the practice of recognizing that the awareness in another person is the same awareness that is in me.
The second practice I use goes right to the heart of our sense of lack, to the secret feeling of not having enough love to give.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you are sitting in the center of a vast flow of love. Another way to receive love is to imagine that just outside the window of your room sits a compassionate and loving being, someone wise and incredibly forgiving. When you open your eyes, look around you with the thought that the love you have been contemplating is still flowing toward you from whatever you see and from the air itself. Sally Kempton, also known as Durgananda, is an author, a meditation teacher, and the founder of the Dharana Institute. If your heart hurts, this powerful meditation can help you transform that energy and let it go. Yoga Dudes for Movember, an online photo contest, aims to promote men's health and get more men to try yoga. TestimonialsI go to the Dharma Healing Center, not just because they are amazing at massage (which they are), not just because they know their stuff when it comes to nutrition (which they do), but because of the atmosphere and the people.
But the way we react to these daily stresses can make an enormous difference in our overall health and happiness. Led by researchers at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, the research found that relaxation interventions at a highly stressful workplace decreased stress levels among employees. They found that the levels of salivary [alpha]-amylase, which are indicative of the activation of the fight or flight response, decreased significantly after the intervention compared to the control group who had no intervention.
Anne-Marie Duchemin, research scientist and Associate Professor Adjunct at Wexner Medical Center, said in the press release.
If you can fit in time to exercise before or after work, or you can learn to take 10 to 30 minutes every day to focus on mindfulness, you can too learn to battle the ill effects of stress. If you are interested in attending please telephone or email me so that we can discuss which class would be best for you". Learning breathing and postures for labour and delivery can take some of the mystery out of the event. Please read the mindfulness page for fuller information and contact me to discuss whether this approach would be of benefit to you. Its main objective is to enhance well being and enjoyment for parents and their babies before and after birth.
This includes a lack of awareness and understanding of our own mind and how it influences our perceptions and our actions.
While lost in such cravings or aversions, we are unaware of what is happening now, what we are doing now. If we are unaware of our present actions, we are condemned to repeating the mistakes of the past and can never succeed in attaining our dreams for the future. Yet when the father became seriously ill, the only person he wanted around him was his son.
In fact, we often begin the inner life as a search—conscious or unconscious—for a source of love that can’t be taken away. At this level, love is another name for Absolute Reality, Supreme Consciousness, Brahman, God, the Tao, the Source—that vast presence the Shaivite tradition sometimes calls the Heart. Most of us get glimpses of the Great Love at some time in our lives—perhaps in nature, or with an intimate partner, or in the moment of bonding with our children. I was sitting with a friend in my living room, listening to a Grateful Dead album, when without warning, an overwhelming experience of joy welled up in me.
At the time, however, I did what most of us do when we get a glimpse of unconditional tenderness: I projected my inner experience onto the person I happened to be with and decided (rather disastrously, as it turned out) that he was the love of my life and the mate of my soul.
The practice of love—actions and attitudes that create an atmosphere of kindness, acceptance, and unity in ourselves and in those around us—is not only the basis of spiritual life, it is also the basis of civilization. The practice of recognition became the strategy that allowed me to work comfortably with this woman, and I fall back on it now whenever I feel the absence of love. The great lie that the feeling of separation fosters in us is the delusion of being unloved, or cut off from love, of there not being enough to go around. This person is watching you through the window; her glance protects you and surrounds you with sweetness. The Great Love, the love that is the kernel of everything, is present in everything, peeking out during every moment in which we feel a spark of tenderness, appreciation, or affection.
I can leave work all stressed out and walk through the doors at Dharma Healing Center, and when I’m greeted there with a smile and a hug, I instantly start to relax. The study focused on members of a surgical intensive care unit who were routinely exposed to some pretty high-pressure — and often upsetting — situations. It severely limits our perspective on what it means to be a person and how we are connected to each other and the world around us. But if we can develop the ability to be aware of the present moment, we can use the past as a guide for ordering our actions in the future, so that we may attain our goal.
The questions his experience raised are essential ones, questions we all deal with as we probe that most fundamental and yet elusive of all human feelings: love.

He slowed himself down and tried to keep his awareness linked to his father’s breath. We may have grown up feeling unloved or believing we had to perform heroic feats to deserve love. Is eros (romantic or sexual love) really different from agape, the so-called unconditional or spiritual love? The yoga tradition often describes Absolute Reality as satchidananda—meaning that it is pure beingness, present everywhere and in everything (sat), that it is innately conscious (chit), and that it is the essence of joy and love (ananda). The state sprang up seemingly out of nowhere, a sensation of tenderness and ecstasy that seemed to ooze out of the walls and the air, carrying with it a sense that everything was a part of me. The practice of yoga is about removing the filter, closing the gap between our limited experience and the experience of greatness we all hold inside. And both are based on the insight that the best way to bypass the ego, which cuts us off from love, is to learn how to undermine our feeling of separation.
One day, when she was being particularly prickly, and I was especially aware of my discomfort in her presence, I gazed into her eyes, focused on the light reflected in her pupils, and reminded myself that the awareness, the life force, the presence that was looking out through her eyes was exactly the same as the awareness that was looking out through mine. More than any practice I’ve ever done, it helps clean away the germs of alienation, irritability, and jealousy that block my mind and form barriers to the Great Love.
Not feeling loved ourselves, we pass on our sense of lack to others, so that even when we try to give love, what comes through instead is anxiety or clinging. Whether you actually feel this love or not, keep imagining that it is flowing toward you and into you. For eight weeks, the participants underwent interventions at work that had them practice mindfulness, gentle stretching, yoga, meditation, and listening to music. What’s already available in the here and now is plenty for us to be nourished, to be happy. But their history together had formed such a habit of disconnection that he felt nothing at all.
Our parents, the movies we see, our cultural and religious milieu give us ideas about love that go on influencing us long after we have forgotten their source. We remember their numinosity, the feeling of deep connectedness they give us, and the fact that even when the love we feel seems inspired by someone or something in particular, it has a profoundly impersonal, universal quality.
Whatever differences there were in our personalities, our mental and emotional states, she and I were the same on the level of pure awareness. Yet, as Rumi says in another of his great poems, love is always there, always available, always ready to pour itself out to us. I have also had consultations with Sandi, and she has guided me in directions that have only produced good results and outcomes in my life. When we read spiritual books and encounter teachers, our understanding about love can get even more complicated, because depending on what we read or whom we study with, we get slightly different takes on what love means in spiritual life. Is love something we have to feel, or is it enough to offer kindness and direct positive thoughts toward ourselves and others? We may not feel good about ourselves all the time, but we can practice treating ourselves gently, slowing down and breathing when we want to rush, or talking back to our inner voices of self-criticism and judgment. He did everything, in short, that a devoted son would do—and he did it, as best he could, as an austerity, a practice. And how is it that some teachers tell us that love is both the path and the goal, while others seem to ignore the subject altogether? When it comes to daily life, feeling love may actually be less important than acting loving.
It becomes veiled by our thoughts and feelings, and we start to think that love comes and goes, that we can feel it only for certain people, or that there’s not enough love to go around. Over several months, Sandi provided me the individual support and encouragement I needed to stay on track. Her programs offered me a clear direction and her high energy enhanced mine, allowing me to be successful.
Through the work of Cynthia Sprague,? I've been able to only take the ibuprofen every now and again, and wear the wrist braces just occasionally. While the pain isn't gone yet, I've only had 2 sessions of her orthopedic massage and I'm greatly improved. I have since received various massage treatments here as well, and I am very impressed by the staff, who are very professional and very well educated in what they are doing. The massage itself was amazing, with Josh giving an informative explanation of what he was going to do and the ways it worked on releasing tension in my body.

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