I have always thought there would be a great market for reproduction posters at realistic and reasonable prices of the various promo releases from this good if not great Hitch British film, Secret Agent. I say 'good' as that is what it is; it's not in the same league as The 39 Steps or The Lady Vanishes but it's well worth a watch. Back to the posters: I've found a company called Pop Culture based in America who have the biggest selection of Alfred Hitchcock posters that I have ever seen.
But even better than that are the prices (as of July 2011) which are affordable and very reasonable. I have put a buying link on each page to the particular poster at the bottom of each page so it is simple to order or find out more details. Hitherto that hasn't been the case and the ones that were on the market were at silly prices.

For me Madeleine Carroll was the archetypal Hitch blonde and though she came early in his career I don't think she was surpassed. Also, these posters are not items that you will find on every high street or any high street for that matter.
Arguable I would admit when you consider the likes of Grace Kelly and Kim Novak who came later but Madeleine had so much cool class she makes the others seem average - at leas in my eyes. Each film release had completely different artwork for the posters in each country, it would seem. I did this mainly to show as big a scan as possible on a page as they do look beautiful when the images are big. Strange that this was her second and final movie for Hitch and it has since come out that they had some kind of falling out though I haven' read or heard of any specific details.

Plus I wanted to show them against a black background as I think they look far more striking (the artist and architect Hundertwasser always advocated having his work shown against a black background). Each page can hold an even bigger scan of the poster so if you have any bigger of a particular poster just e-mail me it here and I'll place it on the page. I also want to use these pages as a kind of archive for Alfred Hitchcock posters from his whole career and from around the world; even if the posters aren't for sale it would be good to have a place where they can be viewed. I can't do this without your help so if you want to share your scans then you know what to do.

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