Santa Claus summons The Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, The Sandman (keeper of dreams), and Jack Frost to the North Pole with an important mission.  The Boogeyman (aka the keeper of nightmares) is threatening to destroy little boys’ and girls’ beliefs in them, therefore dashing all that these characters symbolize. The effects are wonderful in the film, and the imagination is fun especially when the guardians show where they live and how they do their work- e.g. For imagination, much of the movie soars.  However, as my 4-year-old said, “I liked the beginning and the end, but not the middle,” as much of the middle is a fight between good and evil.
Unless your children are beyond the age of innocence and wonder, don’t risk it by taking them to see Rise of the Guardians.
As political, social and religious wars rage around the world and we hear of the bloodshed of children, the most innocent among us, most other topics seem petty to discuss.
I wanted to let you know I'll be taking a short leave from writing articles for Kid Focused while I work on a clean, kid friendly, novel.

As we sat around the campfire last weekend I pulled out an old Girl Scout goody for the 11 kids in our party. Over the counter "Swimmer's Ear" drops contain alcohol. The prescription is an antibiotic and does not contain alcohol. Super 8 is produced by Steven Spielberg and stars Kyle Chandler, Elle Fanning, Noah Emmerich, Ron Eldard, Gabriel Basso, Joel Courtney, Ryan Lee, Zach Mills and Riley Griffiths.
Photos & certain artwork used on FilmoFilia are copyright protected and are the property of their respective owners. A former professional athlete turned coach, now father of two, was in my town last week on one stop of a national lecture tourWhat our puppy has taught the kids about parentingWhen I was 6-years-old my parents told my three sisters and me we were adopting a baby boy.
A former lifeguard, he kept his eyes on his victim as he headed straight for the couple swimming between their anchored sportfisher and the beach.

How does the Easter Bunny color all those eggs?  Where does the Tooth Fairy keep all those teeth and why is her role important? When I got off the school bus the day of our much-anticipated special delivery my mom was there to greet us. Had we not believe in science, we cannot evet start to tale that leap of faith and acheive it.

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