Hae Young takes full advantage of fate giving him a second chance with Sang Hyo and doesn’t let this prime opportunity pass him by. Sung Gyum hands Sang Hyo a new tie he bought since she wouldn’t buy him one and wants her to put it on him. Sang Hyo finishes putting the tie on Sung Gyum and the camera pulls back to reveal that Eun Joo is standing there huffing as she watches this intimate tableau. Hae Young is not making an effort to wash up and get ready for the wedding which makes Shi Chan try to hurry him along.
Soo Ah tearfully tells oppa that she really loves him and will continue to love him even after the wedding. Shi Chan drags Hae Young to the bathroom to force him to get ready and chides him for being all glum on his wedding day. Hae Young takes forever to shave as he keeps zoning out while Shi Chan rushes him from the room. We see Gi Chul hiding behind a beam eavesdropping on the earlier conversation and he looks shifty.
Sang Hyo explains to Hae Young’s parents about the order of the upcoming ceremony and then offers them some beverages. Hae Young still sports a poker face while waiting for the wedding to start and nothing Shi Chan does can get him to cheer up.
Sang Hyo brings the hotel team together inside the ballroom to inform them of this shocker. The hotel employees are all in an uproar with the wedding being cancelled leaving all the food untouched and the reporters waiting outside.
Hae Young is perfectly serious about his suggestion especially since the wedding preparation was all done according to what Sang Hyo likes. Eun Joo interrupts to write the story behind this wedding – Hae Young and Sang Hyo were married 7 years ago and broke up, but they met again and fell in love again. Eun Joo tells Guard Cha to delay the wedding half an hour and to remove all signs that the bride’s name is Jung Soo Ah. Sung Gyum pulls up to a resort in the mountains and a group of hotel managers rush out to greet him. Sang Hyo is pacing in the courtyard wondering about Hae Young’s suggestion for yet another wedding farce. Shi Chan gets on the microphone to thank the guests for attending the wedding of Gu Hae Young and Nam Sang Hyo.
Guard Cha informs a shocked GM Lee that Manager Nam is now the bride in the wedding and he’s furious that no one told him until now.
Eun Joo is getting so into her storytelling as she shares how Sang Hyo was preparing Hae Young’s wedding and the two of them tried to restrain their feelings for each other. Finally the door to the ballroom opens to reveal Sang Hyo wearing a wedding dress with GM Lee walking her down the aisle.
Young Mi changes out all the names in the suite from Soo Ah to Sang Hyo before plopping down on the rose petal strewn bed and wondering when it’s her turn to live the high life?
Hae Young and Sang Hyo exchange their vows again and everything is going swimmingly until Hae Young looks down and notices that Sang Hyo has her fingers crossed. Young Mi is arguing with an unknown person in the suite and holding the necklace, declaring that she got it fair and square.
Young Mi finishes setting up the bathroom when she’s struck from behind on the head with a heavy object by an unknown assailant.
The newlyweds are gathered for group pictures and Hae Young has to remind Sang Hyo to smile. Detective Kim is eating with the Vice GM at the precinct when his partner Detective Lee sits down with the update that the person Manager Hwang called on the night he died was Sung Gyum’s mom. Hae Young and Sang Hyo have changed into traditional Korean wedding outfits and are paying their respects by bowing to Hae Young’s parents. Hae Young and Sang Hyo retire to the wedding suite together and both are exhausted after a long day. Eun Joo calls Sang Hyo for her to stay put in the wedding suite since the reporters are spending the night at the hotel and have totally bought into the wedding. Before Sang Hyo can answer Sung Gyum’s offer to take a trip together, Hae Young grabs the phone from her hand and tosses it on the bed.
Sang Hyo opens the door to the bathroom and sees the dead Young Mi in the bathtub and screams! Soo Ah is a plot device for sure but in this episode I actually felt something for her character. What makes the romantic conflict satisfying to watch is in the interplay of trust and maturation. But when he came back after that, he was a broken man — in a spasm of grief, he tore apart their office and raged at Shi-chan for calling him away. Back at the station, Detective Kim remains unconvinced that Cha Dong-min killed for GM Lee. About to part ways in the hotel lobby, she turns back to him and asks him not to come looking for her again, even if she’s sick.
That night, Sang-hyo takes the wedding ring out of her dresser and slips it on, amid falling tears.
The next day, Kyung-hee packs her belongings and gives Gi-chul and Jjajangmyun encouraging words that sound awful lot like a goodbye. Kyung-hee visits Cha in custody, and smiles that it reminds her of the first time they met when he was 18, and she and GM Lee had come to see him. Later that night, Detective Kim informs a shocked Sung-gyum of Kyung-hee’s role in the two deaths.
She realized Young-mi had the incriminating necklace and tried to get it back, resulting in an accident when the latter tripped and took her fatal fall. She apologizes, but he says it’s his own fault for trying to hold onto her when he knows her true feelings. In one last effort, he tells her that if she asks him to stay because she needs him, only then will he take her back. It’s back to business as usual at The Secret Hotel as Sang-hyo meets new wedding clients — and Soo-ah! She shares what he said when she pestered him to marry her: Would she be okay if he never loved her? Sang-hyo struggles with this startling revelation, and a just-arrived Detective Kim chimes in that it sounds like the truth.
That night, Hae-young regards the photo from his wallet, which he didn’t manage to burn after all. Staring at Sang-hyo in disbelief, he roars at Jung-eun, who hightails it out like a coward.
Curled up together, Sang-hyo and Hae-young can’t apologize to each other enough for all the misunderstandings. Sang-hyo and Hae-young are about to sit down to an alfresco dinner out when Eun-joo takes them by surprise. Kyung-hee’s last words to Sang-hyo were moving, falling all the more deeply knowing her days are numbered.
Whether they successfully integrated the romance with the mystery is probably a matter of opinion. Oh come on, just because Jung-eun tries to stick close to Hae-young, get him drunk, sleep with him in his appartment and run around in his clothes doesn’t mean there is anything going on between them.
Hae-young is way too honest and unsuspecting to think that Jung-eun might actually try to do anything that might not be acceptable by his potential girlfriend.
About Hae Young getting into her place, I’d assume that out of concern for her, he could get the landlord to open up the door with a master key. His easy going acceptance of so much nonsense from Jung Eun, Shi Chan (lying for him), even Soo Ah and Ki Ho, is also to blame for so much of the angst, wasted time, interruptions and misunderstandings and for nullifying the few little steps forward in the OTP relationship – in fact in setting it back many big steps.
I would have liked a more 50:50 ratio between mystery and romance, with both Sang Hyo and Hae Young either together or separately helping Detective Kim along, and in the process growing closer together. The forced wedding put me off from the episode it was introduced and it prevented me from liking the show and keeping up regularly. I agree, Hae Young really was too dense for tolerating Jung Eun’s delusional, meddling and stalkerish behaviour for so long.
Or, given that she’s not a very realistic character to begin with, maybe the writer was too dense for not showing JE the door long ago? Why did Goo Hae Young hang around Joo Jung-Eun all these years (from NY, at his office, at his residence, to Secret Hotel) and think nothing of it? Every element were paralleled in a straight to goodness drama; the actors, the music, the scenery, even Yoo In Na’s clothes!
ActorNam Goong Mintransformed into Elsa from the Disney movie 'Frozen' on the March 12 episode of 'SNL Korea'.For a parody of the 2015 film 'Danish Girl', Nam Goong Min did his best in drag for the skit. Wedding coordinator NAM SANG-HYO (Yoo Inna) strides confidently through The Secret Hotel, the picture of competence as she checks in with the executive chef, checks the hall and its thousand guests, and ensures that everything — flowers, orchestra, microphones — is as it should be. Everything but the ice sculpture, which is broken and melting beyond recognition in the corner of the stairwell.
Sang-hyo’s troubles keep coming when an irate wedding guest blames the hotel for her wallet going missing. It’s too soon to pat herself on the back, though, because another hotel employee runs up to report another problem, this time with the groom. He’s sprawled out like a diva on the waiting room sofa when Sang-hyo arrives with chamomile tea to calm him. As Hae-young makes his way down the aisle, he gives one last lingering look at Sang-hyo, who pointedly ignores him. Sang-hyo turns around and pushes her way past all the shocked wedding guests who are screaming and running for the door.
Two weeks before the incident, Sang-hyo is in a staff meeting, where The Secret Hotel’s general manager LEE MOO-YANG (Choi Jung-woo) and managing director JO SUNG-GYUM (Namgoong Min) are in a heated argument about the financial status of the hotel.
Except there’s currently a rumor going around that, ever since Sang-hyo became the wedding planning manager, couples who get married at that hotel get divorced within three months. Even so, those details were somehow leaked and published in a news article just that morning. A sudden arrival interrupts the meeting; JOO JUNG-EUN (Hwang So-hee) storms in, calling Hae-young a bastard as she waves his wedding invitation in his face. Sang-hyo is busy inspecting CCTV footage to determine when a wedding guest’s wallet had been stolen, bemoaning the fact that there have been so many thefts recently.
She believes someone is maliciously targeting the hotel, an idea he promises to take under consideration. Back at the Wedding Coordinating Department, Kyung-hee reveals that they’ve had another cancellation thanks to the rumor about the divorce curse. Eun-joo waits outside the elevators, making up excuses to linger until she sees Sung-gyum down the hall.
Those plans happen to be waiting for him in the lobby, and Sang-hyo smirks at Eun-joo’s dumbfounded expression when she realizes Sung-gyum is having dinner with Sang-hyo. Sang-hyo reassures him she just wanted a new challenge and felt a calling to return to her homeland, having been adopted by an American couple. He admits there’s a special reason, but distracts her by complimenting the food, saying that Eun-joo thought it was delicious, too. The next day, she charges into GM Lee’s office, demanding that he fire Assistant Manager Hwang Dong-bae. As promised, Eun-joo and Sang-hyo meet with JUNG SOO-AH (Ha Yeon-joo), the bride-to-be that they’re hoping will garner good PR for them. Both he and Sang-hyo are astonished to see each other, although she quickly overcomes her shock, plastering on a bright smile and greeting him with a professional hand-shake. The next morning, he tries to convince his fiancee to change the wedding venue, but she has her heart set on marrying at The Secret Hotel. They meet at a coffee shop where she hands him a list of available wedding venues, asking him to find somewhere else to get married.
She tries to hide her emotions as Hae-young laughingly recalls that their wedding was a mess — they had just walked into any old place and, bam!
But he sidesteps the question, and she goes back to brooding over how much she hates weddings.
A dolled-up Eun-joo arrives at the bar and greets the director expectantly — only to discover he called her out not for a drink, but so she could him take care of a passed-out drunk Sang-hyo.
It takes the strength of the both of them to carry Sang-hyo back to the hotel, where Sung-gyum tries to keep her upright while Eun-joo rushes to get a room ready. In the morning, Sang-hyo wakes up bewildered in her hotel room, suffering from a painful hangover. When he asks if she also doesn’t remember kissing him, Sang-hyo blurts out that she just asked him to marry her — she never kissed him!
Sang-hyo arrives at the Wedding Coordination Department, surprised to see the constantly absent Assistant Manager Hwang at his desk. Later, Assistant Manger Hwang is busy working on an ice sculpture when he’s interrupted by General Manager Lee warning him to be careful about Sang-hyo. The hotel staff is all abuzz about Sang-hyo’s proposal to the managing director, gossiping that since Hae-young and Soo-ah cancelled their wedding, Sang-hyo and Sung-gyum can use that date instead. But Hae-young overhears the women, and is all steely-eyed determination when he enters Sang-hyo’s office. With the exception of the three main leads, the side characters (which include the fiance) run a spectrum of caricatures.
Funny that you say that when we actually got to know she has another plot of her own (as of latest in Episode 6).
LOL, i’m not the only one who hate Nam gung Min character both here and i need romance 3. Compare this episode to the somewhat similar Discovery of Love first episode, in terms of chemistry, plot and willingness to continue watching. I also really hated his INR3 character – the smirky, superior attitude, the blowing hot and cold to maintain unfair advantage in a relationship, the cruel-in-public and nice-in-private hypocrisy.
I feel bad for the guy…I started watching MSH, but stopped once seeing NGM’s character on screen interacting.
Why is Hae Young so darn grumpy and how is it that a lifelong friend of his only found out he was getting married when she got the invite? I think it’s odd (but not in a bad way) that the show constantly has this fuzzy look around the outer edges of shots which make the whole thing seem like a dream or a flashback. I hope that we get to see more of SangHyo being competent and composed because I felt that she was a touch too unprofessional at times here. I saw GM Lee first in City Hunter and he was the most evil of the council of five, Chun Jae-man, so when I saw him in Master’s Sun, I was uneasy, just waiting for him to become evil again.
Definitely agree on the bad haircut, if you’re gonna layer that way, at least make sure the front sort of blends in with the back. Absolutely love the styling and fashion choices for Yoo In-Na’s character Nam Sang-Hyo. Boss Sung Gyum is so intimidating that I could really feel the embarrassment Sang Hyo felt when she realized she proposed to him!
Ive just read that the writer of MSH died midway (,_,) so episodes 5 through 16 were written by a different person.
It’s rather unheard of to suddenly have a new favorite character(s) in a drama arrive late in the game such as in episode 12 of My Secret Hotel, and in the form of formerly barely there side roles. Hae Young pleads with Sang Hyo to once again pretend to be a happily married couple with him in front of his parents. Sang Hyo calls work to take a few days off, citing personal matters she needs to take care of. As Sang Hyo busies herself packing, Hae Young sits down on the bed and casually asks if Jo Sung Gyum ever spent the night here? Hae Young’s parents are grumbling about why he insisted they come to his place tonight.
Hae Young thinks to himself that he has one week and he will use that time to bring Sang Hyo back to him. Sung Gyum walks into the event planning department looking for Sang Hyo and hears that she took the day off for family matters.
Hae Young has movers helping him do slight redecorating around the house including hanging his wedding picture with Sang Hyo up.
Sang Hyo checks out Hae Young’s bedroom and announces that during the week his parents are staying over, she will sleep on the bed but he has to sleep on the floor. Sang Hyo makes Hae Young call in a mobile truck to disinfect the mattress which leads the guy ask if the couple has kids who are allergic. Detective Kim arrives to meet with Sung Gyum and hears from Simon that Sung Gyum isn’t in presently. Guard Cha reports to GM Lee that Detective Kim is presently meeting with Sung Gyum to ask him about Young Mi. Shi Chan gets a call from Hae Young asking him and the rest of the team to hold down the fort as he won’t be coming to work today. Shi Chan is about to dig into work when Jung Eun arrives looking for Hae Young and is upset to hear that he’s with Sang Hyo now. Sang Hyo burns her hand on the food in the microwave and Hae Young immediately tends to her wound. Hae Young’s parents arrive and are about to ring the doorbell when they near the newlyweds inside. Eun Joo suddenly arrives and acts like she previously had a dinner date already with Sung Gyum. Hae Young and Sang Hyo sit down to dinner with the parents who are good natured and chuckle over the spread which is not very well made.
Soo Ah acts all tipsy after dinner and wants to ask Sung Gyum to drive her home but Eun Joo preempts her by having already called a car for her. Sung Gyum thanks Eun Joo for saving him from an awkward dinner and for helping it end so quickly. After dinner Sang Hyo is peeling apples in the kitchen while Hae Young stares at her all besotted. Hae Young gets serious and tells Sang Hyo that he likes this very much, he likes being able to hold her in his arms, he likes being able to restart with her again. Flashback to the married couple sleeping in the same bed with Sang Hyo being all aegyo for the sleeping Hae Young to turn over and face her. Flashback shows a wide awake Sang Hyo tossing and turning in bed until she burrows into Hae Young’s arms as he sings her a lullaby. In the present Hae Young offers again to sing her to sleep but Sang Hyo declines and turns around claiming she’s sleepy already.
The detectives grab a meal together and Detective Kim goes through his earlier interview with Sung Gyum when he asked directly if Sung Gyum killed Young Mi. Detective Lee suggests they just get out an arrest warrant for Jo Sung Gyum but Detective Kim chides him for jumping the gun. Hae Young and Sang Hyo stand outside in front of the new car which doesn’t make Hae Young happy because he wanted to drive Sang Hyo to and from work. Sang Hyo tentatively drives off while the parents smile as they discuss how Hae Young is dead serious this time about Sang Hyo. Sang Hyo grumbles about why Hae Young is hitching a ride with her and he is worried about her driving skills. Sang Hyo pulls into Secret Hotel and a freaked out Hae Young gets out feeling like he almost died back there. Sang Hyo lowers her head like an errant child which upsets Hae Young that Sang Hyo looks so guilty. I have a hefty reserve of patience for characters I like in dramas, and with Hae Young and Sang Hyo the initial goodwill made it so I was okay with their protracted back-and-forth which sometimes was entertaining while other times pointless. I thought the OTP scenes in this episode were sweet only in the context that we see they are clearly still into each other. I too wish by next episodes she makes up her mind.its not fair she is playing 2 man feelings whether she realize or not.
Effectively kidnappping a woman and trying to control her physically and emotionally is not romantic, it’s criminal, very literally criminal. These last two episodes were a trial to watch and merely served to compound my frustrations with this show. I had hoped initially that the writer would spend more time developing the murder mystery ala Agatha Christie (which would have been a refreshing change to see in a k-comedy) and less time on the romance part of the plot, but now the writing seems to go the typical plot of most kdramas which is quite tired and tiring.

I love the leads and will still stick around to watch them, but I can’t help hoping for more dynamic writing than the usual face off between the male leads.
Since the obvious murder suspects are Sung Gyum and GM Lee, I guess it’s probably not them. I also think that the murderer is not SG or GM Lee since they make them as obvious suspects. I love that about him, and I also love that he does it because (1) he loves Sang Hyo and wants another chance and (2) she is so worried about the fate of the hotel.
They walk past each other and Hae Young is the first to turn around and thank Sang Hyo for her hard work.
He has the bellboy take his luggage downstairs first before calling Sang Hyo asking to meet her down in the courtyard.
He wonders what to do about her slacking off at work, and grouses his hurt feelings that she’s making excuses not to see him when they are already dating. As Sang Hyo puts the tie on Sung Gyum they get really close and Sung Gyum suddenly asks if they should get married. Soo Ah calls Hae Young’s cell and Shi Chan picks up to assure Soo Ah that Hae Young is busy getting ready. Hae Young still dawdles and Shi Chan orders him to do right by Soo Ah and prepare for the wedding. She hangs up the phone and turns to her driver boyfriend to announce that she feels alive again. Hae Young arrives in the ballroom and announces to everyone that the wedding isn’t being called off.
Eun Joo doesn’t find it absurd at all and raises her hand in voting yes, which leads to all the employees also voting yes for the wedding to go through with Sang Hyo and Hae Young.
Sung Gyum pries her off him and the manager explains to her that he’s Director Jo Sung Gyum. She thinks Gyung Hee is there to convince her to go ahead with the wedding but Gyung Hee brings up how people have regrets about love when death comes calling. Inside the ballroom, the older gentleman who had a heart attack is back and he wonders why the something feels off. That gets Jung Eun to stand up and scream at Shi Chan about why the bride has changed to Nam Sang Hyo from Jung Soo Ah. He is about to storm out of his office to put a stop to it when he finds Sang Hyo standing at his door. But they still loved each other and Soo Ah saw their true love so she stepped aside and prepared this wedding for Sang Hyo and Hae Young with her blessing.
Shi Chan announces the entrance of the bride and all the guests stare in anticipation towards the door. She takes out a necklace and talks to herself about the plan to blackmail Soo Ah falling apart with her running off with her secret boyfriend.
She stumbles forward into the bathroom and touches her head to find her hand covered in blood.
Sang Hyo wonders what kind of family Hae Young has and why everyone has such strong opinions? Sang Hyo calls Hae Young rude for hanging up her call but he points out that they got married and she’s flirting with another man on the phone.
He quickly pretends to fall asleep while Sang Hyo gets up and stares at him sleeping on the sofa. Death and weddings have come hand-in-hand in the last two ceremonies involving Hae Young and if the killer is trying to lay low then he or she is doing a terrible job.
The scene in the convertible with her driver was clearly intended to mimic Sang Hyo and Hae Young’s elopement and shotgun marriage in Las Vegas and it worked marvelously. Hae Young and Sang Hyo were so young when they fell in love and tried out marriage without the understanding of how to make it work. The mystery of Papa Jo’s death now unraveled, the big questions that have been piling up remain: Who killed Hwang and Young-mi?
Still alone, and now curled up on the floor, Sang-hyo collapses, just like seven years ago, noting to herself she’s doing it again. At her door, he rings and knocks, calling out her name, but she’s still passed out on her floor.
Sung-gyum cuts their tete-a-tete short, asking if they’re not ashamed to be consoling each other, when one of the two certainly killed his father — are they now trying to renew their past love? Hae-young explains he came to investigate when she didn’t show up for work the day before. She wants to trust him because he seems sincere when he’s in front of her, but when she looks back at him, that sincerity seems like a lie. She tells him that while it may be easy for him to come and go, it’s really hard for her. To Sang-hyo, she hands in her resignation, which the young manager doesn’t want to accept. She knew it wasn’t exceptional treatment, since he was good to everyone, but that made her like him even more.
Kim finds the idea of GM Lee using the guard to kill people out of character for a man who forgave him for killing his own nephew. Detective Lee says it must be love — why else would he make a false confession if not to protect a beloved?
Kim tries the handle, and inside, they find no sign of her until they simultaneously discover the note and the necklace on the table…and Kyung-hee’s body in the bathroom, with her wrist slit. In her suicide note, she wrote how she came back to the hotel that night and witnessed Hwang threatening her beloved GM. Again, Cha covered for her, deleting the CCTV and ultimately taking responsibility for it all. In an oblique acceptance of the elders’ relationship, he asks Lee to take good care of Mom.
They meet, and Sung-gyum tells her he resigned, and plans to return to the States after a little break. In his life, he had only loved one woman, and even though they broke up, she’s the only one in his heart.
Soo-ah also tells her that he went back to Las Vegas to look for her, but she was already gone, and the landlady told him she’d left with another man. He came by to tell her the case is closed, and also reveals that he saw the old photo of her that Hae-young still carries in his wallet. Word for word, the scene replays just like New York as Jung-eun asks her if she wants to come inside.
The doorbell rings again and she tries to stop him from getting it, but he snaps at her to get dressed. Sang-hyo says she’ll go with him to New York if he wants her to, or wait if he wants her to wait, which makes him draw her into a wordless embrace. At the airport, he tells Sang-hyo his work might take a while, and she promises she’ll wait until he comes back.
He wipes the tears from her cheeks, and smiling into each other’s eyes, they finally kiss. She’s back from studying abroad, and is delighted that her fake couple are still together. This episode did a lot to bring us back from the pre-finale makjang upswing and return the show to a better place.
In a straightforward regression, Hae-young’s reappearance in her life throws her back to that traumatic transition period. I think they dovetailed at best — the same world and set of characters, but different stories.
I guess the substitute writer didn’t have the same vision or any vision for that matter. I would have much preferred something with more dark-murder-mystery and the romance taking a backseat, rather than the other way around! He of all people MUST know what Jung-eun is doing because he tried the EXACT SAME THING with Sang-hyo during their forced cohabitation. It sends the wrong message to men and women watching that show (and almost every other kdrama).
I’m sorry to say the ending feels so wrong to me, the main character lost all her sass and, well, she lost herself. After 7 years, when Sang Hyo is finally about to start fresh, he had the nerve to barge in and try to ruin things. It’s kinda trite to set up the damsel in distress scenario, but at least it would have made for a more compelling show if there was even the remote possibility that their lives might be on the line.
The mere fact that she gets interfere and insert herself in their relationship and simply walk away freely without receiving any type of punishment or having to atone for her actions is a horrible message to send out. You know, the kind where people do not cry for sixteen episodes and get some form of terminal illness. Drops of blood have been pooling on the skylight above the hall, and one finally makes its way down, right in front of Hae-young.
It turns out the rumor is based on a phone survey Sang-hyo did with the guests who had previously married there in the past year, which revealed that 27% of the couples did, indeed, divorce — but it was supposed to be an internal document for the PR team’s eyes only, and Sang-hyo swears it was destroyed right away.
Sung-gyum warns her that he’ll be watching her closely to see how she cleans up this PR mess.
After Sung-gyum dismisses her, she nervously waits a moment before sharing her concern that his combative relationship with the GM is making the hotel employees anxious. Sang-hyo’s pretty sure she knows who leaked that document — and speak of the devil, that person arrives. Both ladies are determined to stake their claim on the handsome managing director, but it looks like Sang-hyo’s one step ahead, because the front desk staff immediately switch their bets from Eun-joo to Sang-hyo. Lightly glossing over the fact she was married previously, he points out that she worked her way up from waitress to manager of a Las Vegas hotel. But she spins the interrogation back around on him — she heard that he had been given an offer to work for another hotel. He’s always late and absent without notice, neglecting his responsibilities to the wedding planning department. She reassures the two hotel managers that of course her fiance is handsome — and they can find out for themselves when he walks through the door. But when both are home alone in their respective apartments, they grumble at the sudden reappearance of each other in their lives. Sang-hyo had assumed that the couple would be switching venues (because if Hae-young had any conscience, that’s what he should do), so when she finds out that Soo-ah and Hae-young will be sticking with their original wedding plans, she digs up his contact information.
But he instead muses over the fact this is the first time they’ve seen each other in seven years.
He can’t help but smile at her ridiculously cute drunken antics and, to the utter shock of Eun-joo (and the nosy front desk staff that have been watching), agrees to marry her. With only vague memories about what happened the night before, she makes her way to her office, where she’s greeted by hotel staff who applaud her marriage proposal. But he’s caught her in her lie, and asks if they should could married ASAP, like she originally begged. Assistant Manager Hwang mockingly asks if it’s because she demanded he be fired again, adding that if she finds out who he and GM Lee truly are, she might think otherwise.
Did anyone else see how she smirked and calmly left the wedding hall when all the other guests were in a panic, or was it just me? The components of mystery blended with love works really well, since it keeps the audience tense. I was afraid they would make her really horrid and shrewish to get us to root for the ex lovers but despite coming across as a bit immature, she seemed sweet and likeable enough.
I first saw him in Can You Hear My Heart and really liked him there, but I super hope this isn’t the same character as in I Need Romance 3! I thought he was going to be a similar character here but clearly he is veeeeeeeery shady too. It looks so odd with the front being so visibly shorter than the back, like someone took scissors and just cut that section off. Now this is how staff uniforms for a drama with the main setting and location primarily taking place in a hotel should look like.
I just want to root for her and see her character make the wedding planning business a success at the hotel.
The writer Kim Ye-ri, who wrote the first 4 episodes, died of cancer and so she had to be replaced by another writer. Every time I see a drama without a Dramabeans recap, I always feel like the watch is incomplete. So much that its probably enough to not make me go through major withdrawals when MND ends.
Particularly about the leads — there were moments when you really felt how painful their break-up had been to both of them.
Unfortunately, this character development basically involves him realizing that he's been a bit of a pig about bullying Sang-hyo into keeping up the whole marriage facade, but the marriage facade itself is the only reason these two ever have any reason to spend time together, so of course she has to talk him into keeping it up just a little while longer.Also in line with this new character development- rather than Hae-yeong himself coming up with the scheme to get closer to Sang-hyo, his colleagues end up coming with that.
But he follows it up by continuing to be immature when it counts in trying to win Sang Hyo’s trust through everything except telling her the truth about why he left 7 years ago abruptly. His dad needs to see him happily married before he’ll agree to have life-saving surgery for his illness. She grumbles to Hae Young why she needs to take time off work when she can just meet his parent tonight after work? Sang Hyo initially wants to say no but decides to milk it and act all sultry before saying both of them are adults. Sang Hyo remembers how his suitcase was filled with male virility pills when they went on their honeymoon. Turns out the call in the morning was his parents telling him that they are headed to the US so Hae Young begs them to delay their trip for a week and come to his place. Eun Joo runs into Sung Gyum in the corridor and her first instinct is once again to hide behind the beam and avoid him. He confesses having good feelings for her initially but it didn’t develop into more but she is very attractive and charismatic. Sang Hyo tries to shake it off but Hae Young princess carries her to the sofa to put on medicine on. He invites Eun Joo to have drinks and she happily accepts….before asking if he really thought she would say yes!
His parents notice and Mom tells him to go over to Sang Hyo if he wants to be with her so badly. Sang Hyo walks in all ready for bed and orders Hae Young to go to his place for the night and the taps the ground. She asks why he’s not facing her when sleeping and hears that he has an important meeting tomorrow. Sung Gyum takes out the first letter Young Mi mailed to him and passes it over to Detective Kim. Hae Young finishes dismissing Sung Gyum and then grabs his own phone to take a selca with the sleeping Sang Hyo. She’s comfortable until she realizes her position and freaks out before screaming and pushing Hae Young off the bed. Flashback to the day of the wedding where Hae Young got on his knees before his parents and begged them to let him marry Sang Hyo. Sang Hyo immediately proves him right when she makes sharp turns and drives between lanes and can’t even find the turn signal. Sang Hyo hands the car keys to Hae Young and orders him to drive the car away so people at the hotel don’t misunderstand. Sung Gyum pulls Sang Hyo off to talk but Hae Young refuses to let go and grabs Sang Hyo’s other arm. Sang Hyo tries desperately to keep the two fighting men apart and finally she holds onto Sung Gyum and begs him not to fight.
But now the drama has wrapped episode 12 with only 4 more episodes to go, and I need Sang Hyo to make up her mind in the immediate future. Otherwise all of Hae Young’s crossing the line and pushiness with Sang Hyo is a major no-no in relationships, especially when she ordered him to sleep on the bed and he climbed in later to cuddle her. His behaviour has gone way past the bounds of what’s acceptable to me, even in the context of K Dramas. I was in love with MSH when it first started, but now it seems the writer is spinning his wheels and going round in circles with this meaningless love triangle that is going nowhere and could be resolved by a simple honest and heartfelt conversation, and with little resolution to the murder mystery. I feel that he’s so immature and he needs to grow up before he can get back to Sang Hyo.
I guess the second writer couldn’t keep up the same passion and intrigue style of the first writer. Episode 7 was delayed a full week and I was worried that the lull would ruin the momentum but my concern was for naught.
She makes an excuse that she’s super busy and even pretends to be calling out instructions to her team as they set up the wedding.
Sung Gyum then stops teasing her and tells Sang Hyo that he’s off on a business trip for a few days and whether it would be enough time for her to forget Gu Hae Young by the time he comes back? He reminds Sang Hyo that she asked him to marry her first, and as soon as possible at that. Hae Young takes the phone reluctantly and Soo Ah asks if Hae Young is ready to get married? Soo Ah and her driver are unhappily driving to the wedding and both of them continue to be exceedingly morose as well. Hae Young finally puts on his tux and is all ready which is when Soo Ah finally can’t stand it anymore and starts howling. For this wedding she even got on her knees and this wedding also impacts the survival of the hotel. Hae Young asks if Eun Joo thinks Sang Hyo will show up to get married and Eun Joo isn’t sure either but she would be thrilled if Sang Hyo agrees. Eun Joo is assuring another employee that this idea will work since no one from the groom’s side of the family remembers the name of the bride anyways. All the guests start whispering about this bride change so Eun Joo takes the microphone and smoothly asks if all the guests believe in fate or miracles? The music starts and keeps on going but the door doesn’t open and no bride is entering. GM Lee confirms one last time that Sang Hyo is good with going through with the wedding and she nods back before they head down the aisle towards Hae Young.
Gyung Hee remembers that the wedding suite needs to be prepared and sends Young Mi to do the final set up. Young Mi goes to the bathroom to prep it for the wedding night as well and scoffs at the person she left in the hotel room. A frightened Young Mi steps up on the sunken bathtub rim before tripping and falling dead inside the bathroom as her head strikes the edge of the tub. The hotel employees wonder where Young Mi is and we see her laying totally dead in the suite tub. Detective Kim remembers what Hae Young said, that Manager Hwang was threatening the person on the other end of the call with going to talk with the son. The rest of the relatives tells Sang Hyo to have babies and lots of them, to take care of Hae Young, and not to fight for inheritance with the siblings. Hae Young reluctantly tells Sang Hyo that his family owns one of the biggest development companies in Korea.
Hae Young is about to ask Sang Hyo to start over again when Sung Gyum calls asking if the wedding is over and she’s sent Hae Young away in her life. Sung Gyum describes how the stars are dotting the sky and so bright it looks like he can reach out and pluck them. Sang Hyo says the wedding is not real anyways and why does he keep dragging her into his impetuous mess. To kill to keep a secret only works if the kill doesn’t bring more attention to the secret. Both were still in the early stages of their professional careers and it’s so easy to find feelings suffering under the anvil of real life responsibilities and dreams.
Some made more senses than others, but oh well, let’s go for the ride accepting the nonsensical elements. As Sung-gyum leaves, he thinks of his apology to her the day before for not being able to wait for her, and he’s glad Hae-young is at her side.

Overcome by anger, she stabbed him and ran away — and Cha, seeing events from the security office, took care of the body. They sit down together, and the ring she casually shows off immediately catches Sang-hyo’s attention: Is she getting married? The problems in Sang-hyo and Hae-young’s relationship boil down to 1) communication, and 2) trust, where the failure to communicate causes the loss of trust.
Thankfully, it didn’t lead to a plot-implosion, but it did drag it down, because the show was so busy keeping the mystery a mystery that it failed to develop it properly. Which didn’t work out horribly per se, but it made for uneven pace…but then she had to kill herself? There were crossovers from romance to killing and back, but they were two fairly distinct trajectories, that converged more at the end.
With a misunderstanding so big, spanning years and continents (lives ruined, blood shed…oh wait, wrong show), I would have liked a bit more denouement to give depth to that resolution. What id she hadn’t been sick in her appartment but showering or masturbatin or having sex with someone else or crying her her heart out or cooking pasta or not here at all?
And if your loved one does that when you like being left alone, well, it means they don’t have boundaries. I understood that she changed to protect herself and all, but really, I didn’t like the way the show turned out. It is like a bad case of ex-boyfriend who still thinks he owns Sang Hyo even though they broke up 7 years ago.
Mostly it's because they seemed a little overwrought, not to mention mildly creepy in the context of the situation. Well, let us see if those will be making a return and take a look at some recent drama trends while we are at it. It makes his stop in his tracks, and a good thing, too, because immediately following is a body, crashing down to land at his feet. She insists that it’s all his fault that she fell for his handsome looks and knee-melting smooth voice.
He tells her to tell him more about it over dinner, and she does her best to cover up her flustered reaction to his invitation.
As they ride down together, she coyly asks him out to dinner, but he tells her he already made plans. He’s curious why someone who reached the role of general manager would suddenly come to Korea to work in a lesser position — was there some trouble? But the general manager refuses to fire him, and instead tells her he’ll to move Assistant Manager Hwang to another department. As the memories slowly return, she practically dies of mortification, banging her head miserably against the wall. Sang-hyo tries to hide her ecstatic reaction, pretending instead to be worried for the couple when Assistant Manager Hwang points out that it’s bad news for a couple to cancel a wedding.
He lets out a maniacal laugh as he brandishes the ice sculpture drill in GM Lee’s face. Annoying and very irritating, it’s obvious they make no plans to turn her into an actual human being. She may be a bitch at some points in the story, but seeing till Episode 6 I actually begin to like her. Unless they Princess Aurora one of the leads, it will be competing with Pretty Man for the worst rom-com of this decade. Is he going to be like this stock character that travels from show to show, wardrobe rack clacking behind him in the corridor? I hope this drama will do well, cause I really like TvN…but I guess I’ll be reading the recap only. And I think most of that love is dedicated to the fantastic, intense and completely absorbing chemistry of the two leads.
I hope the romance keeps coming in abundance because I couldn’t care less for the literal killing when YIN and JYH has the power to kill with their explosive chemistry.
Some subtle acting there made for a heartfelt scene (although I might be thinking of episode 2 here).
And for what it's worth, Hae-yeong is very hesitant about going along with the scheme, and unsurprisingly agrees to sabotage it as soon as the opportunity arises. That already enough for the shoo-ins for parent of the year, but they pile on the awesome by treating Sang Hyo with affection and understanding leeway, accepting her limitations and extending their welcoming hand even if she’s not ready to take it at this time. This episode was cute enough being chock full of OTP scenes together, but sadly the ending confrontation brought it all back to square whatever once again. Hae Young explains she needs to help him clean the house and also use the time to get familiar with his place and see it as her own. Hae Young is about to get upset and call Sung Gyum so Sang Hyo quickly assures him that Sung Gyum is a gentleman. Hae Young stands up to show Sang Hyo exactly what he can do and she holds up her pink hairdryer as a weapon to keep him at bay. Sang Hyo then remembers the night that Soo Ah came over to see Hae Young which makes her yell that he needs to change the entire bed for her! Detective Kim waits outside while checking out Simon and remembering the Vice GM describing Simon as looking like a creepy killer. The team wonder if they can leave work early now and Shi Chan tries to be a slave driver before letting everyone leave early except himself.
Sang Hyo watches as Hae Young patches up her burn but her smile disappears when she remembers Sung Gyum asking if she never thought about how he would feel? He wonders where Chairman Jung is and Soo Ah gives an unconvincing excuse that her dad was suddenly called away. Sung Gyum asks the ladies what they want and the two ladies pick different steak cuts and insist Sung Gyum go with their pick. The parents dig in and it’s clear from their expression that the dinner is a disaster but they still compliment Sang Hyo on doing so well her first time cooking a full meal.
Hae Young reluctantly sits down on the ground but continues to stare at Sang Hyo with a happy smile. Sang Hyo claims nothing so Hae Young asks if she wants him to sing her a lullaby to lull her to sleep?
He adorably cackles in glee over his treasured new couple selcas before making himself comfortable to stare some more at Sang Hyo. Hae Young tells her to make it real and then reminds her the parents are watching them so she needs to get in the car.
Hae Young angrily yells her name and pulls her off Sung Gyum before the two men continue to glare at each other.
Preferably at the beginning of episode 13 so I can be spared another Sung Gyum-Hae Young manly man staredown. Only Hae Young has remained consistent since he decided he wanted Sang Hyo back, and joining him are Eun Joo in not letting pesky obstacles get in her long term goal to marry Sung Gyum. Just sayin’ it not cool other than in the fantasy context of a crazy only-in-dramas relationship. It seriously needs to get a move on especially since this situation has the recipe for more victims if there is indeed some major secret someone is killing to protect. He’s a stalker and a bully with no sense at all of how to have a healthy relationship. Maybe if Hae Young stopped trying his wife might realize what she lost and come back to him, but that is a tall order. This story picks right back up from where episode 6 left off and then does a major game changer that might not make much sense but delivers satisfaction in spades.
The mystery of the hotel is becoming deadlier and the intrigue goes up as the suspects list dwindles.
Later Sang Hyo sits out in the courtyard and her earlier calm demeanor is all gone as she scoffs about congratulating Hae Young on getting married.
Sung Gyum is standing right there in the courtyard and can see she’s totally lying to him. She looks over and we see that her driver secret boyfriend is sitting beside her in the car and she’s really addressing her conversation to him. Sang Hyo doesn’t think that means Manager Hwang was definitely the thief so asks Guard Cha to still keep an eye out. Sang Hyo tries to quickly leave and dodges a bullet when Hae Young’s mom thinks her name sounds like that of a famous actress.
Hae Young angrily asks why Sang Hyo only thinks about the wedding when he’s the one dealing with the shocker that was just dropped on him. Eun Joo brings up how Sang Hyo is the future of the hotel and she’s going to let the hotel be destroyed over this?
Sang Hyo doesn’t want to let her remaining feelings cause her to make another mistake. Eun Joo wants to share the love story between Hae Young and Sang Hyo, a story that will make everyone believe in fate and miracles.
The guests are all placated and excited about the wedding to start and even a frustrated Jung Eun is told to sit the heck down! Shi Chan announces again the entrance of the very nervous bride and Hae Young keeps his eyes trained on the door as if praying for Sang Hyo to arrive.
Young Mi angrily storms off muttering about how it’s going to end soon the way she has to be ordered about. Sang Hyo wants to see such stars and Sung Gyum offers to take her on a trip next time to the same place. When he asked her to run away and she called off the wedding, it wasn’t just a convenient out for Hae Young but actually delivered a satisfying emotional moment for Soo Ah. Now they are both successful but weary and scared in stark contrast to their eager and daring younger selves. She didn’t know what happened to Hwang until his dramatic plummet at the first wedding. The boys high-five, and throwing an arm around Sung-gyum, Hae-young says, “Jo Sung-gyum.
Actually, this was something this episode did well: to take high drama elements and wind them down into something quieter and everyday, imbuing eventual weight through emotion rather than melodrama.
And so he finally threw out Jung-eun… but how do even get into a situation where a woman stands there in her underwear and your shirt? It does happen an awful lot in so many countries around the world and it usually doesn’t end well. Couldn’t he just TEXT, CALL or WRITE to Sang Hyo and tell her that he will be back after work?
She reassures him she’s okay, and then sliiiiiiides all the way to the far corner of the bench when he sits down next to her.
The ice pick he’d been cleaning gets awfully close to her throat as he tells her that he plans on getting to know the managing director much better now.
Even forgetting my bizarre post-drama hang-up, Sung-gyum clearly has a secret, one that I’m assuming is tied to his combative interest with General Manager Lee.
I’d sympathise at the fact she’s treated as an object, but how can I when it seems she has no self-respect for herself?
Going in, I had zero expectations other than I wanted to see YIN and JYH not getting wasted like they were in their last dramas. I love how nonchalant he shows himself to be at work yet is clearly competent at what he does. It's a sweet reversal really- turnabout is fair play after all.The trouble here is that these are still baby steps toward Hae-yeong becoming a good person.
He puckers up and Sang Hyo warns him to not dare, but then both chuckle at their bantering. Sung Gyum returns to his office and goes inside to talk with Detective Kim who once again asks what his relationship is with Heo Young Mi?
Soo Ah orders Sung Gyum not to misunderstand, she didn’t bug her dad to schedule this dinner nor is she trying force Sung Gyum to spend time with her.
She stomps on his foot to get him to let go and waves her paring knife around to warn him away from her.
Hae Young turns over to sleep so Sang Hyo takes to propping herself up and staring at his back.
Hae Young ends up turning around and kisses Sang Hyo before the action moves under the blankets. Sang Hyo rushes out to the kitchen to apologize for oversleeping and not preparing breakfast. Sung Gyum is basically a walking contradiction and if Eun Joo likes him that much to keep holding on for him then she’s welcome to his hot-and-cold detached mien. All in all episode 12 was much better than 11 but nowhere near recapturing the fun heady sensation of the first episodes that painted a world of intrigue and romance with equal potential for satisfying development. But for the murder mystery element, this drama has so much rom and com in the way it makes me swoon and laugh in equal parts. I hope GM Lee is not the killer or the person ordering the killer around, I find his concern for Sang Hyo very paternalistic and if he turns out to be her birth father then she’s going to need major therapy if he also turns out to be the killer.
Sung Gyum instead wants to make public their relationship to the hotel employees once he gets back from this trip.
All the employees here will be out of a job after this and it’s not something Sang Hyo can fix simply by quitting her job. He points to the wedding cake with Soo Ah’s name still on it and Eun Joo quickly grabs the name frosting off and eats it.
Hae Young is about to open the door to the bathroom but hears Sang Hyo’s conversation and storms back, missing out on finding the dead Young Mi in the bathtub. The murders and runaway brides that keep scuttling Hae Young’s resigned attempt to settle down nicely gives the two hesitant exes more excuses to keep running into each other and rekindling the unresolved longing for each other.
Did he not know any of his wife’s colleagues and could at least ask for her whereabouts? It's extremely obvious now that from every possible angle the wedding between Hae-yong and Soo-ah was staged mostly for social reasons, and that neither one of them seriously considered themselves to have an actual relationship with one another. He asks if she remembers proposing to him, but she feigns innocence, pretending she can’t remember anything.
I get the feeling Sung-gyum is on a secret mission to keep an eye on the hotel and the finances, but who knows why yet.
I predict the drama petering out around 6 episodes, cause there is just not enough story there.
Hae Young then drags Sang Hyo back to her apartment to pack her belongings to move to his place. Hae Young can see Sang Hyo wavering so he reminds her that his dad’s heart is really really weak.
Has he ever seen a girl who likes a guy be able to be friends with him after he gets another girlfriend? In his last call with Young Mi, she offered to tell him who killed his dad in exchange for money. But all of that only means something if it significantly pushes Sang Hyo towards Hae Young but the next morning she seems as determined to keep her distance from him.
Now it’s just fingers-crossed the drama makes it across the finish line in one piece.
While the OTP romance is kicked up a major notch as Hae Young and Sang Hyo’s past goes public in a big way, paving the road for their step-by-step reconciliation, the murder mystery also ups the ante in a shocking doozy. Eun Joo remains a fantastic frenemy to Sang Hyo, helpful in getting her back together with Hae Young just so she can free up Sung Gyum for herself, but at the same time really bringing out needed forward momentum with the OTP. Everyone gathered in the ballroom gasps to learn that Hae Young and Sang Hyo were once married. Sung Gyum seriously got the rug pulled out from under him by picking the worst possible day to leave Sang Hyo’s side. I do call it the height of ridiculousness that Hae Young and Sang Hyo got married just like that. Sung Gyum is a nice third wheel because in any situation where Hae Young is not Sang Hyo’s ex-husband, Sung Gyum would be a viable rival suitor and his brand of wooing Sang Hyo continues to curl my toes with his simmering hotness. True feelings are explored as characters ride off happily into the sunset together.Except these aren't the main characters. Then it becomes too bland so Hae Young tries to pour salt in only to dump the entire container.
His whispering in her ears makes her all tingly while his parents sneak back to their room to give the kids alone time. On the day he was on the business trip, he sent Simon back to the hotel to meet Young Mi but she didn’t show up at the agreed upon time. She asks Sang Hyo to come over and sample the morning soup and Sang Hyo gasps in delight over how delicious it is. For that matter why Soo Ah has zero lingering issues over Ki Ho and appears to be relishing the excuse to spend time with Sung Gyum.
Too bad his parents can only give him the excuse to spend time with her but can’t actually help unravel the emotional knots of distrust in Sang Hyo. Soo Ah gets my forever thanks in being brave for herself and not ruining more lives by going through with something just because she’s supposed to.
It was delicious earlier with all the pining and trying to get over each other, now it’s time to see if the second go at marriage will have different and better results. I wonder how he’ll react when he finds out Sang Hyo married Hae Young in the eyes of the world?
The main characters are the ones who have to create a very compelling illusion of true love and romance because, well, that's where all the social pressure is right now. Sung Gyum asks if something is still going on otherwise why are they arriving at work together? Poor Sung Gyum, so close to getting the girl just an episode ago, finds himself taking a very inopportune business trip that leads him missing out on a major event at Secret Hotel. He probably won’t care if Sang Hyo insists its just for show and meant to save the hotel from going under. It happened and allowed our OTP a reason to get hitched and give this drama a nice shot in the arm by ending Hae Young’s uncomfortable impending marriage to Soo Ah. In this way, a problem that was created by elaborate social standards is destroyed by true love, threatens to resolve by true love, but only if it's all carefully defined in the most cynically romantic way possible.Cynically romantic.
But this means Hae Young gets every legit opportunity to spend time with Sang Hyo and those two were always just about working through their past grievances and misunderstandings before they got together again. Now it’s time to see what else the drama has in store in bundling up more mystery reveals and romantic interludes.
It was her own greed that did her in and for that I’m sorry since her envy was understandable from her limited means background.
Now there's an oxymoron if I ever heard one, but there simply isn't any other way to describe these preposterous going-ons.
It's finally confirmed, beyond all reasonable doubt, that even characters we've been led to believe are mostly decent people have had some hand to play in all this, though the true extent of their involvement remains unclear.
A wedding kiss between Hae Young and Sang Hyo is nice and all but I really want to see them getting hot and bothered when alone. Her death ups the stakes for Detective Kim to step back into investigative mode as the hotel that keeps many secrets offers up yet another tantalizing murder for him to solve.
At least Hae Young is pretty much open about it while Sang Hyo wants to just keep her head in the sand. It's just another one of those awkward cases of this being a good punchline to a bunch of plot points that we never actually got to see. I wonder how badly behaved Hae Young was right before their break up to leave Sang Hyo so afraid of being hurt by him again?
The way the characters are defined, everything about the situation makes sense, even if the absurdity is clearly being accentuated to make a broader social point. There may not be a fully defined plot arc here just yet but the social criticism is palpable.

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