As skipper and operator of the Motor Yacht (MY) Top Secret, I'm very passionate about providing our guests with the most fantastic boating experience possible!
With more than a decade of experience in Caribbean tourism and an extensive background in scuba diving, we have created a new kind of company with Top Secret Excursions.
With our streamlined operations, we have managed to create rates for our cruises which are affordable to many St. Sint Maarten is home to many of the world's most famous 100 foot+ mega-yachts, several of them available for charter if you could spare a hundred thousand Dollars (!) per week. You only have experienced the true allure of the Caribbean, if you explore the secluded coves and uninhabited islands by boat. At Top Secret Excursions, we are eager to hear from you and are happy to answer all your questions. A sense of humour was what I expected to see before even looking at My Secret’s interior, Dickie Bannenberg always having a twinkle in his eye and keeping ‘our industry’ in perspective. Lady Petra is the eighth yacht in the 47-metre steel displacement series offered by Heesen Yachts with the option to customise just about everything apart from the basic naval architecture.
The tenth 37-metre motor yacht by Dutch builder Heesen Yachts, Aurelia is a delightful high-performance boat inspired by the golden years of automotive design.

In June last year, Heesen Yachts delivered Perle Noire, the ninth in the successful Heesen 37-metre all aluminium line, 122’ in length. This is a yacht that makes a real impression right from the first glance, not only because of its name – elegantly stylised in a unique logo that figures at various points aboard the vessel – but also because of its interior design and its elegant, sophisticated lines.
Heesen Yachts continues relentlessly in its technological research and design activities, and always comes up with surprising innovations destined once again to plot a new course in the evolution of luxury yachting. We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations. We specialize in a highly individualized, elite experience and we achieve this by carefully listening to our clients and turning their dreams into reality. With our 45 foot MY Top Secret, we are giving you a taste of VIP luxury with all its trimmings at a tiny, tiny fraction of mega yacht rates. Get your first glimpse of the fascinating world of marine life by snorkeling, and maybe this leads to a live long passion in scuba diving. So, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us – we'd like to welcome you aboard MY Top Secret soon! When it comes to form and function, Lady Petra is unique and quite unlike the previous vessels launched by Heesen in this series.

Bannenberg & Rowell were responsible for the interiors, Omega Architects for the exterior.
The yacht was launched at the shipyard facilities in Oss, the Netherlands in February and since then has undergone extensive testing in the North Sea before being delivered to her new owner in Monaco in May. Since it was first introduced in 2004, the Heesen 37-metre line has done extremely well and continues to do so, with the tenth exemplar currently in the final production phases prior to delivery in summer this year. This spring the yard announced a new, ambitious project called the 6500 FDHF (Fast Displacement Hull Form), an innovative hull design developed by Dutch naval architects Van Oossanen & Associates that can greatly increase the overall performance of motor yachts.
The latest technological masterpiece in aluminium, made by Heesen Yachts, designed and built with superior Dutch quality.
The information and pictures provided here should only serve as inspiration for you to create your very own 'Top Secret Mission'.
A new yacht, launched in Holland and delivered in Malta, the natural setting for beautiful Goddesses and valiant Knights.

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