Video game information, credits, reviews, box covers, screenshots and more for 168 video game platforms from 1971 to date! In Timed mode you’ll receive a time penalty for wrong clicks, but you can also earn extra time for clicking on items in rapid succession. Unless a regular compass, the compass point doesn’t actually point to where you have to look. Once you find all the parts to a device to assemble it, you’ll be able to select it at any time by clicking the corresponding tab along the bottom of your screen. X-Ray Scope – Like Nightvision goggles, you can run this device over the scene to reveal hidden items. In this walkthrough I’ve circled the locations of all the lore pages, secret codes, and other special items (like tablet pieces and bricks).
In this mini-game you must decode the message to by figuring out which letters replace each symbol. To replace a symbol with a letter, click on the symbol you wish to replace, and then click on one of the letters of the alphabet at the bottom of the screen, or type in a letter on the keyboard. Use the Mysterious Device on the cuckoo clock at the top of the screen to find a secret code (circled in red).

Once you’ve found all the magnifying glass pieces, use the magnifying glass on the picture of Captain Kidd on the wall.
There are no special items here, so I’ve circled some of the objects you might be asked to find in blue. Use the Mysterious Device on the blue butterfly sitting on the tire in the upper left area of the scene to reveal a hidden code. There’s a lore page in the upper left part of the scene, near the tire (circled in red). Use the Mysterious Device on the red buoy in the water as shown in the screenshot to reveal a secret code. Use the Mysterious Device on the wind chime as shown in the screenshot to reveal a secret code. Use the mysterious device on the rat in the upper left section of the scene to reveal a secret code. After you’ve found all five keys, use your Magnifying Glass to zoom in on the chest, and click on the lock. Use the Mysterious Device on the submarine in the upper right corner to uncover a secret code.

The number of hints you have remaining is represented by the lit green circles around the compass.
It blinks slowly when you’re far away from objects, and beeps more quickly the closer you get to an item. Instead of replacing symbols with letters, there are certain letters missing in the text and you have to replace them with the correct symbol. The symbols are arranged along the bottom, and I’ve indicated which letters they represent in yellow. When you’re right on top of the item, the device will become fully lit and emit a continuous beep.
When your cursor is right over top of the item, the compass will stop altogether (this is when you should click the mouse to pick up the item). Even though the rest of the items to find are randomized, on some occasions I’ll circle some of these items in blue to give you an idea of where you might see something you need.

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