Most people love to find ways to make a few extra bucks on the side with little training or expertise.
May 7, 2010 by Cathy Stucker Leave a Comment The MSPA is holding a mystery shopper certification workshop in Burbank, California, on Saturday, June 5, 2010. The mystery shopper certification workshop will be hosted by representatives from several mystery shopping companies, including Northwest Loss Prevention, Dynamic Advantage, Coast to Coast Scheduling Services and DSG Associates. This is the first certification workshop to test a new format and, if it is successful, it may be repeated in other parts of the country. Gold certified shoppers represent a relatively small percentage of all mystery shoppers, and the gold certification is widely recognized by mystery shopping providers. If you received a check or money order with instructions to cash it and wire money to someone, DON'T DO IT! Thank you for visiting The Mystery Shopping Club, please bookmark us now for future reference. The Mystery Shopping Club provides you with an extraordinarily comprehensive account of Mystery Shopping in the UK. We have also spent thousands of pounds in shops and supermarkets - of which a significant amount of the purchases we were able to keep for free. The Sunday Express says: "It might seem like an unattainable dream, but it is possible to be paid for going shopping. Mystery Shopping regularly changes the lives of 1000's of people, but it's not suitable for everyone. We will supply you with the information needed to help you decide if you want to become a mystery shopper. You must own a computer, a printer, an internet connection and an email address as most jobs are booked out by email or online. Most treat Mystery Shopping as occasional casual work, but many established Mystery Shoppers (and often other family members as well) are in the fortunate position of working as many hours as they can manage as they are so popular with the supervisors.
The Mail on Sunday says: "It is estimated that there are over 187,000 Mystery Shoppers in the UK. Whenever you visit a major fast food restaurant or well known retail chain, have you ever wondered how they manage to maintain a consistent high level of service no matter how many branches they have and regardless of where they are in the world? They all use mystery shoppers to pose as diners or buyers to evaluate the service at ground level. Mystery Shopping started back in 1940 and is now a huge part of the Market Research industry. The Independent Newspaper says: "The Mystery Shopping Club is an online support service for the UK spies. HUGE FLEXIBILITY: The freedom to work when and where you want and as little or as much as you want. EXTRA INCOME: Whilst few attract high pay as a Mystery Shopper, you can however earn spare cash as and when you need it by getting paid for the ordinary things you may be already doing regularly anyway. FREE STUFF: You will be sometimes asked to purchase and keep such products as clothes, spectacles, groceries, petrol and car servicing. FREE NIGHTS OUT: You might for instance receive free cinema tickets to check whether you received good service, the sound and vision of the film was clear and the popcorn was fresh. FREE NIGHTS IN: Many fast food restaurants and pizza parlours regularly run Mystery Shopping tests for their home delivery and take-away service. FREE LUNCHES: After your free evaluation of the local leisure centre, treat yourself to a free lunch and don't worry about the bill.
CHILDCARE CONVENIENCE: The ability to take children with you on some Mystery Shopping visits. Mystery Shopping Club Member Peter Sutton says, "I am impressed with the level of detail and comprehensive nature of the information provided. It's a tired old saying now, but we cannot think of anything better - we do exactly what we say on the tin. The Mystery Shopping Club is designed for those with both extensive Mystery Shopping experience or no experience at all.
For a minimal one-off administration fee of A?24.95 (which covers life-time membership and all updates) you will be provided with the contact details of over 100 UK Mystery Shopping Companies that operate within your area. A significant amount of experienced Mystery Shoppers use us to help them increase their earnings. You will receive an exceptional guide to working as a Mystery Shopper which includes everything you need to know to get started. On-Line Mystery Shopping: We will also send you details of how to become an On-Line Mystery Shopper, testing websites for good customer service from the comfort of your own home! Connecting people like you - consumers and service users - with research companies who want to explore your views.

These agencies need to be able to consult members of the public to probe their attitudes, opinions and feelings on a whole range of issues.
Discounts and Cashback: You'll also discover how to get discounts and cashback from over 1000 online UK shops including Currys, Tesco, Boots, Littlewoods, Prudential and more.
In a report that recommended the Mystery Shopping Club, Choices Magazine wrote: "If you love shopping, you will be pleased to hear that it's possible to shop for a living.
There are a number of mystery shopping companies who organise whole armies of professional shoppers on behalf of retailers, pubs, restaurants, banks and other service industries. Members' payments covers all our administrative, organisational and website costs - it also entitles you to FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP of the Mystery Shopping Club (no extra or annual fees) and access to our Mystery Shopping Helpdesk.Also, if you find that one of the companies is not recruiting presently, please let us know and we will send you another company's information as soon as it becomes available. The contact details of over 100 UK Mystery Shopping Agencies that directly employ mystery shoppers.
If you encounter any problems whatsoever contacting a company, we will send you a replacement contact.
Thousands of ordinary people get paid to go shopping, eat out in a restaurant or just pop out for a drink. Please click on one of the secure payment buttons below to pay your one-off joining fee of just A?20.79 + VAT. You will receive your full membership information and all your Mystery Shopping companies' contact details immediately after payment. Description Mystery shopper services provided here is for companies who need secret shoppers to provide a program for customer service evaluation for your company and employees.
Business Evaluation Services - Business and retail on-site, telephone and customer feedback secret shopper services.
Companies partner with mystery shopping companies and pay those companies to evaluate their staff. Usually the lower the dollar amount the easier the shop and less time is needed to complete the shop.
I personally have signed up with at least ten of them and it keeps me very busy in my spare time. Once you find a company there is an application process in which you must fill out quite a bit of information.
We provide you with the latest personal finance news straight from the industry and individuals.
Shoppers will receive training for the Gold certification offered by the MSPA at the workshop. These representatives will be on hand to answer questions and share information with the shoppers in attendance.
The workshop will use the certification DVD for instruction, but will add interaction with the mystery shopping company representatives and opportunities to network with other shoppers. Attendees get to network with mystery shopping company executives and schedulers, and they receive a DVD that can be reviewed any time they want a refresher on the content.
You can get gold certified in the comfort of your own home with the Gold certification DVD. It is a result of an immense body of work drawn from a huge amount of sources by a dedicated team of Mystery Shopping enthusiasts. Our team has more than 30 years experience in the UK Mystery Shopping industry, both in a fieldwork and supervisory capacity. Mystery shopping agencies specialise in all sorts of things such as supermarkets and cinemas. Like many seeking Mystery Shopping work you will have checked out a few other websites, some good, some not so good.
You may already be self-employed, employed, a stay-at-home parent, unemployed, a student or retired.
It's a service used by the top retail outlets, restaurants, pubs, cinemas, theatres, travel companies, hotels, spas, cruise companies, airlines, amusement parks and leisure organizations.
Some companies even offer free movie previews so you will be able to see the next blockbuster before your friends.
Major online companies will pay you to buy things from their website and evaluate the service you receive.
Many cannot break the A?300 a week pay threshold despite several years in the industry - this is where we come in.
Sometimes they need to talk to a cross section of the public as a whole, whilst at other times they need to focus on specific groups, e.g.
That said, in practice, very little help is needed, as applications are usually very simple and full instructions concerning each project will automatically be sent to you. In fact, it's a multi-million pound industry for market research companies who employ "mystery shoppers" to shop up and down the country - all in the name of customer service and research.

This information is added to regularly and all updates are supplied to club members free of charge on request.Free lifetime e-mail and phone support (non-premium standard phone charges) is also included, there are absolutely no further charges (you will never be asked to pay to register with a reputable Mystery Shopping Agency). Almost every single agency contact listed operates nationally, so it doesn't matter where their offices are located in relation to where you live. 1000's of successful Mystery Shopping Club Members have already proven that our information on how to become a Mystery Shopper works. Your Complete Resource For.Market Audits – mystery shopper programs – Price Audits – Competition Shopping Guest Satisfaction Surveys - Web-surveys – Electronic Comment Cards Training Seminars – Service Consultation - 888-300-8292. Mystery shopping not only can bring in some extra needed cash, but it can provide you with a few perks. Here is where you come in…by contracting with mystery shopping companies, you are paid to evaluate the employee.
I have heard of full-time mystery shoppers earning $50,000 a year or more and I think that is possible considering how many mystery shopping companies are out there. This can take upwards of 30 minutes to complete and some mystery shopping companies request that you take a small online training course before you complete your first shop. In his spare time he enjoys sharing his business knowledge with others and taking steps towards becoming financially free. The certification test may be completed at the shopper’s convenience after attending the workshop.
This new format for live workshops presents an opportunity for mystery shoppers to get the training for this valuable certification while interacting with others in the industry. This EXCEPTIONAL collation of intelligence is crucial for anyone with an interest in Mystery Shopping. In the name of Mystery Shopping we have been on several holidays, stayed overnight in many hotels, watched dozens of movies in cinemas and assessed 100's of restaurants and countless bars.
Some may have said you needed to pay to become a Mystery Shopper, some operate outside of the UK.
Mystery Shopping is something that bolts on to your existing lifestyle, but you must be flexible and prepared to put in effort. They need as many people as possible to tell them how they are treated and how they feel about their products or services.
Just 10 years ago there were only 2,000-3,000 people working as covert researchers in Britain. You might then be able to follow that with a meal out - restaurants provide free meals and drinks for Mystery Diners. Similarly lots of organisations, commercial and non-commercial, need to understand public opinion and how this develops over time.
Nevertheless, we recognise there may be specific questions or concerns that you may wish to ask our opinion about and anyway, we would love to hear from you to find out how you are getting on! Most mystery shopping projects are carried out across the whole country, but you will only be required to work locally.
If it's not, just let us know and wea€™ll refund your money, (plus an extra 50%!) with the press of a button. The second is on where you are allowed to make a small purchase, keep the merchandise, and be reimbured for those expenses in addition to being paid for the evaluation.
I could probably do more, but I want to make sure I can dedicate the time I need to complete the evalations on schedule and in a professional manner. Once you have completed the application and training you are then free to apply for shops as they are added, which can be daily. If you are already a full time employee you will need the energy and commitment that goes with carrying out an evening's Mystery Shopping assignment after a full day's work. Rather than ask their customers directly it is often more credible and effective to use a specialist market research agency to ask the questions. To make the outcome of the research valuable to their clients, they need to select a range of people to take part who genuinely reflect the target group, showing the normal diversity expected within that group - e.g. If you sign up with multiple shops this will increase your exposure to the number of shops available for you to choose.
Most Mystery Shopping companies are currently recruiting, but not all applicants will be accepted - you will need to be motivated, good at keeping records, be professional in your communication and possess a good command of the English language.
We are regulated by the Information Commissioner's Office and registered under the Data Protection Act 1998.

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