What kinds of documents are required for notice ads; lost & found, change of name, overseas recruitment ads?
Special supporting documents are required for processing certain categories of ads to the publication.
The Notarized Affidavit of Name change or Gazette copy should not be more than 6 months old. Situation Abroad – The general requirement for Situation Abroad ad is a Declaration in a Standard company Letterhead stating the number of vacancies available in the organization and that the organization wants to advertize regarding the same in a particular newspaper. Apart from the declaration in Company Letterhead, some publications require Embassy Clearance Certificate.
Public Notice – Public Notice ads usually require details supporting the notice in a practicing Lawyer’s Letterhead. Marriage Notice – Marriage Notice ads merely require a copy of an application for Marriage Notice as supporting document. Medical purpose ads – Various medical ads like Kidney donor or egg donor ads require authorization letter from registered hospitals or doctors.
Other Documents – Apart from the above, there are some special requirements of documents which are specific to certain newspapers. The purpose behind providing such documentation is to confirm if the customer is genuine and the ad is authentic.
The supporting documents are required to prevent any kind of fraudulent ad getting published in the newspaper. Mayoral hopeful Bill de Blasio has had three different legal names, court records show Bill de Blasio, born Warren Wilhelm Jr., legally changed his name twice over the past 30 years.
The mayoral candidate who often calls New York a a€?tale of two citiesa€? has a personal tale of three names. Most New Yorkers have come to know Bill de Blasio as the Democratic candidate with the affable family, including a teenage son who has been featured in campaign ads. Left unsaid in the candidatea€™s official biography is that Bill de Blasio is his third legal name. In 1983, fresh out of New York University, he petitioned a Manhattan judge to formally change his name to Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm, according to legal records. And in December 2001 he petitioned a judge in Brooklyn to formally change his name again, this time to Bill de Blasio. In recent years the candidate has, at times, talked about the evolution of his name, saying it reflected a personal journey that involved his parentsa€™ divorce and an identification with his mothera€™s family, the de Blasios.
A Daily News examination of court records and other public documents provided new details of this evolution. In a written statement, de Blasio spokesman Dan Levitan said, a€?Bill de Blasio took his mothera€™s family name because his father was largely absent from his life, a fact he has been open about throughout his time in public service. Under common law in New York State, an individual can change names without court permission, but court approval typically is required for the change to be accepted by government agencies, financial institutions and businesses.
By 1990, when he first emerged on the public stage as a junior staffer under then-Mayor David Dinkins, he was calling himself Bill de Blasio.

He used that name in a series of positions over the next decade a€” as a regional director of the U.S. In that Council race, a rival candidate, Steve Banks, now chief attorney for the Legal Aid Society of New York, was made aware that Bill de Blasio was not his opponenta€™s official legal name. Shortly before Election Day 2001, an attorney for de Blasio prepared papers for a Brooklyn judge to officially change Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm to Bill de Blasio. In another curious twist, the application said the required legal notice disclosing the name change would be published in the weekly Boston Phoenix, and not in a New York City newspaper.
De Blasioa€™s mayoral campaign would not explain why the 2001 name-change petition was submitted just after Election Day and why the public notice was printed in an out-of-town newspaper not widely read by New Yorkers. The records examined by The News also show that from 1995 to 2001, the now-candidate for mayor was registered with the city Board of Elections as Bill de Blasio and voted 10 times under that name, even though he had not yet petitioned the court to change his name from Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm. Douglas Kellner, the Democratic co-chairman of the state Board of Elections, said registering to vote under a a€?name used in real lifea€? as opposed to a legal name is permissible a€?as long as ita€™s not for the purpose of defraudinga€? creditors. De Blasioa€™s name changes did not become known in New York political circles until a Newsday story on Jan. But the combination name a€” de Blasio-Wilhelm a€” proved a€?unwieldy,a€? he continued, so a€?I gravitated more to the de Blasio side and have been sort of professionally known for a long time as Bill de Blasio.a€? De Blasio's name changes have created a dizzying combination of names on some legal documents.
De Blasio gave a more detailed explanation in a 2012 interview with Allan Wolper on WBGO-FM. He added, a€?By the time I came along in the beginning of the a€™60s, he was unfortunately in a downward spiral. De Blasio said he started adding his mothera€™s maiden name to his given name while at Cambridge Rindge & Latin High School near Boston, where he grew up. DECEMBER 5--We were reading Deadspin this morning when we first learned of the existence of Lucius Seymour, a football player at Eastern Illinois University.
These ads are Obituary ads, Lost and Found ads, Change of Name, Property Notice, Marriage Notice, Public Notice and Situation Abroad ads.
The advertiser must provide a Clearance Note from the Embassy of the country in which the vacancy is available. Newspapers like Amar Ujala require copy of Photo ID proof for publishing any Property and Business ad.  Often, few publications ask for photo ID proof for Loan or Finance related business ads. The contact details provided and the claims made in the ad matter are genuine and supported by facts. This is one of the very crucial reasons why newspaper ads and advertisers are trusted much more than other media advertisers. He is like an information bank for most customers, who choose to book their newspaper ads through releaseMyAd. However, the de Blasio campaign declined to answer a series of questions submitted by The News about the name changes. To suggest that there is anything wrong with changing onea€™s name for deeply personal reasons is absurd.a€? He declined to further comment.
In petitioning for his first legal name change, in 1983, de Blasio wrote of wanting to embrace his mothera€™s Italian roots.

These individuals and their Italian heritage has been the single most important influence on my life,a€? he wrote in the application.
Department of Housing and Urban Development, a local school board candidate in 1999, the manager of Hillary Clintona€™s U.S. In an interview, Banks said some supporters urged him to make de Blasioa€™s identity an issue, but Banks said he declined.
The application stated de Blasio a€?is now known both professionally and socially as Bill de Blasio and has been known by that name for many years. In contrast, the legal notice of the 1983 name change was published in the New York Law Journal. He said his father was an Army officer who had a rough time in World War II, during the brutal Battle of Okinawa. Seymour, a 22-year-old Floridian, is of note because of his unfortunate former name, which was wiped away last year via a legal petition filed in Palm Beach County's Circuit Court. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
The registration number of the lawyer along with his signature and seal should be present in the supporting document. He also offers solutions to any issues faced by the customers, related to their ads after the booking or release of the advertisement. The News also contacted de Blasioa€™s older brother, Steven Wilhelm, 65, a journalist in Seattle, to ask about his siblinga€™s identities. He is not known by the name Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm and has not used that name professionally or socially for many years.a€? The original date on the application was Nov. A copy of Seymour's name change application, which was approved last July, can be found below.
He has displayed his ability to offer customers with proper and complete information for booking their ads in any newspaper, in the above article.
3, 2001 a€” three days before Election Day a€” but the date was crossed out and replaced by Dec. In an e-mail yesterday to Deadspin, Seymour takes issue with a prior post that made light of his former handle, Lucius Pusey.
He was an alcoholic, and my mother and father broke up very early on in the time I came along, and I was brought up by my mothera€™s family a€” thata€™s the bottom line a€” the de Blasio family,a€? he said. I would also like to thank Dipayan for making so much information available to our customers and us.
But on this mortgage document, he used his legal name at the time, Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm.

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