I’ve been across Florida’s Route 75 — the famous “Alligator Alley” — a number of times and I can assure you it needs to be renamed. Perhaps the state should change its name to “Boring Alley.” Or maybe “Bowling Alley,” it’s so straight. About a week ago my wife Marjorie and I, along with our friends John and Kathleen from Washington State, took the plunge, or I guess I should say “the turn,” off the Tamiami Trail, and headed into the wilderness on Loop Road, part of the Big Cypress National Preserve. The eastern end of the narrow road has a scattering of small concrete houses whose building plans, I can only guess, must have come straight from a Monopoly board. There alligators lie along the sides of the road on creek banks, sometimes piled atop one another in the morning sun.
At times we would stand outside the car and hear nothing but the birds singing in the towering cypress about us, or the rustle of the water made by fish or a swimming gator. It was as if we were the very first humans who had ever discovered this primeval place…our own National Geographic moment. A new study just out recommends the City of Lakeland change of the name of its airport to Central Florida International Airport.
Club 93 will feature the same all-inclusive amenities including food buffet and bar options (beer, wine and soda; liquor is available for purchase). The Florida Panthers will face the New York Islanders at the BB&T Center on Friday, Nov. Description: This hollow sphere is made of copper gilt and very neatly engraved with names and inscriptions (nearly all Latin) in small capitals artistically stamped with a puncheon. If it might, for the moment, be assumed that the Gilt Globe was of the year 1528, it would have a claim to the earliest known derived cartographical productions to carry on the Verrazzanian coastal conception. The great land area running to the east from the right-angled junction bears the legend Baccalearum Reg. Across the South American continent there is found inscribed America inventa 1497, which betrays the direct influence of the accounts of the four voyages of Amerigo Vespucci, as published by Martin WaldseemA?ller in his Cosmographiae Introductio at St. The voyage of Magellan is depicted with a thread-like itinerary, on which, south of Madagascar, is inscribed: Illa linea ex Sibilla dvcia hispanorvm navigationem astwndit. A feature to be noted particularly in this globe is the joining of the New World discoveries with Asia, north of the equator, precisely as they appear on the diminutive hemispheres of Franciscus Monachus (#337), and as has been inferred from SchA¶nera€™s description of his own globe of 1523 (#328), initiated in the latter. Harrisse believes that the Gilt Globe is a derivative either of SchA¶nera€™s globe of 1523, or of one which was constructed by him soon after that date. Be that as it may, the prototype of the Gilt Globe dates from about the year 1527, as can be seen from the reference to discoveries accomplished by the French on the northeast coast of America, and which have been shown to be the results of Verrazzanoa€™s voyage. The workmanship and gilding of this globe is excellent, and such as might have been executed in Italy, France, or Germany, during the first half of the 16th century but from the formation of the letters, which, as has been mentioned, were punched, and not engraved, scholars are unable to state positively where it was constructed.
The following anonymous gores, to be found in the WA?rttembergische Landes-bibliothek in Stuttgart, were incorrectly deduced by F.C. Magellana€™s circumnavigation is marked as a line across the gores, which portray the Moluccas and Pacific Ocean in relation to the old and new worlds explored up to that time. Whoever was being interviewed talked about an old road that skirted off south Florida’s Tamiami Trail, that’s the old pre-route 75 route between Miami and Tampa. It’s paved here but further on turns to dirt, which is where the real adventure begins, as you move through places sign-posted as Sweetwater Junction, Gaging Station, Trail City.
Groups of vultures stand in the middle of the road as if to blockade you from venturing further on.
At one point a Great Owl — it was huge — just fluttered out of a stand of old trees onto the road in front of us, then quickly flew away as our car edged forward. The globe bears neither a date, name of maker, place of construction, dedication, nor coast of arms, and is unmounted, hanging by a string passed through a hole pierced from pole to pole.
It has been assumed that the river mouth where the north by east coast meets the east-running coast is New York Bay, while Baccalearum Reg. Michaelis, and the Caribbean Sea, Mare herbidium, evidently on account of the floating beds of seaweeds found in those regions, and already indicated on that sea by Juan de la Cosa (#305), under the designation of Sato de uerbos.
This resemblance makes it incumbent on the scholar to ascertain the origin of that peculiar configuration in the Gilt Globe.
His opinion is based upon the perfect resemblance existing between the configurations of the Gilt Globe and those on SchA¶nera€™s globe of 1533, which Harrisse assumes to be mainly a repetition of the lost globe of 1523.

The Gilt Globe became the progenitor of an important series of globes and cordiform maps, such as SchA¶nera€™s globe of 1533 (#328), the Nancy Globe of 1535 (#363), the Paris Wooden Globe of 1535 (#357), and the single cordiform map of Orontius Finaeus (#356). A lapsus from the engraver, however, permits us to consider the globe as the work of a German artist. Wieder (Monumenta Cartographica) to be those representing SchA¶nera€™s lost globe of 1523. They are carefully and elegantly engraved on copper and represent a large globe 35 cm in diameter. The west coast of central and south America is well defined, probably more by guesswork than actual report: the straits of Magellan are so named as is the sea Mare Magellanicum to the east. Unless it is postulated that the a€?French landsa€? were claims following early excursions of Breton fishermen, this inscription is either a report following the voyage of Verrazzano who returned to Europe in July 1524 or a reference to recent Dieppe voyages in the Newfoundland region. Note the joining of the New World discoveries with Cathay (Asia) and the display of Magellana€™s historic circumnavigation.
Wieder (Monumenta Cartographica)A  to be those representing SchA¶nera€™s lost globe of 1523. The road — it’s called the Loop Road — sounded like it was really a place to take a step back into time and I made a mental note to go there sometime.
NHL, the NHL Shield, the word mark and image of the Stanley Cup and NHL Conference logos are registered trademarks and NHL Draft name and logo are trademarks of the National Hockey League. The name De Bure Globe is derived from a former owner of the l9th century, the Paris Gilt Globe label results from its present residence and its very bright and gilt surface.
Its American coastline depicts without question the Verrazzano exploration of 1524, but without the large false sea (#347).
The course of the Amazon River is traced to a very long distance, and made to issue in several wide streams from a range of high mountains. In other words, was the globe, now lost, which SchA¶ner constructed in 1523 (#328) the prototype of the Gilt Globe? Another reason is that the nomenclature on the Gilt Globe is also almost identical with that of Schonera€™s globe of 1533, from Terra florida to the Regio Patalis (#328). In all of these a€?derivativesa€?, in their overall aspect, North America is an integral part of Asia, forming a vast nonexistent continent that is best designated as Amer-Asia.
The letters a€?PERISCIIa€? printed across the Antarctic in the region of the prime meridian were interpreted as meaning a€?per [by] I Sch[A¶ner]a€?, a supposition later retracted.
As printed on four separate sheets, gores 4 and 7 (counting eastward from the gore containing the British Isles) have been transposed.
America is still joined to Asia and in the process Japan a€” shown clearly as a midway island on many earlier maps a€” is now omitted, although another island Iucatane Zipangris is placed in the Caribbean just off Mexico. Best of all there are very few people on this road, even at midday, since few know about it.
Full and partial Panthers season ticket packages are also available that include the best prices, access to team events, interest-free payment plan options and more. All NHL logos and marks and NHL team logos and marks as well as all other proprietary materials depicted herein are the property of the NHL and the respective NHL teams and may not be reproduced without the prior written consent of NHL Enterprises, L.P. Harrisse reports a lesser known label of Burton Globe, also from a former owner who in 1836 purchased it from De Bure for 48 francs. It displays a coast running uninterruptedly north by east from the tip of Florida to about 60A° N where it makes a virtual right-angled change of direction, showing thereafter a long coast stretching almost due east. To the south, a continuous belt of Antarctic lands encompasses the South Pole, and bears the inscription Regio Patalis.
The difference exists only in the names of the northeast coast, where the Lusitana Germanic nomenclature from Florida to Baccalaos is no longer to be seen on the SchA¶ner globe of 1533.
As with the Gilt Globe, the Atlantic coastline of this continent shows the continuity and general features of North America from Florida to Cape Breton, and the Newfoundland area as traversed and recorded by Verrazzano in 1524, omitting, again, any indication of the false Verrazzanian Sea. Their style and the features portrayed are consistent with a date of around 1535 and with a south German source, possibly NA?remberg. To the south, a huge southern continent is hypothecated, even more extensive than that appearing on earlier globes or maps such as those by SchA¶ner or Monachus. He continues to build momentum despite all the efforts of both the GOP and the mainstream press to destroy his candidacy.A The success of Trumpa€™s candidacy, as well as the strong challenge by Vermont Sen.

Copyright © 1999-2016 Florida Panthers Hockey Club, Ltd and the National Hockey League.
The apex of this angle lies within an indentation that suggests a river mouth, while in the sea to the south of that feature are placed two sizable islands. It is this omission that prompts one to look for the prototype of the Gilt Globe in an early derivative of SchA¶nera€™s globe of 1523, rather than in his globe of 1533 itself. Their makers could not, of course, reconcile the existence of a great gulf giving access to Cathay with the fact that Cathay was shown on their productions as an area west of Florida and integral with it, accessible by overland journey from the Atlantic, or more easily, by sea from the Gulf of Mexico.
The craftsman-artist could well be from the school of SchA¶ner, a likely candidate being Georg Hartmann who was active in NA?remberg at that time.
This land is marked Terra Australis Recenter Inventa At Nondum Plene Cognita [Southern Land recently discovered but not yet fully explored], perhaps recording Portuguese discoveries that may have taken place in the 1520s. 1535; they could be earlier but are unlikely to be as early as 1523-24 as stated by Wieder.
Westward of the north by east coast and well in the interior is the legend Terra Francesca nuper lustrata [the Land of Francis lately explored].
There is nothing in Verrazzanoa€™s report to Francois I to suggest an extension beyond Cape Breton, though it seems clear from this source that he took his homeward departure from Cape Race. The reason is that, when constructing the globe of 1523, SchA¶ner gives us clearly to understand that his new geographical ideas were limited to the regions south of the Tropic of Cancer, and in the west, where he thought that America was joined to Asia; thus making the two worlds only one continental landmass. Though they showed the Verrazzano coast they had misunderstood its significance in world geography.
This legend represents a grouping of words that strongly indicates at least an acquaintance of the globe maker with Maggioloa€™s map of 1527 (#340), or with a derivative of it.
This, necessarily, led him to connect, on the Atlantic side, the vast countries which he had theretofore depicted as separate, and to set forth an unbroken line of coasts from Labrador to the Straits of Magellan. Verrazzano had believed and affirmed that his new land was in no sense a part of the Asian continent. But he had no reason, in 1523, for modifying the Lusitano Germanic nomenclature inscribed along the northeastern section. The anonymous globe makers, as well as Franciscus Monachus, Orontius Fineaus, and others of the period, presented a direct contradiction to his conclusion as to the separateness of the continents.
A 'I would hope he would follow the Jack Kemp role model of being an athlete turned politician. Jacques Cartier explored those shores in 1534; but if the words nuper lustrata did refer to his first voyage, the Pacific coast in this most elaborate and detailed globe, would, like the Ribeiro 1529 map (#346) and others anterior to 1534, mention Tumbez [Peru], a country from which Francisco Pizarro had brought to Spain, in the spring of 1528, with most marvelous accounts that were immediately printed in Germany and Italy, and vases of solid gold.
The probability is, therefore that his globe of 1523 exhibited the configurations and names which we see on the northeast coast of America on the globe of 1533, but that it maintained the Cantinean nomenclature already existing on all of his former globes, which, for motives as yet unexplained, he omitted on his globe of 1533, preferring to delineate a nameless coast. Jacques Cartier explored those shores in 1534; but if the words nuper lustrata did refer to his first voyage, the Pacific coast in this most elaborate and detailed globe, would, like the Ribeiro 1529 map (#346) and others anterior to 1534, mention Tumbez [Peru], a country from which Francisco Pizarro had brought to Spain, in the spring of 1528, withA  most marvelous accounts that were immediately printed in Germany and Italy, and vases of solid gold.
It should be noted that the designation of Francesca, as applied to the present site of New England, or of New York, was inscribed on maps, and adorned with a French flag, seven years at least before the first expedition of Cartier.
Nuper lustrata, therefore according to Harrisse, applies to a French exploration of the northeast coast of America, accomplished before 1527.
This exploration can only be the transatlantic voyage of Verrazzano, as no other at or prior to that period under the French flag is known.
A First Paris, now Brussels, have illustrated the vulnerability of the West to attacks by Islamic extremists.A The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Corps Gen. Nor would the mere fishing expeditions of Normandy or Breton have been acknowledged on maps by a display of the royal standard of France, particularly across the mainland.
Joseph Dunford, stated that Secretary of Defense Ash Carter will be recommending to President Barack Obama an expansion of the a€?U.S.
A 'I would hope he would follow the Jack Kemp role model of being an athlete turned politician.

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