Along with the new name, Ameriie has also revealed that she will wed her manager, Lenny Nicholson, and the two are planning to get married in 2011. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Blanket Jackson resents his late father Michael Jackson for giving him a name that he believes sounds “stupid,” so he changed his name. Blanket Jackson did not have it easy as a 13-year-old boy with a name like Blanket, he was bullied and ridiculed by classmates.
When Blanket entered 7th grade at The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California, he told his classmates his name was Bigi and that is what they call him. Michael Jackson actually named all three of his kids after him, Blanket’s real name is Prince Michael Jackson II. That's probably the best decision to take in such a case, when both of them are known to be very proud of their names and both holding on their title with fierce adversity. Also, we still don't know if Kanye is going to reciprocate and add the famous Kardashian brand to his own name.
At the moment, both Kim and Kanye are enjoying a very lovely and very intimate honeymoon in Ireland, where they are said to be keeping away from prying eyes by sticking to the countryside. Today, we're hearing reports that the evening was spent cruising several movie theaters as the pair wanted to see some Hollywood blockbusters like the latest X-Men movie.

Next, the couple is rumored to take at least one day out of their 5-day honeymoon to visit Dublin, before flying out of the country on Saturday. This weekend, they are expected to attend a wedding in Prague and, after that, it's most likely back to the States, where their yet-incomplete mansion awaits the happy couple. Being the son of Michael Jackson brings enough unwanted attention to the kid, but he feels his classmates have been “slightly mean” to him by making fun of his name, according to the Global Grind on June 16. The name Bigi is of German origin and it means “idealistic, sensitive and inspirational.” It looks as if Blanket’s new name has all the bases covered in its meaning when it comes to a name his father might inspire to. While his father picked unique names for all his three children, Blanket is a tough name for a boy to have to live with. At the very least, he got a reality show, a French Montana song and a whole lot of bad publicity out of it, if not necessarily a new NFL contract after washing out with the Patriots and Dolphins. Seeing as how both of them are big stars in their own rights and both of them have big egos, people wondered who would take whose name. This is about the best declaration of love she could have made to her new husband, better than an expensive gift in fact. Yesterday, we had reports from locals, claiming that the famous couple spent the day bike-riding, having a picnic and then enjoying a pint of Guinness at one of the local pubs. But among all that partying, Kim seems to have found time to update her personal information and change her name to add Kanye's in it.

The rest of the family and friends flew back to the US the day after the wedding, but the couple are going to stay in Europe a little longer.
Having to walk around at the age of 13 with a name like Blanket left him wide open for bullying and that’s what was happening at school. The teen currently lives with his sister Paris, 17, and brother Prince, 18 in a house with their co-guardians. Then there is Paris, the late pop star’s only daughter, and her real name is Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson. Blanket is the name his father called him, which is a nickname that stuck, according to the Huffington Post in an archived article. He couldn’t change his lineage, but he could change his name so the teen started introducing himself as Bigi, reports Contact Music today.

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