The Secret at Shadow Ranch (retitled The Secret of Shadow Ranch for the 1965 revision) is the fifth volume in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series. This story serves as an introduction to Nancy's friends, Elizabeth "Bess" Marvin and George Fayne, cousins who are as different from each other as night and day. The story takes place in Arizona, and still features Alice Regor's subplot, but otherwise bears little in common to the original story.
Sometime in early 2011, interactive entertainment developer, Her Interactive, released an app called Shadow Ranch under their new subseries of Nancy Drew games entitled Mobile Mysteries. Though Ned Nickerson is mentioned in passing in this book as being in Europe, Nancy doesn't actually meet Ned until two books later. To make matters worse in terms of chores, the game was initially released with a game-breaking bug that prevented the completion of a vegetable-picking chore. Well, kind of glad this is the first time hearing about this one and will forever keep it that way.
This modernized version of the classic teenage sleuth Nancy Drew uses a fancy Web-enabled cell phone (call the Hardy Boys for help!), yet she retains an Eisenhower-era politeness. They, along with another of their cousins, Alice Regor, travel with Nancy to Arizona, where the cousins' aunt attempts to keep up a ranch she received as payment of a debt. The title changed to The Secret of Shadow Ranch, Nancy travels with her friends Bess and George to Arizona, and while the mystery of Alice Regor's father was kept for the revision, Nancy also tries to solve two other mysteries: Why is a phantom horse haunting the ranch, and what happened to the treasure promised by Dirk Valentine, legendary Old West outlaw, to his estranged sweetheart, one of the original residents of the ranch?

Tandy illustrated the original dust jacket and internal illustrations, and the frontispiece.
Shadow Ranch is a story-based gamebook app with the book aspect of it being the actual text of the Shadow Ranch novel and the game aspect of it has minigames within the story and shows the voices and screenshots of characters and locations from the actual The Secret of Shadow Ranch video game. Dave Gregory is the ranch foreman while Bess’ aunt and uncle are away, and his main tasks are to deliver exposition and look handsome. Story is nice, but if it is going to take a while to get next part of the story for the game to make sense, doesn’t sound much worth it. In this game, based on the best-selling book of the series, you become a ranch hand and solve a mystery through a diverse series of puzzles, from sorting vegetables to tracking down a phantom horse. This book is filled with action and local color, including a square dance, and serves as something of a travelogue.
I mean there is nothing wrong sweaty out a game, some are made that way because people like it, but to a level like this? She also uncovers the mystery behind why an old mountain woman is guardian of a beautiful young girl, all the while enjoying mountain life, including horseback riding, a flash flood, being lost in the mountains overnight, and a dangerous mountain lion. It also introduces a theme common in Nancy Drew books after 1950, an ill-fated romance from another historical era.
The art was revised for the new story in 1965, this time by Rudy Nappi, and featuring the phantom horse.

Your cell phone has a web browser and Nancy comments about the heat if you did it correctly. Shorty Thurmond is the cook, who loves to talk almost as much as he loves to assign us chores. The girls find diversion with attractive young men at the ranch and in the community, and are already skilled with horses and western life. Lastly, there’s the neighbor Mary Yazzi, whose only identity is a store owner and part Native American. Overall, this was a nice read for a game that is best to be lost in the deep space of time. Despite the turmoil, he left behind a series of puzzles-hard ones-so that she could find his gift to her. Charleena Purcell is introduced as a romance novelist, but she seems more at home as a historian of the Old West.
So, that’s basically the game; doing chores and exploring the Arizona prairies for an outlaw’s loot.

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