Journey into the world of dogs like never before to uncover how our favorite animal sees, smells and experiences life. Awesome show,it good to see an uplifting show about mans best friend,with all the violent and material shows out these days it’s great to see a show that plays homage to dogs and the true spirit of these awesome creatures.
I saw the program but can’t remember how to tell if you have a right or left pawed dog, and what each one means. Get an inside look at covert CIA experiments where human guinea pigs are put through extreme situations.
Displaced people make camp in Goma after fleeing fighting in Karuba and Mushake villages in Congo.
In the newly released film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Ben Stiller plays Walter, an introverted photo editor at a magazine who frequently daydreams of being somewhere else or someone else entirely. I won’t spoil the movie for you, but one critic has said that the country-hopping scenes feel like “flicking through an old copy of National Geographic.” And as it turns out, there’s a good reason for that.
In a defining moment in the film (which you can see in the trailer), Sean Penn’s character suddenly comes to life in a photograph and gestures for Walter Mitty to come toward him. They contacted my agency and asked if there were photographers who have covered conflict situations and humanitarian crises that would like to be involved in the film.
Most of the process went through my agent so actually, I only found out when my photo editor at National Geographic contacted me to say she’d seen a preview of the film and she thought that they were using some images of mine.
Yes, and it’s nice to see the images there and kind of see how they’re used, but it will be interesting to see exactly how they’re featured in the film. The most recent assignment was was about natural resource extraction and this war in eastern Congo. I also did a story about the dying whaling communities in northern Norway, because I live in there.

National Geographic VoicesResearchers, conservationists, and others around the world share stories and commentary on the National Geographic Society's conversation platform Voices. Society Field Inspection 2016: Gulf of CaliforniaDescribed by Jacques Cousteau as the "aquarium of the world," the Gulf of California in Mexico is threatened by coastal development, climate change, and other human activities.
Support National GeographicWe've supported more than 11,000 grants to scientists and others in the field.Learn more about our work. Two years after being discovered deep in a South African cave, the 1,500 fossils excavated during the Rising Star Expedition have been identified as belonging to a previously unknown early human relative that National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Lee Berger and team have named Homo naledi. With at least 15 individuals of all ages and both sexes represented, the find adds an unprecedented amount of information to our understanding of early human evolution in Africa. In addition, the absence of any other animal remains or large debris in the fossil chamber strongly suggests that these non-human beings intentionally deposited their dead within this cave.
Follow a puppy from birth to motherhood and discover how its relationship with humans is the most remarkable factor in its success. When he can’t find an important photo negative taken by an acclaimed photographer (played by Sean Penn) for the magazine, he decides to take a leap of faith (quite literally, at certain points) and travels around the world just to find that missing photo. The original photo (without Sean Penn, of course) was taken by National Geographic photographer Marcus Bleasdale.
That project looked at the impact of natural resource extraction on the Congolese population.
I’m currently in a very remote part of the UK with my family so I’m sure I’ll be able to see it once I get back to civilization. But sometimes I still shoot film, and most of the Rape of a Nation project was shot on film. We were documenting the gold mines and looking at the source of electronic products that is creating that conflict and the need for the natural resources that are used in the electronic products that we use every day.

I was an investment banker for many years before I became a photographer, and I left investment banking during the conflict in the Balkans so I could go there and try to understand the Balkans a little bit more. Posters and commenters are required to observe National Geographic's community rules and other terms of service. To learn firsthand what's going on in and around this marine treasure of global importance, the National Geographic Society sent its top scientists and officials to the region in January 2016. This compelling and visually stunning film combines the best of natural history filmmaking with unique scientific insight, highlighting incredible stories of dogs that have saved lives, rebuilt marriages and even detected diseases. I think they have about four or five of my images in the film, and most of what they chose is from a series I did in Congo and some images from Kashmir. Some different images from that series were also published in the October 2013 anniversary issue of National Geographic. I didn’t know that my photo was going to be the one that entices Walter Mitty to do what he does, which is very cool. I still remember it and I have nightmares closing my eyes, thinking of the images that are on those rolls of film. They toured the desert islands off the southeastern coast of the Baja Peninsula and they listened to presentations by more than a dozen experts, including several whose Baja California research is funded by the Society. Now, Nat Geo WILD takes an intimate look at our faithful friends with fresh eyes and renewed appreciation; from their super senses to their unquestioning loyalty.

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