An ideal performance piece, once you become familiar with the structure of the backing track. Backing track from Lynn Miller’s Mystic Song CD, with Lynn on guitar and vocals and Alfred Goodrich on cello. This gorgeous track by Peter Dubner was an in-the-moment improvisation during a concert in the Lake Theater at the Omega Institute. No music reading skills are necessary, as all the notations are graphics of the 6 holes, the dark holes being the ones you must cover with your fingers to make that particular tone. Note that there is a low Am flute (by Barry Higgins) in parts, interleaved with the gorgeous cello of Eugene Carr.

We were not able to record them at the time, so I put this track together from sounds samples to emulate the style of their playing. The Hang drum and Tibetan bells are the same as on the SpiritGrass version, but a new cello part was recorded by David Darling. There is a solo electric piano part late in the track that you can respond to on the flute, or play over the top. Try your hand at bird calls and sound effects on your flute as well as melody over the top of this track. I have used this track in performance, switching between mid-range and ultra-high Am flutes.

You can try to line up a melody with the 5-beat measures, or just let yourself go and jam freely over the top of the rhythm. Native American flute music comes from the soul, and is normally extemporaneous, but sometimes it is useful to have some music to practice as you learn to play it, and that is why this book can fulfill a special need, for adults as well as for children.

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