New York Daily News Victoria's Secret models PHOTOS: Victoria's Secret Models A bevvy of red-hot beauties have modeled for Victoria's Secret. New York Daily News Victoria's Secret Fashion Show through the years Victoria's Secret Fashion Show through the years Supermodels come and go, but the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is forever.
SAN DIEGO – A San Diego mom’s blog posting about buying her 9-year-old daughter underwear from Victoria’s Secret has sparked a nationwide debate.
The blog post focused on buying Victoria’s Secret undergarments for tweens and how the new PINK line targets a younger age group. But according to comments, other moms were outraged calling it totally inappropriate, saying it’s still too sexy.

Another popular San Diego mom blogger Mary Burt-Godwin of the “Mama-Mary Show” said she can sympathizes with the Erikson’s online attack and that bloggers pick hot topics and ones that will get people clicking and commenting. As a women I can say these ladies are ridiculous, they should be worried about whats going on in their own children's lives not what this women blogs about. Anyone worried about what kind of underwear someone else's children wear sounds like a pedophile to begin with.
There is something to be said for comfortable underwear and this mom shouldn't buy it for her kid because it's a certain brand?! New York Daily News Angel's share: Backstage at the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Backstage at the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show The 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will be shot tonight, Nov.

The challenge wasn’t in making the snowflakes but in making them stick together in one piece. Their commercials are geared to make you want to buy their sexy stuff, not the plain jane stuff. And why do people care what brand of underwear kids are wearing, especially if they're not your children.

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