Living with a bitter and abusive father and consumed by the knowledge that she killed her mother, Lily's life is lonely and sometimes painful. The book is set in South Corolina in 1964 when struggles for equal rights between black and white were raw and often deadly. The main characters are Lily (the narrator), The beekeeping Boatwright sisters and Rosaleen. Sue Monk Kidd describes the gorgeous South Corolina scenery so clearly you will feel like you are there.

Watch the trailer to the movie due to be released in New Zealand early 2009 on foxsearchlight. She carries the weight of the world injustices on her shoulders, which I think we can all relate to in some way.
Having recently seen to movie I was not surprised to see that it was almost identical to how I saw it in my head.
May it remind all of us of the strength and power that friendships between women can cultivate.

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