A Data Curation Profile is essentially the "story" of a data set or collection, describing its origin and life cycle within a research project.
Data Curation Profiles are in transition While we are in planning stages, we are migrating content from this site to Purdue University Libraries' document repository, e-Pubs. The Profile and its associated Toolkit grew out of an inquiry into the changing environment of scholarly communication, especially the possibility of researchers providing access to data much further upstream than previously imagined: If researchers are interested in sharing or required to provide access to data sets or collections, what does that mean for the data, for researchers, and for librarians?

In October 2014 we received an Institute of Museum and Library Services Planning Grant to continue working on on the DCP. The primary goal of this grant is to create a roadmap to scope the outcomes and work needed for a redesign. We believe this can contribute to curating more of research outputs—moving from active management of data and digital objects to dissemination and preservation of them.

A “bridging the gap” report will be published later that pulls together the thinking of experts on issues and challenges for that.

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