IMVU is a 3D avatar dating and chatting game where you can meet people from all around the world online, chat and even date online.
You can really make the game your own with both the friends you make and any one you potentially get to know on a more intimate level.
The game also offers you the experience of chatting in some stunning environments - from beaches to skyscrapers and discotheques. IMVU is a game that will not disappoint, with its endless opportunities and vast range of games and activities it allows you to participate in.
To enhance your experience throughout the game with IMVU as well as it will make your gaming experience a pleasure it will help to earn as large number of credits as you possibly can. Online dating simulation games, allow the users to select their own partners from various figures and start dating them in various environments. Online dating simulation sites give you the freedom to be whatever you want, no matter how you look. With 10,000's of people online at any time there are plenty of people to meet in the virtual world. However unlike conventional dating sites IMVU takes the pressure off 'dating' as such because it also offers extra fun activities rather than just a place to put an advert and email potential dates. You can create your own chat room with furniture, accessories plus play your choice in music.
From fashion, style and décor to games and online dating chat rooms, you are bound to find what you have been looking for. Therefore the more credits you have during the game, the more options available to you have to explore and experiment with.

They range from watching an online video, giving feedback on the feedback page, verifying your correct email address, referring a friend to IMVU among many others.
They can get an idea on what to do and what not to do in real dates by playing these games. The virtual world operates under the face of various animated characters, funny and cut to look and date with.
Most of these games are designed based on the real life scenarios and the characters dated represent the psychology of the real men or women.
Invite the friends you make to your room or host your own party to meet plenty of new people!
IMVU allows you to make friends and communicate with other IMVU members from all over the world. You will be able to receive credits throughout IMVU for unlocking various stages and partaking in various tasks as well as participating in games and activities available.
3D chat will ensure you maximise your chances of meeting someone special in a 3D fun filled environment. You are able to freely express yourself and your individuality throughout the game, without judgments and constraints that may occur in your daily life. However, for a vast amount of possibilities, are also able to earn credits in other various ways. Another fast and easy way to gain more credits is by signing up to become an IMVU VIP member.
Dating games usually represent a real world scenario in an interesting way instead of the usual monotonous tone.

They need not worry about overweight, underweight, bad personality and a thousand of other things which need to be fixed on a real date. Further they are quite funny and interesting you can keep on playing them for ages without logging out.
Therefore freely allowing you to express who you are as well as who you may have always wanted to be. One interesting part of the game is you have to keep track of all the information the dating character gives you.
After all it is the only world where you can transform into Tom Cruise by a button click and date Cameron Diaz in a jet plane all for free. You are required to choose an offer provided on the game's partners offer page and start to gain credits. New offers are regularly updated if none of the current offers appeal to your nor interest you at the current time; you are able to view other options at a later stage.
You will miss a great chance to impress your virtual date if you fail to give the correct answer. The real life scenario does not have such facilities which break up many relationships on the spot. The confidence such simulation games instil in a man or a girl cannot be prized that easily.

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