Some aspects of organizational culture are visible on the surface, like the tip of an iceberg, while others are implicit and submerged within the organization. The change management iceberg is visualizing the essence of change in organizations: Dealing with organizational barriers. It’s like trying to build a house without a foundation – it’ll look good for a short while, until the walls fall down! The elements fit together as an mutually reinforcing system and combine to prevent any attempt to change it.
Experienced senior executive, both at a strategic and operational level, with strong track record in developing, driving and managing business improvement, development and change management.
A very timely presentation for a client that I’m mentoring, experiencing many of the elements of resistance to change. I’ve sat with the GM and we went through your 12 points and uncovered some real fundamental issues not only for the business but also for the GM to deal with in particular The Unknown! For me, there are seven traits that keep culture around, but they’re based on maturity and common sense. This graphic is excellent, very helpful as I frame discussions with my leaders on a culture change we’re working on. Use the coupon code “Good Sign“ for a 15% discount on all Good Signs, shirts, tank tops, stickers, and hats!

Fundamentally, our change model is based on the belief that everyone has the capacity and responsibility to develop as a leader within a system. We believe that a system truly dedicated to transforming the way things are done is one in which the leaders are prepared to spend the time, resources and emotional energy necessary for building the organizational processes and leadership behaviors to support the identified changes.
Because these ingrained assumptions are tacit and below the surface, they are not easy to see or deal with, although they affect everything the organization does. That’s because an organization’s culture comprises an interlocking set of goals, roles, processes, values, communications practices, attitudes and assumptions. Is this all together what is on this iceberg or might find place somewhere under the water?
I think that organizational culture is one of the most important factors to handle, along with peoples feelings of uncertainty when it comes to change. I have just used it as part of an article on culture change on my blog, linked to here of course. Such a simple analogy about what you can see and address versus what is hidden and lurking in the depths, unless you consciously go looking for it. Their variations feel to line up with an article I recently wrote discussing how to keep open source organization culture going.
Our methodology is an action-learning model that creates opportunities for individuals to work on changing their behaviors while simultaneously contributing to changing the overarching organizational processes.

Likewise, organizational change efforts may flounder because of a lack of organizational focus. How much relative effort do you think management should put towards devising cultural strategies compared to the formal strategy?
Of course does every element you’ve mentioned in the iceberg matter, but with most of us, the feeling of uncertainty can make a huge impact on whether a change will succeed or not.
What we know from research as well as from our practice is that the most successful change processes involve the entire system, and that it takes time and thoughtful work to make that happen. Change can cause you to solve problems that you couldn’t even attempt as another self.
When we evolve from our previous mindset and revamp our outer circumstances we are moving toward the next best thing for us.

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