Depression can be a crippling illness for people who suffer from it and is one that still carries a surprising social stigma in many cases, particularly among men.
Doctors can treat this with anti-depressants which change your brain chemistry to make the feelings of depression weaker and then you can work on changing your life and removing the sources of your depression.
This binaural subliminal program has been created to help people suffering from mild depression and to work with conventional medical treatment to help you focus on the good things in your life and changing your life to remove potential sources of depression.
Note: If you are suffering from depression always seek help from your medical professional as well as using this audio program. Enter your email address below now to get your free Inspirational Spirituality personal development seminar MP3 download and 20% off your first order. Remaining Positive In The Face Of AdversityYou will hear personal development gurus across the world telling you to “think positive” and “stay positive” all the time and this is easy when life is going well, you have a job, enough money, your relationship is good and you and your loved ones are healthy.
Chamique Holdsclaw wrote her new autobiography in hopes that her account of overcoming clinical depression would inspire other sufferers to seek help and recover, as she has.
In the book’s introduction, Holdsclaw chronicles the lowest point in her life – her suicide attempt in 2006.
As the 2004 WNBA season progressed, Holdsclaw had become increasingly withdrawn from others, as well as lethargic. Alerted by a worker on the property where she lived, a doctor friend finally came to Holdsclaw’s home, and got her to open the door. Her journey back from her suicide attempt included learning more about depression, regularly reaching out to others, and – ironically – quitting the WNBA for a while.
Holdsclaw went to live with her grandmother at age 12, because her parents were alcoholics and couldn’t take care of her and her brother. Her four state championships at Christ the King Regional High School have been well-documented, but Holdsclaw didn’t even play her freshman year, because there were older and better players in front of her. When Holdsclaw first got to the University of Tennessee to play for Coach Pat Summitt she didn’t think she would make it, either in practices or the classroom. Her early years in the WNBA with the Washington Mystics were full of instability, due to the constant changing of coaches.
Through the book, the reader sees that although Holdsclaw was sponsored by Nike, Gatorade and others, she still had yet to face her issues early in her professional career, including dealing with the death of her grandmother. Tennessee Lady Vol fans who have read Summitt’s bestseller Raise the Roof will enjoy the movie effect of Holdsclaw’s memoir in hearing her side of events through winning three national championships. Through telling her story, Holdsclaw personifies and demystifies not only clinical depression, but the life of a celebrity basketball player. Ellory Wells helps busy professionals make the transition to entrepreneur by sharing the real-world stories of experts who have made the change and are building their businesses.
The amount of success created is NOT proportional to the amount of opportunity that exists in the world. And lastly, if you haven’t done so already I would love if you took a minute to leave a quick rating and honest review of the podcast on iTunes by clicking HERE!
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As we close the book on the Empowered Podcast and open the one for The Ellory Wells Show, I want to say a few very special thank-yous and acknowledge my guests. Episode 99 of the Empowered Podcast features author, speaker, writing coach and my friend, Jimmy Burgess.
The EPIC Final Question: What is one quick tip to someone who is ramping up for a book launch?

If you feel like your content, products or services are all over the place and lack focus, this episode is for you! How to stop creating random content that’s all over the place and provide specialized resources for an avatar you know you can help. How to target your avatar, have a bigger impact on them, get more clients, build a list of prospects, and build more traffic. How to find your specific avatar so you can create really help them, instead of trying to reach everyone.
To read the article on my site and leave a comment, click here - EP98: How to Identify Your Avatar, Have More Focus, and Make a Bigger Impact. Episode 97 of the Empowered Podcast is about the truth about what it takes to start a business. If you want to start your own business and strike out on your own, but have some reservations, this episode is a must listen! Her work may fulfill that mission, in part due to the perseverance she shows throughout her life. It is the universality of the themes in Holdsclaw’s interesting life, and the candidness with which she conveys her story, that makes her self-published work an engaging read. Diagnosed with clinical depression for two years, she saw her recovery go out the window with the illnesses of both her father and stepfather that summer.
Chapter 18, where she discusses her first breakdown, gives the reader an honest look into the dark world of depression.
She would wake up in cold sweats, and was metacognitive enough to realize she was having irrational thoughts, but she felt she couldn’t talk to anyone about it.
She found Holdsclaw sitting in the dark, where she’d been for three days without realizing it, having crying bouts. Fans have long been puzzled by the actions of Holdsclaw, once dubbed “the female Michael Jordan,” who seemed to have it all. She initially had trouble adjusting, including cutting classes for a time, before she settled into her grandmother’s home. She ended up helping the Vols win a national title and winning the conference rookie of the year honor, but it took another year for Holdsclaw to begin excelling academically.
Throughout, the pressure continued on Holdsclaw, who had been hyped since her high school days.
She put on a happy face so well that no one imagined she had any issues – something to which many can relate. We read Holdsclaw’s version of being kicked out of practice as a freshman, welcoming the other two “Meeks” to campus in her junior year, kissing the floor as she came out of her last home game as a senior, and other events.
She reminds us that we all have issues to face and obstacles to overcome, no matter who we are. No fluff, no BS, this show is about helping you leave where you have to be and transition to where you want to be in life and in business. Today on the Ellory Wells Show, you’ll learn why opportunities are worthless, and what you really need to do to become successful. Today on the Ellory Wells Show, you’ll learn why opportunities are worthless, and what you really need to do to become successful. A few years ago, I had a friend who became an adversary and then my boss; 6 months later I was fired.
You’ll hear from a few of my friends and clients, and I’ll share a project I started to help me stay connected with people I need to get to know better.
The final curtain call of the Empowered Podcast features professional blogger, podcaster, social media expert and work-life balance guru, Erik Fisher from Beyond the To Do List. From time management tips, to writing formats and formulas, to the strategy you can use to become a #1 bestseller, this episode has it all. In today’s show, you’ll learn how to stop creating random content and focus on what will make the most impact. We incorporate all aspects of the horse from being safe around them, how to care for them, including grooming, ground training and riding.

In fact, it was sat just up the road, in plain sight where the bus drivers stop and take a break before their next route. Being forced to once again be “the strong one” in her family proved to be the breaking point for Holdsclaw, who overdosed on her anti-depressant medication. But through both her disease and her life, Holdsclaw shows that things aren’t necessarily what they seem. Ultimately it proved to be too much to bear, and many times she found herself playing basketball out of obligation rather than love, where it had started.
Plus, we’ll talk about the dangers of being comfortably uncomfortable, and how to create a sales funnel that converts. Plus, we’ll talk about the dangers of being comfortably uncomfortable, and how to create a sales funnel that converts. Good things don’t come to those who wait; good things come to the people who go out there and make good things happen.
I’ll share with you the very best of the Empowered Podcast and how we’ll move into an amazing future together! Learn how Jimmy and I both became published authors, and how you too can write the book you were born to write. I’ll show you how you can provide specialized resources for a targeted audience you know you can help. I’ll show you how you can provide specialized resources for a targeted audience you know you can help.
We talk about the ups and downs of the past year and a half after I got fired (see episode 49). Because she had called a friend as she was doing so, her life was saved, and since then, she has been committed to recovery. We talk about productivity tools, how to effectively use social media to grow your business, and of course, how to balance your life with your side hustle.
And, becoming an entrepreneur, or transitioning to a “full-time” entrepreneur can be even tougher. Whether you want more confidence in dealing you’re your family, your partner or your work colleagues, you can get more confidence much easier than you may think. Some of these goals may include but are not limited to making friends, being accepted, overcoming depression, suicidal tendencies,working through ADHD, increasing attention span, have a place to belong, build confidence, experience respite, becoming more responsible, to learn and practice leadership and discover who God is.A  In everything we do, our mission is to help each student reach their goals through working with horses and by experiencing God's love, grace and hope. We grow older without making an effort, we grow from children to adults without effort, our houses grow messy, without effort, our gardens grow untidy, without effort. Our horses.A  Our horses often times can reach to the souls of the students where others are not allowed to go. Horses break the ice, create a common bond between the students andA  can often drop walls that have been securely locked allowing growth and healing to take place. Horses accept students unconditionally and challenges them to face who they are and to strive towards becoming a better person.A  Students often feel a rise in self-esteem and confidence as they learn the tools to work around and ride a horse that they then apply to areas in their own lives. Each student has a chance to choose who they want to be regardless of the labels they may have outside of here.
Everyone is treated as equals and students work together to take care of the horses and facility as a team. It teaches all aspects of riding and covers basic horse care, natural horsemanship, and fundamentals in dressage (English) riding. Sessions can be private or they can be with other children depending on the needs and skill level of the student.A There are three basic curriculum levels. The Green series is all about the basics and will take a student who has never been around horses through three levels and teach them the fundamentals of horsemanship up through solo at the walk.

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