Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. While this presentation is all about developing your own personal professional development plan, I wanted to emphasize that the tactics and resources used are good for BOTH personal AND professional development planning. It wasn’t until a just a couple years ago, when contemplating my next career move (the one that would lead me to ManpowerGroup), that I realized just how much I love development. The first step in creating a development plan, whether personal, professional, or both, is to conduct a self-assessment. Successful businesses invest in their vision and mission in order to develop themselves in the most effective way, and you should, too. Our personal development & coaching workshop challenges clients' beliefs and values, the effect is to build self-esteem, confidence resulting in empowerment to positive action in their life. 7 CRUCIAL STEPS TO ENSURE YOU GET THE RIGHT GOVERNMENTAL SUPPORT TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS NOW!!!
During my youth service program my friends will tell me secrets about themselves because they believe I care about them. Development is a life resource, not just a professional one, and I firmly believe that we should all strive to develop ourselves as fully as possible whenever possible in order to be the best human beings possible.

I love to coach others in their own development, I love to seek out development opportunities for myself, and I love to learn about how development happens. Once you do that, you’ll be better equipped to align your own goals with your existing environment; including your job, the business’ needs, your personal life, and interests or hobbies you may currently engage in. Only by having a clear picture of what you’re setting out to accomplish will you be able to make strategic decisions about where to spend your time and energy to produce the greatest results.
As a leader it helps to evaluate policies in the organization to see the effect it has on the staff. I was happy and developed a listening attitude and this is good in management because it encourages trust and commitment in the work place. While this has become a professional pursuit of mine and I can now identify and articulate my passion for development in a conscious manner, I realized that to some degree that passion has always been present.
You’ll also be able to identify areas for improvement or growth opportunities, and to create a plan to achieve that growth in a way that will meaningfully impact your end objectives. You can certainly fall into success by accident or by a series of happy coincidences, but if you don’t know how you achieved the success in the first place, how will you hold onto it? To improve on this ability I need to build on developing good interpersonal and communication skills and assertiveness skills to be able to get other people to want to support me.

I’m a naturally curious and adventurous soul who loves exposure to new ideas and experiences, so I naturally set myself up to develop in a very rich way. As a manager good impression formation skill is important in other to build a positive image of both the management and the organization. Good influence and persuasion ability helps in negotiation, gaining support, and inspiring others.
With that in mind, this presentation will address how to: Better align your interests and skills with business’ needs Tailor your professional opportunities to further your goals Use your career search to enhance performance, professional development, and personal growth Overcome potential barriers to successfully creating and achieving your plan.
In doing this you’ll draw a roadmap to your success and become more agile and adept at responding to environmental changes, which will continue to secure your success for the long term. Most often my past experience guides my understanding of situation and often leads to stereotypes and prejudice. People in the past have called me names like “loser” and until today it still has serious effect on my ability to make new friends because I don’t want such experience to repeat itself.

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