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Now we have the definitions out the way, why is it important to have a coaching philosophy? Developing a coaching philosophy will help you to make difficult decisions and coach more successfully.
Define your coaching objectives – You must know where you want to go with your athletes. All you need is a internet connection and you and your coach can stay up-to-date on your performance. I will look at what I think a coaching philosophy is, why I think every coach needs one, and how do we go about developing our own coaching philosophy. Its the most basic beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual that will act as a guide for their behaviour.
Simply put, I believe that a coaching philosophy is the road map that will help you get to the desired destination.
If they think you are being something you’re not, you will lose respect very quickly.

This will help to hold them accountable and set a minimum standard that you will expect from them. These coaches have respect from their athletes and often the athletes will do anything the coach asks or expects.
Professionalism is very important in the coaching industry and organisational skills play a huge role in that. Leave your ego at the door, we are not in this profession to win individual prizes, get accolades or be in the lime light. If you haven’t already, then start piecing together and developing your own unique coaching philosophy. You wouldn’t just jump in a car and aimlessly drive and hope to end up in the right place?
Be real with yourself, try to be self-aware, have self-asteam, and commit to self-disclosure. It is distinguished from other ways of addressing problems by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on rational arguments.
I have put together some bullet point that you might consider the principles of establishing you’re coaching philosophy. You don’t have to like every athlete you work with, but if you can instil a mutual respect with them your job becomes ALOT easier, and rewarding.

Any personal agendas will only detract your attention from this goal and perhaps derail you along the way. Coaching is an art form, and as a result its not all about academic qualifications and scientific knowledge.
I believe that a great coach is ALWAYS learning and the philosophy of that coach will always be evolving. If you think something is missing please leave a comment below and share your thoughts with myself and our readership. With that being said, what separates great coaches from the rest is a lot more in-depth than the above definition.
For the purpose of this article on developing a coaching philosophy, then the above definition suits.

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